Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways to make money on online channels at the moment. This form is a perfect combination of a tripartite relationship: collaborators producers and customers.

How To Start A Affiliate Marketing

In particular, the affiliate acts as an expanded sales and marketing department of the business, helping customers choose products more easily across channels.

At the same time, affiliate marketing can provide you with a fairly stable income stream. It all depends on your ability to convert visitors into buyers/subscribers for the service.

If creative, make the most of all resources, reasonable cost, you can work anywhere in the world.

It doesn’t sound too hard, does it? Although affiliate marketing does not require you to have huge wealth or years of experience before you start, it is certainly a success only after a very rare night.

Because, practically, this is a very competitive industry and you need to invest time to choose products that meet market needs, learn how to bring products to customers as well as how to measure success …

1. What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is an effective form of marketing. People who do this simply choose the product or service on the provider’s website, get the referral link (aff link) and promote to potential customers.

When customers spend money to buy products or services via aff links, affiliate users will receive commissions based on sales. And the most popular form of the commission is PPS – Pay Per Sale – customers buy and pay, you get% of sales.

2. Become A Affiliate Marketer

Although being an affiliate marketer may seem like a lot of other jobs, with advantages and disadvantages, if you know how to organize and organize it will be much easier and easier.

Applying the experience below, you will surely succeed with your own affiliate marketing program without spending too much time.

3.. Find Niche Markets

To build a solid foundation, you need to start with three basic steps:

  • Identify target customers,
  • Analyze the biggest issue that target customers are facing,
  • Solve problems, help them meet their needs.

If you are unsure about the effectiveness that a product or solution will bring to your target audience, add appropriate research immediately.

Start with reputable forums and websites in your area of ​​interest to answer what are the most common questions and what are the most popular products.

4. Become An Expert

When writing reviews about products, you should research them thoroughly instead of paying too much attention to the number of site visitors.

Be confident that you provide the most honest, accurate and objective descriptions. If your business supports trial, sign up and experience.

Or, you can start with the products you have used, understand and share personal experiences.

If you have decided to build a website for affiliate marketing in the first place while this product is completely new, spend more time on proper testing.

In any case, whether or not you are interested in the chosen topic is a prerequisite.

5. Select Affiliate Programs

Once you have selected a list of products that you like, you need to consider carefully in choosing an affiliate program.

It can be a registration through affiliate networks or an independent program of each business.

But best, don’t choose any unit just because the commission is paid the highest. Consider a few important factors:

Is the business reputable and owns quality products? You certainly will not want to promote a brand that has a bad reputation for the quality of its products and services, right? And do not forget that you are also using personal reputation when promoting products to customers.

If it was you, would you buy it yourself or introduce it to your family? If you do not trust businesses, products, do not advertise. If you are not familiar with the details of the product, check the review websites and read reviews from other users.

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Is business reliable? Do you want to do business with a business in recent months that no longer appear on the market? Think about payment terms. Do you prefer to receive a high commission once or every time a customer makes a payment? With SaaS products, the one-time commission cycle seems to be more attractive.

And does the same segment product have the same discount rate? As mentioned above, don’t be too dependent on a high commission rate or promise to get rich quick, because everything has two sides.

Which operating model brings you the best results? If the amount of traffic on your website is not too high, it is best not to choose the pay-per-click model.

Conversely, if you build a loyal audience, this is an opportunity for them to buy the product you review and the form of pay-per-sale is a perfect choice. Is joining the program free or do you have to become a customer?

How to make effective use of cookie uptime? Will visitors be added to your affiliate account if they return to the business website after a long time?

Check carefully the terms and provisions of the contract. What is the format and timing of the report? You can easily track your results

6. Start Deploying

There are many options to attract visitors and you can try them at the same time to increase your chances of making money:

7. Banners

linking images and banners to your business website are the simplest form you can use to get started.

Focus on quality instead of quantity. A banner placed in a key position is worth thousands of times shared across the website.

8. Social Networks

Sharing and reviewing on Twitter and Facebook can yield great results, but you can also take advantage of other channels.

Pinterest disappointed many users by removing the link in February 2015, but fortunately, about 1 year later, this form has been restored. Now you can share photos of your experience (related to the boards) with affiliate links.

9. Newsletters

collect emails from visitors and let them know when you publish a new post.

10. Review

share your personal opinion about the product. Why do you find it useful? How did it improve your KPI? Readers refer to reviews to find out what’s new and experience with the product or service of the previous person.

11. Comparison

who gives the lowest price? What is the difference between product A and product B?

12. Instructions

step by step to use, make the most of product efficiency and advice on how to choose the best quality products.

13. Ebook

if you think you have the ability to write and own interesting statistics or stories you want to share, publish an ebook, and put links in text or images.

14. Anything else

be creative and come up with new ideas. The comparison does not necessarily show only in the table.

For example, you can give a quiz to your audience and display products that match their answers.

15. Remember

There should be a connection between the product you promote and the content created. Viewers visit the site or subscribe to the newsletter in exchange for valuable articles.

Towards readers, the problems they may face as well as the best option to solve them.

If your content is really valuable and unlike sales, the clickthrough rate will be higher.

16. Effectiveness

In affiliate marketing, it is important to evaluate the effectiveness of each of the different marketing strategies and track online marketing efforts.

If your business provides reports based on UTM codes, don’t forget to attach them to each of your campaigns, because it will help you evaluate the effectiveness of each campaign.

16. Success

Affiliate marketing is not as easy as it sounds, but when done right, the value it brings is unique.

Build strong relationships, learn every day to become an expert in your field, and focus on creativity to effectively boost your affiliate program. Surely you will be successful!