How Do Poor People Change Their Fortunes?

How do poor people change their destiny? Later in this sentence I will not say more. If you write more “how to become a rich person?” Then I will answer to you, it’s hard. Plus there is no foundation, no diploma, no good health then I would like to tell you: don’t dream anymore, wake up.

Of course, there is no absolute thing, although you do not have these things, but your brain is too excellent, you have the power and you are not afraid of failure, there is also the possibility that you will become the Tsunami in legend. However, this is just a case, an example, not ensuring that anyone can become like that.

If the question is changed to “How do the poor change their fate?” In order for them to become a member of the middle class? “Or” so that they can live a happy life every day “, is still possible. Of course, half of the decision is not in the hands of the poor, and the other half is decided to be in the hands of the poor.

People since birth, so many things have to follow that cannot be changed, your bloodline, your family situation, etc. These things are innate. Not everyone has the opportunity to become Wang Sicong – born a son of a billionaire. Most people are downstairs building the pyramid structure, only one person above.

Some things can be changed, but not in one aspect. There was a day while surfing facebook to read the news, there was a person who posted an article titled “Your stability, just the stability of the poor”. Then another person posted “People with better origins than you do more than you”. I will answer, “I am so poor, I finally found the reason.”

I say this, not to deny the value of the effort, but to make two points clear. Firstly, how do you know that the poor do not work hard? Second, a person’s escape from poverty is the result of many factors, and it can be done without hard work. In other words, effort is a necessary condition but not enough.

Get rid of poverty, sometimes through external factors, sometimes through internal factors, and more through both internal and external factors to get results.

To change poverty through external factors, such as luck, you live somewhere, have been poor for years and have been poor for generations but one day your home is in planning and you suddenly build a lot of houses, or simply get some money, wealth only overnight, or you bought a lottery ticket and won 5 billion, and so on.

Some unintended incidents can also make a poor person a rich man.

So, try to say, what did I do 10 years ago, if I also built a row of houses in expensive cities now, I have already developed my fortune. That’s right, you really will be talented if you do that. Many real estate agents are doing the same thing, they build up from empty hands and become real rich people.

But why don’t you make this decision from the beginning? What effect does it take to think of it now? So from this perspective, it is still those who dare to make decisions at critical times and those who dare to gamble to have a chance to become rich. This is an internal cause.

You have no luck, and you do not dare to gamble so you work hard, honestly, honestly you have to become an expert in one aspect of a certain field, don’t do anything just to do half, doing half-hearted is not really good.

At that time, your job was highly capable of being replaced and scarcity was low. Then you will never walk to high-income workplaces. And how can you discuss the days in your life, how to step into the upper class?

Therefore, when both innate and external conditions are not available, the poor first start by changing themselves. Although this probability is getting smaller, but you don’t try, how do you know? So why can some people succeed under similar conditions, and some people cannot escape poverty?

Careful thinking is really “poor thinking”. So what is poor thinking? The first is to focus too much on costs, which means that there is a concept of spending without investing, just thinking that this money is spent and the amount of money in the pocket is less and less will feel miserable.

In the past, many rural families were very difficult, but some parents tightened their belts for children to study, but many parents felt that it was expensive to study for their children. There are many localities, the rate of dropouts is high.

The second is that you don’t see the distant future and your short-term vision. You feel that I’m working for you, how much money you give me, just to meet the needs of the moment, can’t see the future response.

Regarding the children’s education, their concept is: I have spent too much money on my children, I have not seen any return for many years, the time is too long and the risks are too high!

So these people are interested in short-term speculation, just think about making money fast, working in a short time and solving “immediate” problems. So what is money to do? Indifference to things that can determine their future (such as investing in the brain, learning costs, etc.). The result is no proficiency in anything, extremely impulsive, the future path is getting smaller and eventually becoming poorer.

So how do the poor change their destiny? I don’t think that was something decided for a moment, I imagined that I could earn a fortune overnight, but I had to invest and make a long effort and have very life activities. Long time to achieve that.

Only by continually investing in learning, paying more than ordinary people’s efforts, and not forgetting the original heart at many key choices, and enduring in a long-term perspective, can you replace change the fate of poverty.

Don’t wait, wait for someone else to help you by helping yourself.

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