How To Advertise Products At Shopee and its Benefits

Shopee is one of the leading mobile e-commerce platforms in Southeast Asia and Taiwan. This is similar to the Taobao model, where buyers and sellers can communicate and make transactions directly.

Moreover, cross-border sellers from China and Hong Kong can sell Southeast Asian and Taiwanese consumers to Shopee. “Shopee My Ads” allows you to place ads in the Shopee application and Web platform to increase interaction with your product information with prospective buyers.

Ads are designed to help you reach users who are looking for your product at Shopee. Users who search for keywords related to the advertised product will see your ad on Shopee’s search results page.

What makes Shopee different from other online markets?

Because it can be accessed only by using a mobile phone and is very socially oriented. Sellers care about their shop’s reputation and about gathering fans, so buyers have a better shopping experience.

There are no commission fees, no registration fees, but sellers can buy paid advertisements at their own pace Fast growth, reaching $ 1.8 billion GMV in the first year of launch.

How can you achieve success as a seller at Shopee?

Big sellers who proactively study local market product trends in shopee and choose the right products at competitive prices at Shopee. Excellent customer service attitude when handling chat in applications with buyers is also important. The more effort the seller makes to his shops in Shopee, the faster the growth.

Once your merchandise is online at Shopee, how can you promote it?

You can actively participate in campaigns owned by Shopee. In some Shopee online markets sellers can submit applications to join their own campaigns, this will soon be available in all their markets. In addition, Shopee will place paid advertisements in the application, where sellers can bid for major search keywords and get more search traffic.

What is your strongest buyer base (demographically and geographically)? How can I target them?

Our biggest markets are in Taiwan and Indonesia. Besides this, Malaysia and Thailand also grew strongly. Just dedicate the resources to run your store in Shopee, so you only need to upload high-quality products that are in line with Shopee’s market demand, and you will see results such as  a 10 million rupiah capital venture .

You want to start with Shopee today, where do you start?

Please submit an application form at and follow the Shopee wechat public account. For English language registration, visit the Shopee’s Malaysia website. Telephone inquiries, for sellers outside the area: + 0755-21537015, for Taobao sellers: 0755-21537016.

How can you receive payments from Shopee?

Payoneer has partnered with Shoppe to offer end-to-end solutions for sellers. After registering at Shopee, enter Shopee Seller Center and click My Wallet.

  • Open My Payment Service, click Register and follow the instructions on the screen to register.
  • Register with Payoneer through the Seller Center Shopee
  • You will now be redirected to the Payoneer site to register.
  • shopee-payoneer-registration
  • If you already have a Payoneer account, click the arrow. If not, prepare your account by following the form on the screen.

Once your account has been approved, you can start receiving payments from Shopee through Payoneer.

Shopee sends payments to the seller twice a month, usually on the 1st and 15th of each month. After Shopee provides a payment, your funds will go to the approved Payoneer account within 2 hours.

Then you can transfer payments anytime to your local bank account or withdraw funds using your prepone Payoneer Mastercard.

How do you see the future of this industry? Where are there great opportunities?

This is very big. We will optimize our logistics model to reduce costs, also open paid advertising services for cross-border sellers, so that next year’s growth will be faster than this year.

  • Shopee will become the No.1 cross-border e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan.
  • With the Cost-per-click (CPC) model, you are only charged for each click on your ad list, so you only pay when your ad is effective.

Every time someone clicks on your ad during a product search, it means:

  • Pay attention to your ad
  • Express interest in the product you are selling
  • Have higher buying intentions

How do you advertise products at Shopee ?

Before you start advertising, of course the basic thing to do is to prepare your ad:

  • Choose the product you want to advertise: Before starting, make sure your product title and description is updated.
  • Choose keywords that are relevant to the product: You can add keywords that Shopee recommends or determine your own keywords.
  • Set the bid price for each keyword

The bid price is the amount you are willing to pay for each click (Cost-per-Click) on the ad.

  • Set the budget and duration for the ad: Your ad will run until your budget runs out or until the end of the duration of your ad.

How People See Your Ad

Search is one of the main contributors to traffic to the product list at Shopee. If a buyer searches for keywords that match your ad, a list of your ads will appear in their search results. If there are more than one seller offer for the same keyword, some ads may appear with you on the same search results page.

Your ad ranking is determined by 2 factors:

  • Keyword Quality Score: This is determined by the overall quality of your product and the relevance of your keywords.
  • Price of Bid Per Click Cost: The price of the bid that you set for that keyword, for each click that is brought to your ad.

Listings advertised with better rankings will appear in prominent places on search results pages such as how to market their own products .

Using a cellphone

On the search results page in the Shopee application, the top two Paid Ads will be displayed on the first 2 product lists. They are followed by 4 regular search lists. 1 Other Paid Ads will appear after that. In short, after the top 2 Paid Ads, 1 Paid Ad will appear after every 4 search listings.

Using a PC

On the search results page on the Shopee site, the Top 5 Paid Ads will be displayed in the first row of search results, followed by 40 regular search lists. 5 Subsequent Paid Ads will be displayed after that. In short, 5 Paid Ads will appear after every 40 search listings.

So how to advertise products in shopee and various benefits that you can get by using this e-commerce. This is why Shopee is present and can help in facilitating online transactions between sellers and buyers who are registered and become Shopee members.

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