Guide To Grocery Business At Home With Capital Below 80 Million

The business of opening a grocery store is a business idea that is no longer new but is still chosen by many people. In order to trade a full grocery store, medium and large scale capital investment cost of about 200 million or more.

But you only have 80 million, with such a small amount of money, is there a home grocery business? We will find the answer in today’s analysis with the subject of the Grocery Business Guide, which is under 80 million .


With small capital, we cannot rent premises because the investment costs will increase. The best option is to open a grocery store at home. The area of ​​the space used for sales must be between 10m2 and 15m2, cool, dry, free from leaks or water flowing into the house when it rains. The front must have iron doors to close the goods and avoid theft.

Having a home base to take advantage of will help us save costs and use that money on other things better.


Because the home business premises will cause a disadvantage, we must not actively choose a business location, but where the home is located.

Therefore, if your area is populated, with little or no other grocery store, make the idea of ​​home grocery business. Because if your house is in a sparsely populated area because when you open it, the need for customers is frequent, the number of buyers is small and you cannot recover your capital. Second,

If there are too many groceries around, competition will be very difficult. Customers will look to buy products at lower priced stores, so you will have to compete on price. Thus the profit will be greatly reduced.

Because of the lack of initiative in choosing a business location, you must consider carefully before opening a grocery store at home!


Because the amount of capital is only 80 million including money for goods import, shelves – cupboards, and reserve money, we have to look for cheap goods to import to make a profit.

There are facilities that distribute items for large grocery stores, you can ask or find out more to get contact information for those establishments. Or they will come to you because they need to push the goods to the market. These facilities often have all the items from shampoo, toothpaste, to cooking spices, ….

Many people will choose to enter a place for convenient transportation and picking. However, I think you should not just import goods from a single place. Because there are scarce times, or because they know they only import goods from each of their facilities, they can cause difficulties or pinch prices. So we will consult the price,

Grocery business earns income from the odd coins accumulating gradually, so you have to compare prices carefully, calculate even if it is only 500 USD, if possible, just bargain to get the most preferential price.


With a small grocery store with an investment of 80 million at home, I think we don’t need to hire salespeople. Which family members can rotate to change sales and calculate books and quantities of imported goods. If hiring more staff, it will cost more so there is no need to hire staff.

Customers will be crowded on Tet holidays, special occasions need to buy a lot of things like beer, wine, soft drinks, or box cakes, so on these days if you don’t have enough manpower, you can hire 1 more employee.


Regarding the source of goods, we should focus on the main essential items for daily life such as fish sauce, salt, washing powder, shampoo, cooking spices, shrimp noodles, confectionery, soft drinks, beer alcohol … Do not import too many items because our capital is limited and other items need not as much and often as these items.

About items such as fish sauce, salt, washing powder, shampoo, shrimp noodles, confectionery, … the amount of goods imported is about 20 million. As for soft drinks, alcohol is imported about 20 million. The demand for beer, alcohol, and beverages is very frequent and sells very quickly, so we need capital to reserve imports.

Selling groceries to customers who are neighbors, they will need to buy the debt, so when they have not recovered the capital, they need money to import goods, so they have to have money for business provision.


We need to place multi-storey iron frames to store and display goods. With an area of ​​10m2, it needs about 4 large multi-storey iron frames, and a few glass cabinets, in the middle is a one-story iron frame.

The cost for a multi-storey iron frame is about 3 million / piece. 4 will cost about 12 million. And add a glass cabinet, a one-story iron frame to the middle of the store. The total cost of buying iron cabinets and shelves is about USD 20 million.

Many people save the cost of buying iron shelves by using only old wooden tables in the family and hanging goods dangling above the ceiling.

However, I think that if you have identified a grocery business in your home for a long time, you should invest it from the beginning to make it easy to arrange, check and sell.

If you’re sorry for the money invested with the thought of buying it later, you’re wrong. Over time, price increases will lead to increased investment costs for shelves and cabinets.

Moreover, in the business process, but because you want to rearrange the shelves, you have to stop operating for 1, 2 days and because of rearranging everything, you will not know which items are easy to find.

It takes more time and cost. So, if you have grocery business at home, you should invest in buying shelves and cabinets from the beginning.


Although small-scale grocery business is at home, you also need a sign to let customers know what business you sell and a name for customers to distinguish you from other grocery stores. For example, Ba Dung grocery store, …

Signs should be big, clear letters, not needing too much information above but just store name, address and phone number. Signs are placed in front of the store.

In addition, we can attract, draw attention by using plastic bottles to decorate outside the store, displaying products, pictures, posters of companies outside.

In the evening, there should be hanging lights outside, signs should also use led lights to attract attention and easy to identify at night. All the attention-grabbing tools for the purpose of making customers know this is a grocery store, come back to buy if you need it.

With a capital of 80 million, we can still sell groceries at home. Hope the information in this article is useful to you. Thanks for following this analysis


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