I have witnessed many people who just started their sales management positions with the spirit of enthusiasm, determination.

But quickly went to depression because they did not lead the collective to the desired results but from the fish perspective.

In addition, the sales managers also see a shortage in their management and leadership ability.

How To Be A Great Sales Manager

As an experienced sales consultant and coach, I will provide you, the sales managers with 14 easy-to-understand principles that will help you master this important skill early and achieve significant milestones. in the career.

1. Interested in A Salesperson

The sales manager is the leader.

If you want your employees to aspire to success, care about goals, and create value for their customers, start by showing them that you care about each individual.

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2. Learn How To Train

Your relationship with a salesperson must be a good coaching relationship.

Once you care deeply about your employees, you have the confidence to help your salesperson see your blind spot.

Good training is a balance between not directing and helping salespeople find out and direct and tell employees what you need them to do.

Learn how to train individuals on your team.

3. Continuous Training

You may think that you have met the ongoing training needs by hiring experienced salespeople.

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This is not enough. All salespeople benefit from acquiring new ideas, new skills and have a solid foundation of professional sales principles. So. Never stop training.

4. Think of Salespeople First

The main challenge of a sales manager is the time spent with the staff.

The company always has important requirements that you need to make such as reports, information, meetings, and even more reports.

At the end of the day (or quarter), you will be judged by the performance of the sales team.

So prioritize your team. Invest your time and energy into them. You should be able to fulfill requests from the company effectively, but please understand that it will not help you to increase achievement. Put staff needs first.

5. Become An Example

If you want the sales team to create value for your customers, show them how you do it.

If you want your team to persevere, let them see how persistent you are.

If you want your employees to develop themselves into experts, show them how you develop yourself.

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You will see them becoming as professional as yourself.

6. Don’t Become A Sales Expert

You may find yourself in the role of a sales manager because you used to be an excellent salesman.

You may even have closed a few large deals. However, you will not succeed in the role of sales manager by becoming a key sales specialist.

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You have hugged too much. You may need to help employees in certain transactions rather than embracing everything.

7. Creating Independence

The job of a sales manager is to create independent employees. If your sales team keeps coming up with you to find a solution, you will not be successful.

The role of a leader is to create people who can succeed in their work without help.

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However. This does not mean that you will not help them. You will help them be competent to make reasonable decisions.

8. Focus More On Performance Than Activity

Many salespeople believe that more activities will automatically lead to better results.

However, for underperforming activities, part of the reason is that employees are not efficient and not confident.

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Focus on performance first. People often do things that they are capable of accomplishing well. Effective sales management is a balance between performance and performance.

9. Covering

The company will do things that make it difficult for your employees to achieve success.

The company has good intentions but often does not realize the effects of its decision.

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You must stand up for employees if needed. However, once the decision has been made, you will have to support it and help employees when needed.

10. Remember Your Lessons

Remember what you learned from your best sales manager.

What has she done to help you succeed and grow beyond imagination? What makes her so special?

It is also helpful to recall what you have learned from the worst manager.

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What have you ever said to yourself that you would never do if you became a sales manager? The opportunity to apply your lessons has arrived!

11. Business Acumen

Business acumen is the critical business mindset necessary to achieve sales goals.

The business environment requires both employees and managers to possess professional business skills.

Sales managers need to be able to understand complex business issues and help employees have a strategic vision at work.

Managers need to show employees how to make better decisions, better plan and allocate resources more effectively based on customer needs and development potential.

12. Recruitment

Most managers often do not hire daily, weekly or monthly, so they have challenges in developing their hiring skills.

Recruiting the right salespeople will make a big difference and making hiring mistakes will be costly and time-consuming to fix.

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Sales managers who can clearly identify and select the right business talent will improve team performance and business results.

13. Performance Management

There are many definitions of this. Here, performance management is conducting quarterly business reviews, weak and superior sales staff management.

If the performance issue is left unchecked, the sales teamwork ethic and morale may be adversely affected.

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Many sales managers avoid confronting weak employees. It is a manager’s responsibility to devise a control plan to address performance issues and develop an action plan to address them.

In addition, managers will proactively communicate with their superiors when performance issues arise to find an immediate solution.

14. Leadership

Sales managers need to be strong. The key here is to create and share a business vision with the staff.

Strong leaders have the skills and the will to help employees understand the business vision and stay focused to achieve it.

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Business leaders need to be able to communicate, be creative, inspire and be in harmony with the staff.

Use the 14 principles above as reminders. Then review plan the activities for each and implement it in practice. The success of the sales team depends on them.