Each period always generates new trends and business opportunities along with the dynamics that occur.

The same goes for hot business ideas today who feel a lot of changes with the increasingly intense influence of technology.

Many hot businesses have been created that are completely different from before but have the potential to produce results.

A business opportunity comes with the needs and interests of the community that prevails in a certain period.

For example, in the colonial period first, cloves became a valuable product because of their high interest in the European Continent.

But in this digital age, online business methods are the biggest opportunity to make a living.

The business generation is a generation that is quite exposed to the influence of technology but also still masters skills with conventional methods.

That’s why there are actually a lot of hot business opportunities that can be tested both online and conventional. It would even be better if you could run an old business with an online touch.

For example, selling unique food and drink products but with promotion through social media. Or you can also run an online shop but still provide conventional services to reach wider consumers.

Many businesses are suitable for a business generates more than just selling online. Check out the article below.

Hot Business Ideas

The business may have sounded scary before because it requires high skills and capital that is not small.

But the presence of technology has made it easier for many people to start doing business. For example, an online shop business which is now mushrooming everywhere.

But actually, many hot business ideas can be done and not just selling. You can rely on other skills and not just a matter of trading.

The key is to be keen to take advantage of opportunities to find consumers who need the services or products you offer. More and more people want to start their own businesses, including business kids.

The good news is that getting started no longer requires months of market research and millions of capital. In fact, there are businesses that you can start today with little or no capital. Here are some ideas:

1. Freelance

In the United States alone there are an estimated 54 million Americans who have joined as freelancers.

You can do anything from blogging, graphic design services to web design. Freelancing is interesting because the working hours are flexible and you can work from anywhere.

You can do this right now by posting your expertise on social media or joining a supportive platform. After your work is done, you will be able to get the payment right away.

2. Buy and Sell

You can buy and sell anything with the help of marketplace sites. You can start by selling things that you no longer need and starting.

You can also choose the dropship system and affiliate marketing. This business idea is quite popular because it doesn’t require a lot of money.

3. Tutoring

Start hot business ideas through tutoring at home or via the web. If you are an expert in mathematics or science, there are people out there who need help.

You can do this online or contact the nearest school to advertise your service to arrange tutoring at student homes.

4. Accounting-Bookkeeping Services

You will be surprised how many entrepreneurs don’t know how to do bookkeeping or create an accounting system for their business.

If you are an accountant and want to do private practice, advertise your services through leaflets or by word of mouth.

Tax accounting is a profitable field because many businesses can do everyday accounting but do not have knowledge of the tax aspects.

5. Repair Services

These repair services such as repairing computers, cars, furniture, or TV. People are always surrounded by technology and most likely, they are broken.

If you have a talent for repairing, setting up a workshop at home or in a commercial space, and advertising your business.

6. Landscape Business

If you enjoy being outside, plants, flowers, and gardening start a landscape business in your neighborhood.

You start by making your front page extraordinary and people will come and ask questions about your landscape.

7. Translator

If you are fluent in other languages, you can have a business as a translator. Offer your services to individuals or start a business copying books, letters, or online manuscripts.

8. Social Media Admin

Managing various social media accounts can be a full-time job and many businesses outsource this to professionals.

If you have a talent for managing and engaging social media accounts, this can be a business that you can start at home.

9. Event Planner

This is a good business for someone who likes planning and organizing. You can arrange events, weddings, and parties.

You can grow this business by providing other services such as printing invitations or making cakes or you can be affiliated with vendors and take commission through referrals.

10. Tour Guide

If you have local landmarks near a unique home, start a tour guide business. You must have prior knowledge about the place.

Do research to find out about tourist attractions to make the tour enjoyable.

11. Financial Planner

You must become a Certified Financial Planner (CFP), but if you have, offer your services to people who need help in managing their finances.

You can help them get out of debt or secure their future.

12. Music Teacher

If you play an instrument and love teaching, be a music teacher. You can ask people to come to your house or visit their home for one-on-one sessions.

13. Cleaning Services

There are many different directions for this business. You can focus on the office and do the cleaning after office hours.

Some houses need cleaning or small businesses that need help all the time.

14. Personal Assistant

There are lots of busy people nowadays who don’t have time to do their job. You can take advantage of their busy life and become a personal assistant.

15. Babysitting-Pets-Household Care

This job is not just for teens. Many adults do this kind of work professionally.

We all know why babies need caregivers, but some pet owners and homeowners don’t like to leave their pets in kennels or empty houses.

In cases like this, they want someone present to personally care for their pet or property.

If you want to do this professionally, personal reputation is important.

With a good reputation, guaranteed more and more people will entrust their children or pets to you.

16. Driving

Being a full-time online driver or not depends on what needs you want. Not a few many who choose this path as the main route to produce offers. But not a few also make this profession a side job aside from the main job.

The way to become it is also easy, which is to have a motorbike, device, and license that is still active, you can also greet one asphalt with other online drivers on the road.

17. Build a blog

If there is something that interests you and can write it in the form of stories, building a personal blog is one option to make money.

From the stories that you share on the blog will bring a lot of readers who visit your blog, and in the end, will bring advertisements to put their products or services on your blog.

This is one of the fun ways to make money online. Hobbies tell stories that can bring money. Many have proven the efficacy of this way to make money.

Writing is not only a source of money through books or novels because blog posts are a faster and more effective way in this digital age.

18. Develop A Startup

Do you have a dream of running your own business one day? Have a business idea that is unique and far from conventional concepts? Then the answer is establishing a startup company.

Building and developing a startup is one of the best ideas for now.

Although this is one of the difficult ways, the positive side of this is the most potential business lately.

Startups are seen as offering innovations that have never been presented by conventional companies.

The main characteristic of a startup company is the foresight of utilizing technology and the internet in its business activities.

With a better understanding of the market, it is not uncommon for this company to develop in competition with its predecessor.

Take the example of a successful Gojek as the latest public transportation solution.

If you can successfully create online services, tools, or meet the needs that are growing rapidly in the market.

You can be on track to create a very high-value business through the startup. However, it will no doubt require strong dedication, ranging from time, effort, to qualified financial resources.

19. Selling Physical Products

If you have a better solution to a problem that hundreds of thousands of people don’t have right now.

Especially in the area of ​​buying and selling, you might be better off setting up a virtual shop and selling physical goods.

Today e-commerce is a destination for almost everyone when they want to shop.

This is perhaps one of the oldest ways to make money. Many digital entrepreneurs have created businesses through e-commerce.

But maybe you have a new idea in the field of e-commerce and it doesn’t exist yet, so it’s not wrong to try it

20. Sell Your Service

If you have marketable skills, such as writing, designing, web development, marketing, project management, or whatever, one of the easiest ways to make money is to become a freelancer.

This method can be used as a main job and part-time between your main job. Although freelancers may not earn as much income

But it is not uncommon to have income like an office person without having to come to the office. In fact, many also give up their jobs to become a freelancer in the current era.

21. Open Online Course

Open an online course and teach your knowledge. If you are already an expert in a topic or science, you can package that knowledge into high-value courses and sell it to those who need it.

Don’t worry because all knowledge must sell and have its own market share. For example, open a cake decorating course online or through a limited online group.

You can also organize courses regularly with a permanent member list.

22. Selling Graphic Design

When you surf the internet or social media like Instagram or Facebook, you will definitely find new businesses that design products or advertisements.

This is an opportunity to offer your graphic design skills to potential customers.

Give alternative concepts and designs that are better suited to their products to attract their attention. Visuals are the key in this field.

By mastering software Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, and some software design will be much more open your chance to make money ( make money ) with this expertise.

23. Create A YouTube Channel

YouTube is arguably the second largest search engine in the world (after Google) and is the third most visited site in the world.

In 2017, nearly five billion videos are watched on YouTube every day. You can get money from this social media octopus.

24. Copywriter

Digital media is currently developing quite rapidly. There are lots of new media that you can access online to make it easier for you to become a copywriter.

With the mass media mushrooming, of course, you can take a side job as a copywriter. He cried again this copywriter job you can do unlimited locations.

With you anywhere with a laptop and internet access. You can also channel your hobby of writing and at the same time get extra money between lectures.

25. Translator

Work as a translator can also be done by anyone, not necessarily those who are studying in a foreign language major.

For all of you who have studied English from elementary school can search for translation service vacancies from lockers or job provider sites.

Not only work for the side, but you can also use this profession at the same time to perfect your expertise in translating foreign languages.

26. Interpreter

The interpreter is one of the work options while studying, which is one of the prestigious jobs that you can try while you are a student. The reason is if this work is carried out it could be the most promising career in the future.

In the future, you can later work in government or even work in international organizations such as the United Nations.

Interpreter service is one of the works that is needed in various countries. Especially if you master more than two languages.

27. Liaison Office

Furthermore, there is also work while studying with the name LO or Liasion Officer also can be part-time work on the sidelines of college time.

You can also join EO and work on holidays or weekends. The money that you will eventually pocket is pretty decent to help parents pay for your college study needs.

Furthermore, this work can also hone your ability to communicate where you can expand the network where you can meet many new people.

28.  Graphic Designer

Work while in college by doing work as a graphic designer is also no different from copywriters, graphic designers are also very needed in the digital era like today. You can later join various startup companies.

For example, from online media to other creative industries. You can also channel your hobby in designing through this work. This is because the work experience you will get can enrich your CV going forward.

29. Internship

Internships at well-known companies but you can do while you are in college. Usually, in facilitating this work, you can do it while you are in college or there is a long free time.

Look for prestigious companies that are related to majors in your current course. If you can, this work experience will support your portfolio and CV going forward.

30. Reporter

The profession as a journalist or reporter is certainly one of the work while studying that you can do.

You can join through a newspaper or magazine office and work as a reporter. You don’t have to have a political or criminal journalist education.

you can become a culinary or lifestyle reporter in your city or a tourist spot that is not yet known to many people.

31. Website Developer

Undergoing a profession as a website developer also promises to work while studying that you can do. For those of you who are students majoring in computers, of course, this work will be very useful for you.

Well, those of you who aren’t from the study of science can, too. As for what is needed from this type of work is only the desire to want to learn and never give up.

In the future this profession will be very promising, this is because almost all companies and businesses need a website to support their business as the spearhead of their business.


Several hot business opportunities above you can do at any time. No need for complex business preparation, large capital but still making money. The most important thing is you are willing to work hard to build every business you live in.