Great Benefits When Applying Mobile Technology in Business

Science and technology help human life change greatly in a positive direction, a series of e-commerce websites, sales websites of organizations and individuals are formed and operated, but mainly concentrated in the field Fashion, food, consumer goods, consumer electronics, books and essentials.

People are still benefiting daily from  online business  via the website, customers will access the sales website via smart mobile phones or other computers or electronic devices can connect and perform. Online purchase of goods.

And this is also  the  most popular business model in the technology era, business people do not need to spend a lot of money to rent premises, take advantage of customers’ phones to purchase and sell, Pr on Online environment and other communication activities are also available through the internet.

Obviously, business opportunities in the mobile technology era are many, but why you and people still have not found the idea of ​​doing business through the internet and making good use of mobile phones. That is the topic that Thamus will share with you in this article.


Smart internet and mobile phones are really playing a huge role in the development of human life, but it also takes a lot of human time, even someone who only buys smartphones ” Good “to go online and cut online shoping, there is no other reason when using a smart phone.

Most smartphone owners spend 40% in a day accessing the internet or playing games, or doing things that are necessary, sometimes they don’t even need to care about what’s happening in the world.

Their lives, and there were many videos made with different situations such as traffic accidents, health, life, education … and posted online to awaken a habit of using a phone number of people in society.

But it seems that the number of smart mobile phone users is increasing and more than at the present time, and that is also a criterion of life and mobile technology era:

Large users, the need for exchange of information is large, the amount of long-term and short-term knowledge is large enough to exchange … all these characteristics are essential elements for online business operations.

A small company director in the high-tech product business, when he stated that he had 1 million dollars, no one believed and nobody praised.

But it is true that he has 1 million dollars, his money is on the stock exchange, in the bank, not in the office, on him and people are talking to each other happily saying “that’s just Steam money “.

The digital technology era helps all sales happen quickly, to the extent that people just sit at home in a villa hard to find but they just need to manipulate a few actions to drag the phone screen.

Then the money has been transferred to the seller’s account and 10 minutes later to receive the goods in front of the gate or in front of the room.

Airbnb is a world-famous brand in the field of booking services, but it has no room / house to lease to customers, but thousands of dollars and millions of dollars still flow to each Airbnb bag. day and month.

Alibaba, Amaron, Ebay, Vatgia, FPT Shop …  and many other e-commerce sites are also working very well and most of them decide to buy goods through a mobile phone, or if using a computer In order to purchase and sell, they also learned about it via mobile.

The future of people will only be digital technology, artificial intelligence, robots, self-driving cars, solar-powered bicycles, 3D printing, flying vehicles, flying cars.

Last year there was a very big event, a mechanical tool that won the human mind with chess, which is a very prominent event that most intellectual intellectuals work in the world. know.

But such artificial intelligence is not all, an IBM machine capable of diagnosing human disease is 95% or more accurate, exceeding the capacity of a good doctor in the world, So in the future when you go to the hospital you probably won’t see a doctor but will see a set of machines, and this tool will help you diagnose the disease.

People in the world really are just entering the stage of preparation for the era of technology, machinery and equipment will replace the working people, the fact that requires people to improve performance work, apply technology to keep up with world society and science.



If in the past, you had business in travel services, transport services, law services, … in Hanoi, now in the era of mobile technology, this number of customers is extended to Ho Chi Minh City and Da Nang. , Lai Chau, Kien Giang.

And this trade is happening very quickly, you just need to book tickets on the internet to print online tickets to bring to the tourist destination, or when you travel by air, you absolutely have can do it this way.

The number of customers when applying technology, especially the internet and internet access devices increased greatly, you can easily reach the customers you want by age, geography, personality and expectation. want of each person.

Technology allows you to measure your personality , reach out to customers who have the personality you define in the list of customer characteristics. This way we can easily convince them to buy.

The market is expanded thanks to technology that is clearly shown in the field of import and export, especially import and export of services such as tourism services, electricity, Logistic services, consumer goods …

In this way, you upload your products to websites, forums and foreign trading systems, and if you find that your product descriptions are relevant to their domestic market, there is no The reason why they did not place a large shipment.

Computer software is the best example of expanding the market through mobile technology, your office can be in Nghe An province, Vietnam, but your customers may be able to post In  Bangkok, Thailand, in Tokyo of Japan, India,  Singapore … because your software has very effective features and they have access to your product through the website, through chat applications. , email…

And of course we can raise prices for foreign markets, obviously mobile technology is helping us to earn more money by increasing the number of customers, reducing the cost of doing business.


The needs of buyers are two types, the first is the desire for necessary goods, the second is the desire for products not too necessary but in certain circumstances of life will need.

For the first type of demand, the seller will not face many difficulties, because they need to buy the product, these products can be rice, clothing, education, medicine, food, electricity. Persuasion … Convincing buyers of this product without many difficulties, we only need suitable sales and marketing policies to consume goods.

But for the second type of demand, the desire for the product is not so necessary, the customer who buys these products is very difficult, because they do not need to buy the product so they have the right to beat Prices for these products, so we say they’re fastidious.

The products that belong to this type of demand may be mobile phones, housing space design services, laptop computers, books, ornamental plants .

These types of products do not necessarily need to be used. products / services with version, low quality are also not required to order high quality products and high quality services.

When applying mobile technology, we show all the features, functions, features of products / services that are not necessary for fastidious customers to see, if they find they can buy.

That product does not take too much time to consult, the information when specified and listed on the internet will also easily convince more difficult buyers.

Technology is fair, as hard as it is for hard people to be as convinced as they are, they are fastidious because they doubt our products, if you are right about the product My customers naturally believe you and they buy your product.


The purpose of reducing costs is to lower retail / semi-cheap prices, through which you can expand your business model and get more benefits from economies of scale.

Mobile phones and the internet help you do this very effectively, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to rent a store, you just need to set up a website for about 4 million and we create content on that website for business. .

In general, technology and mobile help you save unnecessary costs most effectively, you will only have to pay for important tasks, technology is a tool to help you manage industrial performance easily. Easy, fast, time-saving.


Trading is a continuous activity and only then can you make the most of your resources, imagine that when you are sleeping at 12pm, the sales orders and transactions are still done, the goods are still shipped technology of warehouse management and transport process, minimizing manual labor while ensuring business continuity.

Technology and mobile are growing deeper and stronger in people’s lives, Thamus hopes that this shared content will help you improve your thinking in business. Okay, see you again in other business articles, the questions you comment on Thamus in the comment section.

Good Luck

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