From the booming popularity of the success story using Instagram, to the recent expansion of advertising opportunities is a good time to use Instagram for business.

But how can your business get Instagram marketing? This article will cover everything from preparing and creating content strategies, to building your brand and increasing results and most importantly about business tips on Instagram.

How To Use Instagram For Business

More than 600 million people use Instagram every month.

This is the second most popular social media network out there, after Facebook, and offers your business using a trendy and popular platform to communicate with potential customers and increase your product delivery.

But just inserting a product image on your smartphone and posting it on your Instagram account won’t make you very popular.

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With 600 million other users on Instagram, you need to work to make your product stand out.

This article will give you some techniques, strategies, and ways to advertise products on Instagram that can be followed up to promote your business such as how to promote makeup services. Let’s begin!

1. Username And Biodata

To be found, your username on Instagram must match the username of your other branded social media profile.

The only other information that appears on your public profile is your website (URL, which you can change to promote new campaigns or content) and a short bio.

Use your bio to explain what your business is about and what people can expect from your Instagram profile.

You might also want to include branded hashtags that your followers want to use.

Check out our Instagram Bio Ideas for the Business post for more information about this.

2. Your Profile Photo

Your Instagram profile photo might be your company logo. After matching your other profile photos will help with the ability to be found because of people.

Who follows you on Twitter or Facebook will immediately recognize your brand.

Your Instagram profile picture will be cropped into a circle in the application, so make sure you choose an image that will look good in that shape.

Even though the profile picture is 110 pixels in diameter on the mobile application, choose a bigger picture because it will look bigger on the web.

3. Follow People

Finally, to start your Instagram business, you will definitely want to follow a group of users. Find influencers in the industry, customers and other people who are relevant to your brand and follow them.

The demographics of Instagram vary, so make sure you know exactly who you want to target.

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Search for industry hashtags and recognize your presence by commenting on photos and following people who participated in this discussion.

You will be surprised how quickly this can expand your followers on Instagram.

4. Promote Your Account

Add your Instagram handle to your web property and other social media profiles for cross-promotion.

You can also send one or two messages asking the following things to the network and also follow you on Instagram.

5. Set Goals For Your Business on Instagram

All your Instagram efforts must be driven by strategic goals. What does your business want to achieve by using Instagram? Set binding goals back to the overall business or departmental goals. As an example:

  • Increase product sales
  • Drive traffic to your website
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Attract the best talent
  • Identify and build relationships with influencers

No matter what you want to achieve, your Instagram goals must be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and timely.

6. Create An Instagram Content Strategy

Sporadically scrolling through Instagram, randomly liking a few photos, and putting a close-up portrait of your dog’s face for the fourth time in a week works well for someone who uses the platform.

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But you must have a more deliberate marketing plan for Instagram if you expect to build a strong community and see tangible results for your business.

Your strategy should cover four important things from business tips on Instagram.

7. How Often And When To Post

You definitely want to maintain a regular posting schedule, but don’t bombard your followers with too many posts.

The smartest way to find out what works best for your business is to test posts at different intervals and times and then track the results.

Once you find the best cadence, a shared content calendar is the best way to track what will be posted and when.

8. Theme Content

Playing through various content themes will make things interesting for your followers, and help you achieve different goals.

For example, post-secondary institutions that aim to raise awareness and attract new students can use contests, alumni stories, and campus life as their main content themes.

9. Style Guidelines

Do you use emojis in your text? Are there grammatical guidelines that your brand follows? What hashtag are you using? What type of photos did you post? Are there visual cues that each post must obey?

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Your style guidelines must cover all the ways that your own brand is different and consistent. We will discuss in detail how you can determine these things in the next section.

10. Instructions For Involvement

This guide should cover how and when your business interacts with other accounts on Instagram, from liking and commenting on other people’s photos to handling incoming comments on your own account. Pro tip: Don’t automate your involvement. We tried it, and the results did not go well.

11. Build An Instagram Brand For Your Business

Instagram is all about visuals, so it aims to build a cohesive and recognizable brand identity. Here are some ways to do it, which is one of the franchise business tips.

12. Create Visual Consistency

A visual social media report from WebDam found that 60 percent of the top brands on Instagram use the same filter for each post.

By using the same filter over and over again, you can set the style that your followers will recognize.

Because your goal is to make Instagram users stop scrolling as soon as they see your image (to get involved with it by liking or commenting), the faster you recognize your photos, the better.

13. Create Branded Hashtags

Finally, there may be non-visual elements to add to your Instagram brand, such as common language or style for text. A popular technique is branded hashtags.

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This doesn’t mean just using your company name as a hashtag, it’s about creating a hashtag that embodies your brand and encouraging followers to share photos that match those images like how to advertise products on Instagram.

14. Stay Loyal To Your Audience

Your business will not succeed on Instagram by simply imitating other brands’ strategies. Hone in your audience and make sure you serve their interests and expectations.

Look at what works for your business on other social networks, what content your viewers share on Instagram, and how they interact with your competitors or similar brands like how to start a rice business.

15. Be Creative With Your Instagram Content

Take a picture, add a filter, and send. Helpful? It might have worked when Instagram was in its early stages.

But the platform was mature and now offers many opportunities for businesses to share various types of interactive content and attention.

16.  Be an Active Participant on the Platform

Every strategy and method of advertising a product on Instagram or other social media must be more than a content publisher. On Instagram, that means you will do  the following online promotion methods :

  • Follow other people, brands and influencers
  • Be involved in the comments section of your posts and others
  • Publish amazing potential customer content and mention them

17. Use Testimonials

You are not a source of information that customers will always trust, at least when dealing with your own business.

You have a special interest in his success and make a few columns for customer testimonials.

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This is what makes testimonials as strong as your arguments. And not only on social media. Testimonials are a powerful element of any marketing funnel.

18. Focus On The Theme Of One Brand

Branding is a big part of content creation, and it applies to as much social media as possible for your blog. People are more comfortable with your brand if they recognize it.

Your business and products will grow faster, have better brand recognition and withdrawal, and will appear more professional than if you just throw away your posts without a response.

19. Combining Trending Topics in Your Posts

Follow a variety of things that are trending is the best practice on social media in general, especially on Instagram.

If you can take advantage of what people already think, you will get serious progress in terms of social involvement and sales and product promotion.

20. Use the Hashtag Contest

The Instagram Hashtag contest is one of the quickest and easiest ways to encourage new Instagram followers and get user-generated content that you can use in your mobile application.

In essence, Instagram users are given an incentive (an opportunity to win prizes) instead to follow your Instagram page and send photos through the use of hashtags.

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All photos marked with your contest hashtag are automatically filled into your contest page (this only works with third-party contest builders, you know).

People who have sent photos then encourage their friends and social networks to vote for their submissions, and whoever gets the most votes wins the prize.

21. Include Video Content

It’s a little complicated because the last thing I want you to do is to recommend you upload videos to Instagram if they don’t meet certain standards.

No one communicates and sets standards of unprofessionalism as soon as poor sound and video quality is like the way of promoting an apartment.

That said, if your business has invested in making great videos (as they should), with a good studio, green screen, lapel microphone, and camera, then a video is the best way to qualify how to advertise products on Instagram.

This is more involved than a picture and when compared to what has explained above, nothing communicates legitimacy and professionalism as quickly as a promotional video.

22. Use Brand Hashtags and Product Campaigns

You want your fans and potential customers to be able to recognize the campaigns or brands that they are interested in.

In quickly and the specific campaign hashtag from your product is the best way to make it happen. So try to do it this way in the future.

23. Don’t Ignore Your Image Quality

It must be clear, poor quality images won’t appeal to customers. If you want to promote your product on Instagram, you need to make it look as attractive as possible.

The same product, shot in low light with a camera that’s not very good, won’t get any attention.

24. Use Quotations

If you are looking for content that is easiest to share, can be involved and liked on social media, offers have been in the top three since 2010.

People go to social media to be inspired and share that inspiration with their own networks. Not all businesses will find success with offers because some target markets will not respond well.

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But if you use digital marketing or social media management, you won’t be at a disadvantage if you don’t try posting multiple quotes from time to time.

25. Do More With The Time You Have

You can do it all yourself, keep Instagram on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and your other responsibilities, or you can get a hand.

And, more often than not, that hand will also increase your success when it helps you. Talking about media management tools and Instagram content curation tools, especially Iconosquare, INK361, Schedugram, and Olapic.

This tool not only allows you to schedule your Instagram efforts.

They determine quickly and easily which of your posts get the best engagement, track your followers, and (with some of them) help you find content that is similar to the content that performs best for you like a good promotional way.

26. Use Instagram Ads

Best practices can only be recommended so far. If you run out of ideas and have tried some of the other strategies I have provided in this article, try Instagram advertising.

The targeting is the same as Facebook and you can get a very reasonable cost-per-click.

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Think about it, you can spend 8 hours scheduling the next post that fits the best practices and strategies that you read here. And this is where the magic happens.

27. Run Instagram Instant Giveaway

You will get more engagement and potential customers from the full hashtag contest, but you might want to start small, or maybe only have a limited budget.

If that’s the case, try the in-post giveaway. Doing this is very easy as to how to promote food products.

28. Think Out of the Box

Try something. This is a serious idea, every social media platform news platform updates every half hour. What worked last week may not work next week.

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The best advice you can give is to try something new, see if it works and then try something else if it doesn’t.

Hopefully, this article gives you several strategies that can be followed up to promote your business on Instagram.