Pharmacy is one of the business opportunities that are suitable on the side of the road and of course in search by the general public.

Various types of daily diseases usually attack the community, which certainly requires medication handling.

Various generic drugs that are generally available at Aoptek will make it easier for someone to deal with complaints of the disease they are suffering from.

This is why we have to be more thorough and understand drug marketing strategies in pharmacies to always produce a maximum turnover.

Expand My Pharmacy Business

Because all forms of business, both in the form of small businesses and businesses on a larger scale will remain vulnerable to the effects of failure because various factors of business failure are everywhere and can occur at any time.

Both the pharmacy and other types of businesses that tend and will fail, you should immediately find out about how to overcome failure in entrepreneurship.

Because not infrequently there are times when pharmacies that are very complete have decreased turnover and are quiet of buyers.

Whatever the cause, you still need to know how to deal with it, right? It is not easy to maintain a stable or rising turnover every month, but it is not impossible.

The following is a powerful strategy in improving the number of pharmacy turnover that we have traced below:

1. Best Service

When starting a business, of course, you already know the term that states that the buyer is king, right? Yes, the right strategy in raising the pharmacy turnover is to “steal” the hearts of buyers.

Even though the medicines that you offer will always be the same as other pharmacies, if your service is satisfying, the customer will always return to your pharmacy.

2. Control of Drug Availability

Common or frequently purchased medicines must still be available at your pharmacy. At least do not let the buyer often disappointed because your drug stock is always exhausted and empty.

There is no need to stock a large number of drugs, but you must be careful and aware that there are some daily medications that are running out of stock or even run out.

3. Establish Cooperation

Usually, someone will be more “believe” if the pharmacy is one of the pharmacies recommended by the medical team including doctors.

With this partnership, there will be some benefits gained by both parties, where the doctor will get drug stock and the pharmacy will get visitors from the medical team’s recommendations.

Building partners as widely as possible is also one of the basic principles in how to start a business from scratch.

4. Optimize Promotions

Use some media that are commonly used in a promotion such as online media and offline media. The public will know better if you promote your pharmacy to the fullest.

Even some social media services are also effective media for promotion.

5. Check The Expiration Date

Never underestimate the expiration date of medicines that you store and sell at your pharmacy.

You certainly do not want to deal with the authorities if found buying and selling drugs that have passed the safe date, right?

Well, therefore, always prioritize the safety of these buyers. Dispose of the stock of drugs that are not suitable for use and replace them with new ones.

6. Play The Price Game

Don’t always want to get abundant profits by raising prices as high as possible. Remember that one way to rise from a business bankruptcy is to play the selling price of these drugs and vice versa.

It’s okay if you only get a small profit from the sale of each drug, but always running and get a smooth turnover every month.

7. Give Special Promos

There is no harm if you ever give a surprise in the form of an attractive special promo so that consumers still always subscribe to your pharmacy.

In fact, most people really like the name “promo” this is the reason behind the frequent entrepreneurs playing promo tricks to increase the number of sales or their monthly turnover.

8. Keep Bookkeeping

Having good management will keep your turnover growing and growing. Don’t always mix personal profits with business profits.

Make sure you have a clear record so that everything you get can be entered in detail in your pharmacy’s monthly cash budget book.

9. Networking Expansion

What you can make partners work together is not limited to those who are in the health world. You can still work with various groups who can expand your partnership network.

Because illness never looks at age, gender, place and time. Medication is something that is often needed when someone complains of any type of pain.

The existence of a direct promotion by word of mouth is an indirect goal of expanding the partnership network.

10. Offer Best Medicine

The consumer has the right to choose the best medicine for his recovery.

And it is appropriate as the owner or caretaker of the pharmacy to provide an overview and various types of alternative medicine from the drugs they request to be a comparison for these consumers.

Because no one wants to consume drugs continuously without producing significant results.

11. Make A Logo And Name

Pharmacies that have logos and names that are unique and different will be easier to remember and search for than regular pharmacies that use ordinary names or the market.

Because if your pharmacy’s name is unique enough it won’t be difficult for consumers to find it.

12. Control Sales

Try to carefully sell your pharmacy product for the past few months. If there are several types or brands of drugs that are not sold at all then you have to record and do not need to add more stock in the future.

This control is very important so you know what types of drugs should not be used up in your pharmacy. Or the type of daily medication that is always needed by the community.

13. Pay Close Attention To Profit Management

In the early months, do not go back to spending the profits you get to buy new drug stocks. At least set aside a few percents of the profits so that they do not always run out in vain.

Even drug sticks that are not sold at all can be sold back with a turnover without raising the selling price to get a profit.

14. Maximize Places

A pharmacy located on a side street will be easier to identify and suspect than a pharmacy that is far away in a housing complex.

On the one hand, you will get customers from outside your neighborhood if your pharmacy is on the side of the road.


Never underestimate the management of a business, because the opportunity to get a large turnover is to do good business management, including for the pharmacy business.

The better the management, the more developed and increased the turnover of the pharmacy.