It’s not wrong to be a workaholic, a work lover, as long as the results are commensurate, it can make you happy, you can handle the pressure.

But what if you are not used to being a hard worker, what will the effect be?

Yes, it’s the least stressful hehe

This is not aimed at one field of work, yes, because work stress must be experienced by everyone and the reason behind that stress is not just money

Surely you have experienced stress because you are required to be able to complete a lot of work even though the previous work was not finished

You are stressed because of your lack of rest, your days are filled with unfinished tasks, as a result, your time is only spent in your career without being able to enjoy new things like picnics, for example

There are many stress factors not only from the office but it could also be that outside the office there are things that make you stressed, for example fighting with girlfriends, rarely hanging out with friends or family problems

And finally, the reason for stress can also be from yourself, for example, your physical and mental condition is getting weak

Okay, let’s just discuss how to deal with stress:

1. Enough Hours of Sleep

Job demands that require you to work hard and on time to complete tasks make you have to sacrifice one of the most important times in your life, which is rest or sleep.

Why are you sleeping?

because sleeping can help you forget for a moment at work, even though when you wake up you have to go back to real life, see you again with work

Quality sleep is useful for refreshing your brain and maintaining stamina,

According to National Sleep Foundation research, quality sleep hours for rich adults like this

  • Young adults (18-25 years): 7-9 hours daily.
  • Adults (26-64 years): 7-9 hours daily.
  • Seniors (65 years and over): 7-8 hours daily.

Tips for getting a restful sleep pattern

  • Exercise regularly, exercise at least 30 minutes per day
  • Don’t take a nap too late, let alone go free until late afternoon
  • Drink less caffeine at night
  • Turn off the cellphone at least 30 minutes before bedtime because the light coming from the cellphone can stimulate the brain, making it difficult for us to fall asleep.

2. Set Aside Free Time

Many people are so ambitious to get results that WAH is so willing to sacrifice their time just for career matters, that they forget that life has the term me time to pamper yourself

If you start to feel tired with work, there is nothing wrong with it, because life is not just a matter of career, so don’t be ignorant of your surroundings, especially yourself

Try it laughing time for me time briefly about 30 minutes for a coffee / get, eat, watch TV/play, listen to songs, and more

REMEMBER yes, my time doesn’t mean you go around!

Don’t take more than 30 minutes because it makes you lazy to start working again

Use your free time properly, return your enthusiasm and focus, finish a   new me time, continue taking care of office work

3. Create A Comfortable Workspace

A comfortable place to support your productivity, you will be there for a long time

Especially if your work is piling up and you can’t be left behind, the longer you will be there, not to mention if your room doesn’t have a window, so there is a minimal view.

So make sure if your workspace is comfortable, just arrange it according to your taste from

  • Wall paint colors and accessories
  • Writing supplies
  • Room lights
  • A small shelf for files
  • Air freshener
  • Tables, chairs, and more

To be more enthusiastic, you can also put photos of idols, family or friends,

You can also provide a special shelf for snacks and drinks so you don’t bother going in and out of the right space again hungry because work also needs intake, guys

4. Pray A Lot

Sometimes people start to get stressed because their souls are getting far from the creator

This means that obligations such as worship and prayer have begun to decrease and even are rarely done

Believe it or not, a successful career must be balanced with prayer, not just effort

Suppose you are a beginner businessman

You experience a financial crisis in just 2 months of running low on business capital

Not to mention the many customers who cancel orders which make the following profits limp

These 2 things that like to stress yourself out to the point of leaving the business world because the effort you put in feels in vain

Even though your efforts to make big profits are very maximal

Try your efforts to be interspersed with prayer, who knows if the prayer is less than the maximum amount of effort you do

In addition to the process running smoothly, your soul can also be calmer, can think more positively and calmly when a problem comes

5. Sharing Stories

Known as confide in (outpouring the heart) is already familiar to your ears

You can do this sharing session with trusted people and make you comfortable to tell stories, even if you are not ashamed to tell the shame

You can tell your family, if you feel awkward you can hang out with friends, work friends or girlfriends

It’s free to tell anyone, but make sure that person can listen well, it’s even better if you give a solution

The story of your complaints doesn’t mean you look weak, yes, expressing your heart and mind is normal and there are no restrictions

Some even say ” it’s better to tell it than to hide it yourself, later you can stress yourself”

After you tell the story, it doesn’t solve the problem, but at least it makes the burden on your heart lessen, your feelings can be more relieved and calm a little

6. Take Care of Your Health

Believe me, forced labor when sick is not very good

Don’t work, I want to get out of bed when I am sick, I must have been lazy

“Sorry I’m not weak, I can still work sick again”

Is the work maximum or not? No, right?

It must have been stressful and didn’t finish on time because there were lots of delays due to pain

Anyway, from now on, you have to maintain your health with a regular lifestyle

Consumption of nutritious food, regular exercise, rest, and even take a good vacation and smile a lot.

7. Stay Optimistic

To get a shining career, you must have an optimistic attitude

“I’m optimistic, but if it fails, just accept it”

It’s not wrong, but it could be wrong if you give up

You accept failure but don’t want to try to change when you want success

You should get up, try again, learn again, be optimistic that this failure can be your stepping stone to success

8. Don’t Mess With Your Sundays

Too focused on working until Sunday so a victim?


It’s too comfortable to work that you think Sunday and the usual day don’t make any difference

Maximum work is fine, but if it interferes with your vacation time it’s not healthy

Make sure that Sunday is a day for you to enjoy holidays and rest

Take advantage of your Sunday with sports, picnics, hanging out with friends and others, or sleeping is fine too

So how do you want prolonged stress or try to overcome your stress with the tips above?

Just try to apply the simple way to deal with stress above, who knows your stress can be reduced even your thoughts can be more positive after this

Good luck and don’t forget to share this article with all the social media you have