How Do Artists Make Money? Do Artists Become Rich?

Painters are nouns that seem to be so familiar to all of us, and art is also the most parallel, natural development form of human history. But still, many people wonder where the artists make money.

The painter who composed works of art helped the public feel visually the artistic, emotional and enthusiastic thoughts of the creator. Understand a simple way, Painters must be people with extremely good painting skills and creativity, personality has shown through each painting.

Painters often work in the studio. In addition to free painting, Painters can also:

– Do art training work, become a lecturer at schools, art centers …

– Participate in painting for art showrooms, galleries for commercial purposes.

– Working for printing companies, media, book publishers …

In addition, talented artists can earn money with their works.

In order to evaluate paintings in a realistic way, artists need to understand and respect the way the art business works, as well as the way the collectors choose to buy paintings. Painters need to step back and objectively evaluate the importance and artistic qualities of their work compared to other artists.

Painters also need to objectively evaluate the achievement of the art world they are working on, see which achievements are placing artists in any position compared to other artists. This is a difficult and annoying thing, but it is extremely necessary to achieve the goal of selling pictures.

There are many factors to value a picture, including:

• Originality and a limited number of works

• Author (signature or symbols on the work)

• Size, subject, composition, material

• Status of the work

• History of ownership of the work

• Supporting documents: process, auction results, signatures, traders’ interests; author information (training history, exhibitions …); traders, gallery, and museums displayed; books and magazines have mentioned artists, works and have an in-depth analysis of its importance and meaning relative to the context of the work. The more the analysis and the more angles the better.

The more valuable a picture is, the more money it earns and the more money it earns. There are authors who only need to hear their names and that work is extremely valuable.


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