Getting Rich Should Do Business in Developing Rural Areas

Today, the rural market is developing very well. As long as you choose a suitable business project, the ability to make money will not be difficult. Today there are also many people who start implementing small rural business models, and the business is very good.

Here are the business projects that are promising to grow in the countryside, if you have a business idea in the countryside, please consult and review.


If you have the patience to overcome difficulties and challenges and have about 300 million in hand, you might consider opening a junk food specialty shop in the downtown area or town where you are in

Food should be consistent with the eating habits of local people. For example, open a shop selling boys’ porridge, a shop selling crab soup, a barbecue bakery shop, a shop selling steak, and so on.

Mainly served for breakfast, light meals and dinners featuring fast, affordable, top-notch flavors have attracted and made diners willing to spend.

Investing in this type of shop with working capital, buying tables and chairs, and tableware and kitchenware at around 30 million is enough.


Bamboo charcoal is a natural environmental health care product. Bamboo charcoal uses its super absorbing properties, releases infrared and negative ions to develop more than 100 types of products.

Bamboo charcoal is called black diamond in Japan. It is popular in Japan, Thailand, Singapore and other Southeast Asian countries.

For many years bamboo charcoal has been included in television programs to promote. Using bamboo charcoal as fuel, the aroma that it emits makes the room full of fragrance and cool aroma. Bamboo charcoal is not only easy to burn but also saves in consumption.

In addition to being used as fuel, bamboo charcoal can also be widely used in cooking, baking and storage. When cooking rice, bamboo charcoal is placed to protect nutrients from being lost, making rice softer and tastier.

Putting bamboo charcoal in the refrigerator can deodorize odors, prevent food spoilage and prolong food storage. When frying food for some bamboo charcoal can not only save fuel, but also ensure oil quality. Using bamboo charcoal to cook food makes food cook faster and softer.

Soaking water in bamboo charcoal can eliminate the smell of bleaching powder and various harmful impurities in the water, dirt in the water is not easy to stick to sanitary equipment, bamboo charcoal can be placed in bathroom or closet Coat to remove odors and prevent mold in fish tanks, can make water cleaner and fish not easily attacked by germs.

Due to its wide range of uses and versatility, bamboo charcoal is becoming increasingly popular among consumers in many different countries. For such a large market in rural India, a bamboo charcoal product store should be opened.

Investing in a bamboo charcoal store does not take too much capital, mainly due to store rent, decoration costs, staff salaries and working capital.

The front only needs to be more than ten square meters, needing 1 salesperson, total investment capital is about 150 million. The profit rate of bamboo charcoal products is 50% and the average daily turnover is about 2 million.

Gross profit in half a year may exceed 300 million, all investments in a year can be recovered. Net profit is nearly 600 million.


Simulation dolls are created by the mimic of the small owner. It has the following characteristics: first, this idea is unique, the child can go into the children’s paradise with the simulated doll, the second is that image is realistic and realistic,

Because it specially created according to the shape of the child, third is to catch the trend, and introduce international fashion trends about clothes, toys, accessories and children to share with children every year .

Its main consumers are children aged between 1 and 14. Launched as a photo franchise store. Although it can only be sold once, it will create a range of consumption, such as all popular clothes, supplies, small furniture, vehicles, and so on.

If there is damage, of course, you need to go to the doll hospital simulation by professional technicians to heal and recover.

In addition, in order to get a steady stream of profits from consumers, store owners need to pay attention to professional quality and family-friendly services.

For example, calling regularly, organizing regular games in the children’s palace, creating preferential policies for customers to return, and so on.


In the middle of the countryside, a restaurant with a country flavor is opened, with farm dishes being a popular business. The first step, the restaurant can attract city people.

Because today many people in the city are tired of the usual food in restaurants, but they hope to taste the farm dishes.

Secondly this restaurant model may also attract some farmers. Now, farmers have money in their hands and they also start paying attention to receiving guests.

For important guests, farmers often find a restaurant to arrange some delicious meals. A convenient and affordable restaurant is often a favorite place for farmers to entertain guests.


Today, motorcycles have become very popular in rural areas and become the main means of transport for farmers.

However, due to bad road conditions in some villages and motorbikes, there are great losses and many failures, so the frequency of replacement parts is higher. However, many villages do not have motorbike repair shops.

Farmers who have broken motorcycles will cause many inconveniences and want to repair to go to town or city.

Therefore, considering opening a motorbike repair shop will be a value that can exist in the future. In general, you should choose a village with many motorbikes or a village away from the center to open.


Some people say that the 21st century is the green century. Because the concept of green consumption is increasingly accepted by consumers.

The consumption of green food in India is growing rapidly and the market share of organic agricultural products in the international market is gradually expanding, providing opportunities for development. Green food of India.

The development of green food is not only conducive to protecting the environment, promoting the sustainable development of agriculture but also benefiting farmers’ income, improving the economic benefits of businesses. and expanding agricultural exports. This is a job that benefits the country and the people.


The society pays more attention to environmental protection agriculture, green agriculture and strongly promotes the cultivation of ecological and non-polluting crops.

Therefore, sending a large amount of human waste in the city to rural fields will be welcomed by farmers.

Operators not only receive a significant labor cost for farmers who need fertilizer but also get a cleaning charge from some units or users in the city.

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