Guide Open Groceries in Rural Countryside

The business of opening grocery stores is not a new idea. It really has potential in big cities or densely populated areas. But what about rural areas when the population density is sparse, it is difficult to attract a large number of customers?

Guidance Opening a grocery store in rural countryside is the topic we analyze and discuss today. If you have any experience you want to share, leave a comment under this analysis! Please invite me to read the following.


In rural areas, most of them are low-income workers, they will have needs and psychology to buy cheap products to use. This is the information base for you to find cheap goods and set the right price.

Do you need to see if there is anyone opening a grocery store in the area around the area? Because the population density is low, if there are too many grocery stores in the same area, it will be fierce and difficult to sell.

Understanding customers is the workers here have high demand for what items, the products they care about the brand? … to enter the item on business.

Based on the information from the market research to build your best grocery store business plan.


As mentioned above, the population density in rural areas is sparse, each household is often far apart.

Experience in selecting the first grocery store business location that you can refer to is that you should open a store in a densely populated area, attracting many people to go there like markets and schools. You can place your store in front of the market, near the market and should be on the street.

Thus, when the people here go to the market, they will pass by your shop and have a need to buy goods.

Another experience I want to share with you is that you should open a grocery store in a main alley of a village, hamlet or residential area. For grocery items, customers often have the mentality of buying goods closest to their home, so this is also an ideal business premises. Of course, you have to make sure no one else does a grocery store business there before.

Here are two suggestions for choosing a business location that you can refer to.


Customers in rural areas love to use cheap goods, so we need to find cheap sources of goods for the most profitable business. If you have time, you can go to major wholesale markets in the city to import goods into business.

There are many dealers and large-scale grocery stores specializing in wholesale wholesale in the city or along the city. In order to find these sources, you need to take time to learn and ask, and then you can know and cooperate for a long time.

If you import goods from here, you will buy products with cheap wholesale so profits will be more. This applies to both of the above business premises: opening a grocery store in the market and in the neighborhood.

For a local grocery store, if you don’t have time, you can import goods at nearby large grocery stores such as a grocery store in the market.

In addition, you do not need to worry about supplies because when you open a grocery store, there will be sales staff, sales staff of items to recommend and advice to encourage you to import goods.

Owners when groceries will also come to you to expand their business and business markets. Now you should compare the prices and preferential policies of the parties and then decide which side to import.


The psychology of customers in rural areas only wants to buy cheap goods so you should not raise the selling price too high for profit. Usually each product price will increase from 1,000 USD – 10,000 USD depending on the original selling price of the product.

Trading in grocery stores has many items and products, so it is very difficult to remember prices. The best way is when you import the goods, write down the entry price and set the selling price for the product then write it up or stick it on the item to make it easy to remember during the business process and the customer will also conveniently more when knowing the purchase price to decide whether to buy or not.


After studying the needs of customers who need regular items, you will actively enter those items for sale.

Mostly rural customers will be interested and in great demand for daily consumer goods such as salt, cooking oil, monosodium glutamate, fish sauce, washing powder, shampoo, toothpaste, …

However, we should also diversify products and services to better meet customer needs. We can sell more confectionery, snacks, wine, bottled beverages, beer, brooms, mops, dry food (dried fish, dried squid, ..), cold items (ice, ice cream, vitamins, …), eggs, …

In addition, you can earn extra income by selling coffee in the morning and the target customers are the men in the neighborhood. Men and boys often have the habit of drinking coffee early, they also want to sit near the house to meet neighbors and save time traveling.

This is a great source of customers for you to implement this idea. A cup of coffee in the countryside has an average price of about 4,000 USD. One day you sell about 100 glasses will earn 400,000 USD. So if you run a grocery store in a rural area, especially in a small neighborhood, combine it with the coffee business!


With a lot of goods and a lot of goods, to facilitate the arrangement, management and sales you should arrange a scientific way. Invest in ordering iron display shelves.

Displaying and arranging goods in U shape. Large multi-storey display shelves will keep close to the sides and inside. In the middle, there will be a one-storey iron shelf in the middle. This arrangement helps customers and you move in the process of shopping. And when cleaning, you don’t have to work hard.


Although the rural grocery store business is smaller than the large grocery stores in the city, the income from grocery business is similar. Grocery store owners in rural areas have income from direct sales to customers, receive discounts when importing goods in large quantities, receive incentive programs and support from brands through sales staff, and money for product display.

Normally, grocery stores in rural areas will be level 3 agents, retail stores are in the system of many large companies such as beer, washing powder, etc. So they will receive more money to support the program submit when the company has a product promotion program.

The above is an experience and some share about how to guide a grocery store in the countryside. Wishing you success and thank you for following this analysis.


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