You are concerned about the conversion rate of the website? Want to boost sales during this peak month? The 13 solutions that shares in the article below can be a great relief. Please experience and look forward to the results!

Increase Online Sales Quickly

One of the core values ​​of my company is “Try everything, don’t make assumptions!” After many years of operating in the online business, we understand that you will not know which strategies or tactics are best suited for your company until you test them.

This principle applies even when your company is operating well because there are always defects that need you to change for better development.

So testing is the only way to know what works, and what doesn’t work on your website.

This is the best way to start increasing sales exponentially. And if you focus on using one of the methods below,

you will understand its effectiveness, especially when you begin to see a significant improvement in sales.

1. Product or Service

Are you offering a lot of products or services on your website? If so, I suggest you check to see if this sales strategy is right for you.

We realize that if we introduce very few products on the homepage, but have more product descriptions, the sales are always higher.

The problem here is concentration. Instead of trying to please all visitors to your website by offering a variety of products with brief descriptions, introduce only one type of product – or a set of products.

Focusing on talking about product benefits and answer all viewer’s questions about this product. You do not need to stop selling other products.

You can recommend those products to your customers from other websites or use product brochures during customer care.

Of course, to know for sure if this strategy works for your target audience, the only way is to test it.

Write a sales letter for your flagship product, place it on the homepage for a week or two and watch for changes in sales.

2. Registration

The e-mail application framework is a tool to collect and build a customer e-mail list, which allows you to contact customers regularly. Regularly, build relationships with customers based on trust, loyalty and sell your products and services to them.

But do you know where to put this registration proposal frame on the website that will attract the most subscribers?

If you don’t use a long sales letter, place the sign-up box in the most prominent position on the homepage – the top-left position of the homepage usually gets the most attention from the viewers.

At least try to place it in the top row of the homepage – this is the area that will catch the user’s first eye before they scroll down.

If you use a long sales letter, you should place this offer on the second page, that is, after getting customers’ attention by identifying their problems and establishing authority. Your credit is due to the quality, experience, and certification of satisfied customers.

You should try to put this box on all pages of the website so that it always appears in the view of the viewer.

You should also try to place automatic ad windows. The more registration opportunities you offer, the more subscribers you will have. Try it and track the results.

3. Promotion

I guarantee that everyone knows about pop-ups. They are small windows that display special information or information, and sometimes “pop out” when you visit a website.

Whether you like it or not, the pop-up is a very useful online marketing tool. However, because a percentage of internet users dislike pop-ups, Google, AOL, Netscape, and others have developed pop-up blocking software.

Of course, internet users have the right to choose whether or not to view pop-ups.

However, the fact that the software automatically blocks pop-ups means that visitors to a website will lose valuable information, which can be beneficial for them.

But that was before we discovered that there was an impressive technology that allowed us to use pop-up ads but no pop-ups, so they weren’t blocked.

These are called hover and sliding ad windows and are well worth testing on your website.

When we tried to place a floating and hover ad window on our website, our sales increased by 162%.

These ads work because they display important information, such as an offer to sign up for e-mail or promotional information, for a limited time right in front of the visitors.

You can also experiment to see how many people click on a special promotion ad on an automated window compared to the regular link on the homepage.

4. Highlight Benefits

The title has a great impact on sales. Often the headline is the first thing that website visitors see, so the headline must get the attention and get them to read the sales letter.

A successful title should highlight what your target audience is seeing and focus on the main benefits of your product or service in addressing this issue. Take time for your title, it will produce maximum efficiency.

5. Set Up Problem

in the first paragraph of the homepage, you need to go into the details of the problem you have given in the title – show the viewer that they are who you are. want to talk about it.

(Only when viewers feel you understand their problems will they boldly believe that you can solve them.)

Once the problem has been identified, you can start introducing your product or service as a solution to the problem.

You need to emphasize exactly how your product or service solves the problem of the reader, ensuring your sales will skyrocket.

6. Positive Feedback

New customers always tend to refer to information from people who have used products/services, so take advantage of positive feedback from old customers, Loyal customers to establish credibility. You will be surprised to apply for this.

This positive feedback can be an excerpt of e-mail, letters from customers praising your products and services for helping them solve problems they encounter.

The bottom line: a customer’s statement about the benefits of a product is much more effective than a customer saying, “Your product is great.”

You can also increase credibility by adding certifications, experiences, and information to make your product eligible for the problem of people who visit your website.

Your purpose is to convince readers effectively that you are the best at giving solutions to their problems.

7. Focus Visitors

The most successful content is content that provides value to the reader. Often businesses are indifferent to this golden rule. Read your content carefully.

Does it include the words “I” and “we” Instead of using phrases like “I design my time management software with my thoughts in my head,” try replacing it with “this time management software will give you more time to spend.” family.”

Find the words “me” “” and replace them with the words “you” and “yours”.

8. Use CTA Button

content needs to be urgent to the reader, and make them buy right away. This is where you make the best use of CTA (call to action) buttons.

Try applying one of the following and compared to your current ad:

  • Offer a discount at a certain time
  • Offer buyers additional benefits if they purchase within a specified time frame.
  • Offer only a limited number of products or services
  • Bonus offers with limited quantities
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9. Remove Words

People often go online to find free information. If you bid too early, you may lose customers before “finishing” them.

First, let your customers feel excited to hear you talk about their problems – as described in section 5 – and how to solve your problems. Once you’ve done that, you should start selling.

Here’s a simple way to improve the tone of your content: remove words related to “buy”, “cost” and “sell” at an early stage, and compare the results with.

The advertising letter you are using. Remember, do not mention buying or money until viewers are interested in the product and trust you enough to buy.

10. Attractive Products

You should add images to the page, and compare the results with when no images are used. Try analyzing and testing the positions of images, you can use A / B Testing method to know the exact location of the product images to create the greatest effect.

11. Create A Presentation

There are very few people visit the website and read every line you write. Most people will only “glance” when they scroll from the top of the page to the bottom of the page.

They only read words and phrases right in their sight or hit their eyes. That is why you should bold keywords to attract the attention of people who just “surf” not read.

You should:

  • Use bold, italicized words to emphasize the main benefits of a product
  • Change the length of the paragraphs that attract readers
  • Add subtitles to highlight the main message
  • Important words should be short, “heavy”, and centered
  • Use bullet points to emphasize key points

12. Sales Process

Taking care of customers and subscribers using an automated reply is a key element to increase sales because it often takes several exchanges before deciding Purchase intent is given.

In an e-mail to new subscribers who haven’t bought from you, you can present the product and invite them to buy it again.

Try to send an e-mail as soon as the new subscribers have just registered, and give a good reason for them to return to your site that same day.

You can test this test against sending an e-mail three days after viewers sign up to know which method is most effective.

Current customer care is equally important. In fact, using this test showed that 30% of customers would buy again if they were given the chance.

This will help you gain more profits, long-term relationships with customers and allow you to offer “auxiliary” products that customers have purchased.

Have you tried sending out an offer to sell “ancillary products” as soon as a customer has just finished a purchase, with three days later sending a letter to know which approach will increase the number of purchases?

13. Testing Element

When you test on your website, only one element should be tested at a time. The commonly used test method “A / B Test” also works on this principle.

This method allows you to divide customers into two groups and check, for example at the same time, one title for this audience and another for another group.

This is an ideal test strategy for online business, especially new websites with low traffic. Regardless of the level of website traffic, this method will produce accurate results.