In this age of technology, many people do small home-based businesses to supplement their income. However, do not underestimate if there are friends who do business at home.

Home Business Opportunities

Because this home-based business starts with small capital but can get abundant profits.

Well, usually a home-based business suitable for housewives, or side businesses that can increase family financial income.

Do not rule out the possibility also can be run together, husband and wife. In the following, Miracle will describe various profitable home-based businesses.

1. Laundry

Laundry business can be run at home with minimal capital or only with washing machine capital.

In fact, you can start this business without capital if you have a strategy that is suitable to the environment.

The laundry business is an interesting opportunity to work on. The players are also still few. You can buy a laundry service business franchise or make your own brand.

2. Thai Tea Business

Thai tea is a type of contemporary drink that is favored by the millennial generation. This drink combines the taste of Thai tea for the sweet taste of sugar added with milk.

This business is fairly simple. Because, you can get a complete package by buying a Thai Tea franchise and can be run at home, even by a housewife.

3. Selling Clothes Online

Online business is currently selling well in the millennial generation. Of course, the business of selling clothes online is very promising big profits.

This business you can run at home with minimal capital. It may even be without capital if you have a strategy.

For example utilizing a network or acquaintance who is a clothing manufacturer to become a reseller without having to deposit money.

So you take clothes from that person, sell them, and you will pay or give parts to your acquaintances when the items are sold. Of course the system is trust.

Another strategy, you intensively sell clothes online on social media. In addition, being a marketplace partner such as Tokopedia, Bukalapak, and others.

4. Selling Baby Porridge

Another profitable home-based business is selling baby porridge. If you like cooking and intend to sell baby porridge, just like the Thai Tea business, you can start by investing in a baby porridge franchise that is now widely available.

5. Selling Credit

For those of you who want to run a business at home with minimal capital and big profits, you can start a business selling credit at home.

This business is suitable for you who live in the suburbs and find it difficult to reach supermarkets or credit shops.

Only by using the writing board “SELL PULSE” in front of the house, you can start this business easily.

To run this business, you only need a credit or the internet that makes it easy for you to fill in customer credit. Not only internet or telephone credit, but you can also sell electricity, pay bills, and so on.

In addition to your neighbors, you can also sell this business through the Internet.

So your business can be better known and your prospects become more numerous.

To sell this business on the Internet, you only need to sell credit at a cheaper price.

6. Open Grocery Shop

The next business opportunity that can help you get high profits is to open a food stall at home. Only with a home page, you can open a business.

Besides making it easier for neighbors and people around to get their needs closer, this can also be an option for you who feel bored carrying out activities at home just like that.

To start this business, you can sell a variety of household needs such as rice, gas, mineral water, oil, sugar, eggs, salt, snacks, and other needs that are often needed by neighbors.

To open this business, you can also ask your neighbors about what items they often need. This will make it easier for you to determine and provide their needs.

7. Food Stalls

For those of you who like to cook and like to try a variety of recipes, you can start opening a food stall and marketing it near home.

Try to introduce some of the menus that you have made around the house as a sample. Ask your neighbors or closest people to try it, if it tastes good and they like it, you can start marketing it more broadly.

In addition to marketing around the house, you can also open a food stall in the employee canteen or market to companies that provide catering for employees.

This will certainly be more profitable, where, you only cook food that has been ordered, so that your cooking will not be in vain.

Try to make a variety of dishes, so your customers are not bored. To have a varied menu, you are required to think creatively and see trends or food menus that are in high demand of many people.

Also, the key to having a food business or food stall is quality. Although your price is a little more expensive,

But the cleanliness and taste of the food you make are delicious and different from the others, customers will be more loyal and come back to your shop to eat.

8. Motorcycle & Car Wash

The rainy season is coming soon, usually many people are lazy to wash their vehicles. This is a business opportunity for you who want to start a business.

Only with soap and washing tools, you can start a motorcycle and car washing business.

Make sure you wash the vehicle clean, so customers will continue to come to your washing place to clean the vehicle.

9. Private Tutoring

Today many parents need private tutoring services to help their children learn at home. In addition to chasing delays at school, this service is needed when their child wants to go to college or next level of school.

Usually to become a tutor, you can get a substantial reward per child, and will usually be paid per meeting.

So, the more you meet or the longer you teach, the more money you give.

In addition to earning an income, you have also helped children to learn and achieve their goals. Very interesting is not it?

10. Photographer

Have a hobby of photographing people or the environment? Now you can use your hobbies and expertise to make extra money.

Also, you also do not need a lot of time to take pictures and are usually done on holidays. So, it will not disturb your other activities.

Not just photographing weddings, pre-wedding, or so forth. Now, you can also work with brands or companies to conduct photo sessions for their products.

Usually, food or beverage products often need this service.

To become one of the mainstay brand photographers, you must also be able to learn good angles when taking food photos.

It will be different if you take a photo of a fashion brand, and so on.

11. Farming

A farmer is someone who works in agriculture. His main job is to plant seedlings and in certain periods and times reap the harvest by harvesting. His work area is usually in the fields, fields, or gardens.

Later, the results of these plants can be used for personal purposes or sold to others.

The goods produced are rice, soybeans, cassava, and others. Farmers are at the forefront of producing food for all human beings on earth.

Therefore this work is never extinct even after all. It’s just that this profession is now less desirable by young people.

You can be a differentiator by doing several innovations while undergoing this work.

12. Painting

Everyone knows that a painter is someone who creates art in the form of paintings.

The painter’s working area is to use various fields of material for his paintings or drawings. Can be canvas, wood, paper, walls, or even in glass.

In addition to painters, this profession is also known by drawing experts.

Goods produced from this type of work are paintings or drawings. Being a painter also has the potential to make a lot of money.

Moreover, a painting from a famous painter can be bought at a fantastic price.

Also, art still has its own value. There are also quite a lot of painting enthusiasts so that they can become promising job opportunities.

13. Tailoring

Tailors are people who sew clothes, such as pants, shirts, suits, jackets, skirts, and others. To sew the clothes, the tailor must do it by hand or a sewing machine.

Goods produced by tailors are hats, pants, shirts, dresses, and others.

This profession is often underestimated but actually, it is very potential to be tested.

Try to remember again, there is always a line to get service from the tailors. Almost everyone prefers custom made clothing but very few tailors are available.

Wages received for each piece of clothing are pretty good, you know. Especially if you can keep up with the latest models to answer your customer’s requests.

14. Crafters

Crafters make or produce functional or decorative items. One of them is handicraft or household furniture. Goods produced by craftsmen are wall hangings, earthenware, mats, baskets, flower vases, and others.

With the community’s interest in traditional and hand made products increasing, these job opportunities also increase. In fact, the results of your work can be sold at high prices. This usually adjusts to the beauty and raw materials.

For example, furniture products from processed second-hand goods such as oil barrels are used as industrial-themed benches. Sales can even penetrate the international market.

15. Breeder

Breeders work to raise animals. Not only maintaining it, but breeders also take care of all the needs needed by livestock. Usually, livestock, if they are old enough, will be sold for public consumption.

Goods produced by breeders are eggs, chickens, milk, ducks, and others.

The work that produces these goods also forms the backbone of people’s consumption needs. This sector will always promise to be tested.

You can also create innovations for the products you produce. For example, chickens that eat natural food so it is healthier. Thus you can capture more consumers.

16. Designer

Designers have jobs to design and design patterns for a product such as buildings, clothes, dresses, and others. The goods produced by designers are their designs.

Make no mistake, a design can be valued very expensive. Especially if the design is unique and attractive. Work as a designer can be said to be always wide open for you to try.

17. Fishermen

A fisherman is someone who works to catch fish or other marine animals.

The waters of the sea become their activity area to get their prey. The goods produced by fishermen are fish, squid, octopus, lobster, and others.

Indonesia is a country with vast territorial waters so the potential for this profession is also very high.

In fact, many Indonesian marine products can be sold for export abroad and make you rich. Former minister of power, Susi Pudjiastuti is a clear example of the success of a fisherman.

18. Food Traders

The food traders who sell their food. Food traders with large capital, usually open restaurants. While traders with small capital appear above the area belonging to the road or sidewalk.

The goods produced by food vendors are meatballs, cilok, dumplings, satay, chicken noodles, and other culinary products.

The culinary business has been ascertained as an area that is never empty of opportunities.

19. Carpentry

Carpenter is a person who makes or improves wood structures. Carpenters are also able to process materials to make house frames, build houses, building equipment, and others.

Goods produced by carpenters are tables, beds, chairs, cabinets, and others.

This work is also very promising now with community trends in wood furniture back.

A piece of your work can be valued very expensive with a quality that is also guaranteed.

20. Tea Drink Pot

The tea pot is a best-selling beverage made from tea and served with ice cubes so that many people know it as ice tea.

This tea franchise is in demand, as evidenced in almost every city in Indonesia, especially in the shopping center there is the teapot.

Although made from tea, this franchise still needs sugar, water, and also ice so that it becomes a refreshing drink.

Because it is made from tea, many customers come, where parents and children love this drink.

21. Cappucino Cincau

This franchise has been around a long time ago and is still popular today. Also, some modify grass jelly with other types.

This coffee has a sweet taste coupled with chewy grass jelly that can make a perfect blend and make many people addicted to buying it back.

For you who want to start this business, you can start with only a capital of 2 million. For the ingredients it is not complicated,

you only need coffee powder, cappuccino, milk, grated grass jelly, and water. Also, the material will be sent as needed and requested.

22. Ice Blend Monster

Nowadays, there are a lot of ice blend drinks that you can find.

Where the number of people who like this drink makes business people think hard to make the drink as the best-selling franchise,

One of which is the Monster Ice Blend beverage franchise.

23. Ice Cream salad

This franchise is very unique, why? because this is a beverage business that combines fruit salad and ice cream drinks.

Where, when you taste it, you will feel a variety of flavors, ranging from spicy, sour, sweet, cold, and also fresh.

Considering that both of them are popular things, this combination and makes people curious and also interested to taste it.

Not only that, but the salad used is also healthy, using genuine palm sugar and other selected ingredients that make the taste even better.

24. Cetroo Coffee

For you fans of coffee and want to sell it but confused looking for raw materials and the booth, you can partner with Cetroo coffee.

This business is owned by PT Cetroo Cofee Indonesia, which offers three types of franchise packages, namely a saving package with an initial capital of 9.5 million.

A powerful package with an initial capital of 12 million, and a mini cafe package with an initial capital of IDR 65 million.

This you can adjust to your wants and needs. If you feel that your place is quite potential and doesn’t have competitors,

you can try by choosing a mini cafe package. So, in addition to selling coffee, you can also add it to snacks.

25. Royal Tea

This contemporary drink has the basic ingredients of bubble tea which is loved by children to adults. Besides delicious, this drink also has good quality, hygienic, innovative, and also an affordable price.

26. Elder Care

Like child care, elderly care is always a necessary service. What’s more, it is necessary when they can stay in their own homes instead of going into assisted living.

While some aspects of care require medical qualifications, they do not help clients with everyday tasks such as shopping, cleaning, and cooking.

 27. Private Chef

If you are skilled in the kitchen and don’t like the long hours and stressful environment that are synonymous with full-time restaurant work, you may want to consider working as a private chef instead.

Exactly this varies from job to job but is mainly expected to make quality dishes for friends and family groups at dinner parties.

Keep in mind that you may need to hire a wait staff to serve food and drinks and treat guests.

28. Tutoring

What are the demand requirements you can teach others? Business skills, such as consultancy, are usually very profitable.

Because you can charge more for your time – but generally clients are harder to find, and most of your bookings involve one-off training sessions.

From teaching languages to music, to reading or writing, other skills are easy to turn into businesses – and they are reasonably profitable and hugely rewarding.

What you can charge depends on your experience, position and the profession you are teaching; Don’t expect to earn your millions this way.

Most of your customers visit regularly, so tutoring should provide you with a minimum, reliable income.

 29. Consultancy

Consultants are experts in a specialist field who are hired to advise someone with less knowledge and experience than they do. Government consultants are not separate.

However, don’t expect it to be easy to find work in this area. You need proof of your ability to do the job, and you must have a degree – in some cases, a Masters’s or Ph.D.

30. Construction

This includes building new government buildings or updating or maintaining existing buildings. Even simple watchman work is always in demand.