How Much Capital To Open Vinamilk Milk Shop (What Are The Experiences?)

Milk is one of the essential items used in daily life. The target customers that this item is aimed at are children. Parents will be very interested in choosing what kind of milk for their child to drink safely and provide adequate nutrition.

There are many well-known dairy brands that are being consumed in Vietnam’s dairy market but perhaps Vinamilk is a close milk brand and is trusted by most consumers.

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The demand for dairy products is very frequent and the income from this product is also attractive to many business choices. You want to do business but have not yet thought of any ideas.

So, try to consult the idea of ​​opening a dairy business, through the topic of the analysis Open a Vinamilk Milk store how much capital (What open experience) will help you get more information to start the idea this business.


If we talk about dairy products, we have many dairy brands doing business in Vietnam such as Vinamilk, Dutch Lady, Nuti Food, Nestle, … In this topic, we choose to trade dairy products of Vinamilk. This is a well-known milk brand in the Vietnamese dairy market, high brand identity, many loyal customers.

If opening a dairy store selling products and bearing Vinamilk’s brand name, it will help us save the brand building at first, but at the beginning there was a loyal customer base of this brand already. This is the first advantage when trading dairy products of famous brands.

If we become a distribution agent, genuine store of Vinamilk milk brand, we will enjoy preferential and support programs. Will save a cost investment from the beginning. This is one of the reasons we choose to open Vinamilk milk shop in today’s topic.


Milk is a nutritious drink that parents and parents often use for their children, so they will have strict requirements for the quality of the product. You also need to make sure this does not affect your dairy store’s business.

If there is a product that is not guaranteed at the store, the customer reflects it, you will lose many other customers, and affect the store’s trading process. Therefore, it is very important to choose the source of prestige and quality products.

We have determined to trade dairy products of Vinamilk milk brand, so the first place of importation we can refer to is importing products from genuine company, Vinamilk milk distribution agent in the region. If imported here, milk quality and origin will be guaranteed. In addition, you will be able to import goods at the original price, so it will save a cost.

However, if you import goods here from the agency, the company will ask you to import goods in large quantities. When you want to import goods, you will pre-order the agent, company to arrange and pack the goods. If you import goods in large quantities, the cost will increase.

In addition, milk products have a shelf life, depending on the milk flow, with different usage times. So if you import goods in large quantities but not yet sold, the milk will expire and make you lose money.

Many agents will have policies to repay expired milk and support the cost of helping the store. So if you enter the goods here, please ask carefully about the support policies, the policy of returning goods is about to expire.

The second source we can import is from larger dairy shops, smaller geographies. Enter the goods here, you want to enter as much as you want, the price will be slightly higher than the import at the regional agency.

One thing to keep in mind is that milk is very much counterfeited in the market, so at these stores or agents it is possible to import non-native milk sources mixed with genuine milk for sale. word. Therefore, the milk quality at this place of import is not 100% guaranteed.

If you have to choose a place to import goods, while ensuring the reputation of the store’s business in the future, I think you should choose to import goods from a genuine company or regional distribution agent. Quality and price will be guaranteed more than other places.


Depending on the size and number of goods you want to import to decide how much to buy a milk shop business. To open a dairy store, we need to pay for the costs such as:

+ Rent: if you choose a premises in the city, the rent is about 10-15 million / month. Pre-three-month deposits will fall between 30-45 million. If the capital is not enough, you can actively negotiate with the landlord so that you can apply for each month. If renting in the countryside, the rent will be about 3-5 million / month. Similarly, you also need to pay 3 months in advance.

+ Money to buy furniture and exhibits: display shelves, milk chests, …. If the business scale is large, you will need lots of counters and milk chests, the cost will be about 50 million VND. If it’s just a small dairy store, it costs about 30 million.

+ Money to buy electronic devices and sales management software: Milk has many different lines such as fresh milk, fresh milk in boxes, milk powder, milk according to each flavor, … Each kind of milk has a price, Different shelf life.

So if you choose a dairy store business, I think you should invest in sales management software from the beginning to support sales, book statistics and management and inspection of goods. You will be easier to check the expiry date of each type of milk, inventory and finished goods to know how many items to import and what to do to quickly sell all the upcoming milk.

If you use sales management software, you will need to use electronic devices such as computers, scanners, printers, … The cost of buying electronics is about 30 million. The cost to buy sales management software is about 5 – 10 million. Besides, You need to take into account the cost of maintaining future sales management software. Ask the software vendor first to make an estimate for the maintenance of the sales management software.

+ Money for goods import: depending on the scale, you should enter as many goods as possible. In the beginning with a small scale, I think that you should enter about 100-150 million in sales only to explore customer needs first.

If the demand for customers is high, you can still import goods to continue doing business so it will help to limit the inventory. If the scale of business is large, the money for importing goods can sometimes be from 300 million to 500 million.

+ Employee rent: you will need to hire more salespeople to support your business. Employees need to be trained on milk-related knowledge and communication skills with customers. Employee rent of 4 million / person.

+ Money for advertising, marketing: that is money for making banners, posters for leaflets on opening day. Money to build an online sales channel, carry out promotions to attract customers.

+ Business reserve capital: You should set aside part of the money to make reserve funds, when incidents occur, you can use them to rotate capital and maintain the business activities of the store.


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