What are the appliances, services, and items that are selling well nowadays? This is a question of many people who want to do business to make more profit, so in this article, I will share with everyone on this topic.

Although I am the one who writes this knowledge for you, my real advice is not to trade items that are selling well in the current trend, because it does not bring long-term profits, except for If you have a business plan, it is applicable, but once you have invested in development, you should not work in the short term.

Big bosses like Bill Gates or Facebook owner (Mark Zuckerberg), Steve Jobs (the leader of Apple) will never accept an offer to make money from employees despite bringing millions of dollars if the project proposed.

That proposal will not help their company grow in the long term, because they understand that if they agree to “feed” on short-term projects, businesses will collapse quickly, they will not be legend again.

Hot Selling Items

If you still want to know what is  the best selling item, I will write content like that for everyone to find out:

25 items are selling well in the market

1. Fast Food

Fast food and street food are two things in the food industry that dominate the market, although you still see popular restaurants or luxury restaurants with many customers they are not really sold. Runs on fast food and drinks, street food.

This is because fast food has been prepared before or the time to prepare it is very short to meet the existing needs. Because buyers do not want to wait, they call or go directly to those restaurants to dine, which is a different feature of it that other foods cannot.

Fast, convenient, and affordable, customers come to us. At rush hours like noon, in the evening, the waiters of these restaurants do not work in time, so it becomes a commodity that is sold very easily and quickly.

Street food is widely chosen because of its food usage habits in India, especially in Mumbai and Delhi. When it is time to go to work or break time after work, the office workers, students … they rush to the street and look for some water bars or cafes on the street to enjoy something in the stomach.

Students and students like roast sausages, grilled meat, skewers, cockroaches, pieces of bread, smoothies, teas … and office workers want to have a sip of tea. , ceiling, or hot coffee.

Due to its popularity and proximity to consumers, this commodity has become a very popular and consumed commodity.

2. Phone Accessories

Never before has the phone been crowned like this decade, I mean the smartphone. As for the normal phone, it does not need to decorate or attach more accessories, because attaching it is not more effective than smartphones, or iPhones…

Today’s phones are not new, but indeed, the business of selling phones is just normal compared to the supporting industry for phones, one of which is phone accessories.

Accessories such as music headsets, spare phone batteries or genuine batteries, phone covers, screws, camera eyes, phone screens, phone stands … many items need to be used for phones, and the price to replace or install a certain accessory on a mobile phone must also be from VND 30,000 – VND 200,000 / time, which is only the least number. For products of genuine phones, of course, it must be more expensive.

Regarding phone accessories, there is a service of cockroach making and phone beautification, those who work long in this profession can earn from VND 500,000 to VND 2 million per day. Large stores that can collect between 3 million and 5 million are also not difficult to understand.

Among the easy-to-make professions, I consider this job to be the most expensive, though not as much effort as selling food or selling other items. The profit is bigger, I recommend that if you choose this way, it will be a suitable direction.

3. Selling Clothes

Although highly competitive, this item cannot be excluded from the list of bestselling products, even though you find that many of your friends have been in the business of clothing but have not been successful. In fact, they failed because they didn’t know how to do it, so they had to retire until those friends found a new, more effective way to sell.

There are many different types of clothes, each with different ways to sell and bring in another revenue. For example, selling office clothes will cost a lot of the price, but if you do business at home it can be high or low because it has a lot of different styles and qualities, unlike office clothes.

Usually only certain designs, such as selling high-end prom dresses, also cost a lot, but sales are low because they aren’t as popular as regular clothing.

Also, the popularity of fashion in daily life makes everyday items become best-selling goods. And whether or not to sell is something we have to deal with in the strategic thinking stage, in the content of this article I do not share such sales issues, but if you want to ask specific and detailed leave your comments in the comment section.

Another thing is that when you do not have a strategy to sell, it is best not to follow this form because the end result will be like those of you who used to sell clothes, which is a failure.

Today’s clothing is heavily consumed but it is also very competitive so that new people who penetrate ignorance will surely be thrown out, simply because you do not have enough capital. , no experience to “turn on” the people in the profession.

4. Household Items

Household items such as mini wooden tables, electric cookers, blender, warm kettles, electric appliances, sewing machines, storage containers, washing machines, refrigerators, etc. are all collectively called home appliances. use.

You can invest by building a mini supermarket specializing in selling such household goods. Surely you will succeed if you have a sales policy and choose the right place to meet the needs of the people in that area.

But to do business in this model will require a large amount of capital, maybe 1 billion and 1.5 billion because it has to import many different items, otherwise, it will not meet the diversity in customer needs.

My advice is not to sell items worth hundreds of millions, because for customers to buy such expensive products, they need good warranty service, reputable and business license. meet the legal standards and other authorities.

5. Cosmetics Products

The more society develops, the more people want to be beautiful through natural or artificial methods. and cosmetics is the tool to satisfy the desire for beauty. In the future, makeup and skincare products from inside and outside will be sold more widely.

Buyers will also be expanded not only to women but also men and people of both sexes to use beauty products. so this is the best selling commodity.

If you want to sell this type of product, you need to meet the safety standards determined by the authorities, the cosmetics business needs a specialized license, so the initial procedures will be quite good. complex.

Cosmetic utensils are similar to clothes, having a very high level of soup because of its huge profit. So, if you want to sell goods, besides ensuring quality, origin … also need to build a good sales plan to compete with well-known brands and occupying the market.

6. Handmade Items

With the shared information about dirty food, food – food is not guaranteed quality, affecting health more and more, making consumers increasingly worried and not knowing where to buy. Since then, there have been many brown people eating at home to sell online, or sell handmade cakes …

Typically in the mid-autumn festival this year, the consumption habits of most consumers have changed. If they used to queue up to buy moon cakes of big brands, this year they chose to order homemade cakes at some acquaintances.

The trend of buying and buying handmade items is increasing, the higher the demand helps open up the business opportunity to make money.

7. Selling Snacks

If it comes to food and drink items, we can’t ignore junk food. With a small capital, it is possible to implement the snack business.

First, look for places where young people like to visit. Trading junk food in the evening is the ideal choice. There are many snacks you can choose from, such as grilled skewers, fried foods, tea, rice paper, etc.

The income from selling junk food is about 7-15 million per month. An ideal income level with only a few hours of business time in the evening.

8. Fashion Accessories

In addition to fashion is a selling item, fashion accessories are no less hot. Depending on the type of customer you aim to have money or low income to choose high-end or affordable accessories.

If you are a high-end business, you need to have enough capital to invest in decorating the shop, hire employees, import goods for sale. If you choose the popular model, the capital only needs about 10 million combined with online sales.

The products you should refer to the business import such as handbags, belts, jewelry, hats, socks …

9. Trading In Alcoholic Beverages

India is one of the countries with the highest alcohol consumption rates in the world. On average, each Indian person drinks nearly 9 liters of beer. The demand for alcohol, alcohol is increasing. Open up business opportunities for the idea of ​​selling alcoholic beverages.

You can open a small pub where people share space and relax with a beer after a stressful working day. A light pub, not too noisy like other pubs and bars with DJ music.

Or with this idea, you can combine the pub business. Besides making money from selling food and drinks to customers, you also earn money from the support of other beer and wine shops.

10. Sell Fruit, Regional Specialties

If your hometown has specialty fruit or specialty hunting dishes, then bring that referral to more customers. It is possible to combine the sale of miscellaneous seafood. You will have the advantage of having a home and relatives so it is easy to find a source of quality and fresh seafood to provide to customers.

Most customers today prefer to buy fruits or seafood from indigenous people, who live in that locality. So this is an idea you can use to make money.

11. Pet Products And Services

Pet care services and products provide a high source of income for the business. You can choose from a variety of pet-related businesses such as pet clothes and pet sales; provide services such as Spa, pet health care.

Today, many young people choose to have pets to be friends with and take care of. Since then the need to use pet services is increasing. A tip for you if you implement this idea is to open 24/7.

Usually, many pet care centers are only open during the day, closed in the evening, and stopped providing services. At that time, many customers still wanted to use the service but could not find it. Therefore, although it will be very busy, providing pet services in the evening will also help you earn a higher income.

12, Sell Secondhand Items

Today’s young people tend to buy old items to use as clothing, shoes, backpacks …

Many vintage-style people often buy second-hand goods, and many young people feel that second-hand goods are not in use, still wear well and, importantly, remain trendy. Many lucky people can buy second-hand goods at cheap prices.

An online store that sells 2hand clothes is a great idea. Products you aim to are shirts, hoddie, t-shirts … imported from Japan, the US, and other Western countries. You can find goods on overseas sales sites. These are very popular products that young people love to buy.

13. Sell Trendy Products On Social Networks

Another idea I recommend for you is to sell trendy items on social networks. This idea only makes money seasonally, for a short time.

When there is a problem, a story, or a saying that is popular with people online, you should seize it to design products that follow that trend to sell for money.

14. Selling Environmentally Friendly Straws

The environment is increasingly having bad changes, many activities in all areas are encouraged to protect the environment. One of them is the replacement of plastic straws with environmentally friendly straws.

Coffee shops, milk tea shops, restaurants, and restaurants all try to change plastic straws into another kind of straws, both to protect the environment and to satisfy customers’ psychology.

People today are more aware of the need to protect the environment. Therefore, they often prefer to choose the restaurant, milk tea, coffee shop or restaurant, restaurant with environmental protection.

Currently, on the market, there are straws made from bamboo, rice flour, paper, … environmentally friendly. You can enter the business. Or if you have the ability and resources, you can also invest in your own production of eco-friendly straws.

15. Sales Of Beverages, Healthy Food.

The next suggestion is trading healthy foods and drinks. In fact, this idea of ​​making money comes from the fact that many fans want to find healthy products and drinks like idols and people they are following online.

Taking advantage of that, you can sell these health care products. Follow the pages of celebrities and influencers to see what products they are using, then import it into the business.

For foods and drinks that cannot be stored for long, you can only sell in areas where you live. Social networking will be a good sales channel that you should use.

My final advice is not to trade what others have done, or that you have a “blue ocean” market. If not, do not trade the above items.

16. Selling Medical Masks

India in particular and the world, in general, are facing the impacts of the Covid-19 epidemic. To limit the possibility of infection, people are required to wear masks in public places, in crowded places. It can be said that wearing a mask often helps limit the spread. Therefore, the need to find masks in this period is very much.

This is the most burnt item at the moment. Because of the high demand, the number of masks becomes scarce, the price is pushed up 2-3 times higher than normal.

If you want to trade in medical masks now, it is very difficult because it is difficult to find the source. So, you can switch to the cloth masks business. If you have a lucky person, you should take advantage of household resources to produce masks.

17. Trading Exercise Equipment And Tools

As well as masks, exercise equipment and equipment are very much ordered by people during this time.

The COVID-19 epidemic is not a dangerous disease, not everyone will get serious and die. It also depends on the resistance of each individual. Therefore, to limit the disease, people are encouraged to exercise by themselves, to improve health at home.

In addition to limiting travel to public places, people start buying more exercise equipment to practice at home. Increasing demand, this is one of the best selling products at the moment.

18. ​​Selling Health Care Hygienic Tools

Health care tools and supplements to increase resistance also become scarce because of the increasing demand of the people. Examples include hand sanitizer, breathing apparatus, supplements, vitamins, etc.

If you are not a medical professional, you should only sell hand sanitizer or breathing apparatus. As for medicines or vitamins, it is necessary to have knowledge and experience in the pharmaceutical industry to ensure safety for users.

19. Sell ​​Food To Lose Weight

Beauty, keeping stature is a never-missing need of both women and men. Along with that is the trend of using healthy foods, helping to lose weight and good for the skin to be encouraged.

However, making your own food and making it for weight loss, or healthy food, is very time consuming and laborious. Therefore, many people become lazy and do not want to do it. From there, they have a need to buy more to facilitate immediate use and save time.

Therefore, selling food for weight loss never decreases its singing level because the demand is constantly increasing. You should spend time researching more different recipes and dishes to diversify the menu, better meet customer needs.

Take advantage of social networking, posting on local community group pages to introduce products to customers. On special occasions, there should be promotions to show gratitude to old customers and to find new customers.

20. Trading Stories And Books

For example, the case of the movie “The Eyes of the Eye” was adapted from the novel of the same name by writer Sebastian Gutierrez, creating a fever online and in real life. Many people really like the work, but many others just want to follow the trend. Since then, like it or not, they still go to the movies.

It was the viral of the movie that made the book Blu-Eye become one of the best-selling books of the time. Not only that, but many places also combine all the works of writer Sebastian Gutierrez for sale. Since then, book sales have risen.

21. Selling Gaming Equipment

Also during this time, as there was a lot of time at the inn, many people sought out various leisure activities, including gaming. The revenue from the sale of gaming devices and gaming accessories increased many times compared to before.

22. Home Decoration Business

Today, the need to decorate your home becomes beautiful, sophisticated, showing the personality of the owner becomes very much. In the past, people used to like to buy large decorations to look grand. Now, that trend has changed and moved to design and decorate the house in the simplest but sophisticated way with tiny decorations.

There have been many business people who seized this opportunity and started selling tiny decorations. You can import or make your own and sell them. Although it is only small decorations, the price is not cheap at all. The trend today is to use Japanese ceramic items.

23. Selling Baby Clothes

The next best selling idea is baby clothes. Especially in the coming summer, the weather is so hot, so the demand to buy cool and cute clothes for children is a lot.

The mentality of parents is that when they see which outfit is pretty, they want to buy it for their children. Therefore, they cannot stop shopping. Since then, baby clothes have become the best-selling items.

To attract customers, you should choose costumes with pictures, cute motifs, and colorful.

Depending on the type of customer that you target to choose the product line to be business. In addition to clothing business, you can combine selling more accessories for children such as hair accessories, belts, mini handbags, shoes.

24. Selling Canned Food

Life is busy today, many people do not have time to go to the market to cook. Instead, they use pre-made canned food or food. It can be said that canned food is a trend among young people. Examples are instant noodles, instant porridge, canned fish, jam, canned nuts, etc.

It is the growing habit of switching from using fresh foods to canned food, helping the canning industry to develop. When you go to the supermarket, you will find shelves full of canned goods for sale.

25. Sales Of Takeaway Drinks

Fast living has become so popular in this day and age. Since then, creating trends or business ideas is just as fast to meet that fast lifestyle. The most typical is the takeaway beverage business.

This model is quite popular in big cities like Mumbai and Delhi City. Customers just come, order the drink they want, wait a moment to be able to take away.

The investment cost for this takeaway business model is also not much, so this is one of the business ideas that many young people choose to start.