A billionaire does not always need all branded goods to meet his needs, even though they can actually buy them. It is usually the usually pretentious rich hobby who spends money to buy branded goods.

Did you know that billionaires actually have a lifestyle that is as different as the lifestyle of the middle class? If the middle class is busy shopping and caring here and there to get social status, the billionaire actually does the following things to save money and increase his wealth:

1. Use It To Pay All Private Necessities

Needs are different from desires. Needs include food, transportation, monthly routine expenses, and the need to pay for electricity, water, and other bills. After receiving a salary or business profit, immediately use it to pay for all your needs for a month. For wishes, fulfill after personal needs have been paid off.

2. Route And Lots Of Alms

Frugality does not mean stopping charity. Precisely if you want excess money, you must be diligent in charity. God himself has promised that we will repay the wealth of those who give alms many times more than we spend.

3. Save BBM Purchase

Is your house close to work? Try to walk to save on transportation costs (buy fuel/ride motorbike / public transportation). Not bad if you save tens of thousands in a day because you don’t need to buy gasoline or pay angkot / over tariffs. In a month, you can save hundreds of thousands in terms of transportation alone.

4. Reduce Habits To Salon And Clubbing

To the salon and clubbing can be two sectors that suck up your expenses the most after personal needs. Try to use facial treatments yourself at home from natural ingredients, the price is much more efficient than the cost of treatment at the salon.

Also, avoid clubbing frequently. Besides being expensive, clubbing will only drain your rest time at night.

5. Buy A House According To The Need

House prices are currently experiencing a drastic increase and are increasingly expensive. Therefore, be careful in choosing a house. Do not buy a luxury home if just buying an ordinary house is enough for your place of residence.

Sometimes an ordinary house with a luxury home has a difference of hundreds of millions with the same building area. If you do not want to wasteful, buy an ordinary house.

6. Clothes Never Are Expensive

Often buy new clothes because you don’t want to wear the same clothes twice? From now on stop the habit. Look attractive does not have to be wasteful. Old clothes are still okay to wear again. Meanwhile, if forced to buy new, buy at a place that can sell clothes at bargain prices.

7. Buy A Car If Not Necessary

Riding a motorcycle or public transportation is also okay. Buying a car in addition to the burdensome installments, also makes you have to add extra expenses for gasoline. Even if you need a car for your family, buy cheap ones like Avanza, Xenia, etc.

8. Do Not Multiply Credit Cards

Credit cards don’t need much. Having lots of credit cards will actually make you more consumptive and difficult to pay off. Just have 1-2 credit cards to meet shopping needs only. Choose the many promos too.

9. Record All Your Finance

Keeping track of finances is important so that you don’t experience financial leaks. Keeping track of finances need not be complicated. You can use applications that are widely available on mobile phones, or you can also do simple notes in a book.

10. Life According To Your Wallet

If your income is only Rs. 3 million a month, then don’t force a lifestyle of more than Rp. 3 million a month. Do not force this credit, if not able to pay it will actually lead to bankruptcy and problems. A simple life is better than living a lot of styles but wasteful.

11. Save Against Investment

Savings don’t just open up ordinary savings. Every now and then open investment savings, deposits, or mutual funds so that your money can grow in number many times the amount of money you save.