How To Find Business Opportunities When You Travel on The Road

in this post, I am going to tell you about how to find a business opportunity,

Finding a business opportunity is difficult but the hardest thing to do is to identify the idea of ​​starting a business, mentally incapable of money, and those who go through measuring and measuring are extremely rare.

How to produce a good start-up idea? In fact, this process of mysticism cannot be based solely on the mind, the mind has never been able to give a ten-tenth idea of ​​the ten, and at the same time, it has stabbed it. Like work, if you’re moving on the road, look at things, people, life is happening out there. How can you find and find business opportunities?

The idea of ​​starting a business is like being pregnant on October 9, so there needs to be a combination of mind and action, and need to think hard and take practical action. Under the fierce cross-movement between brainstorming and action, the idea can grow like an embryo.

To win a good start-up idea, the most important thing is definitely not money or “enthusiasm”, not necessarily “perseverance” but “knowledge”.

Note that it is not knowledge in books but knowledge accumulated in work and life. Without the knowledge that is experienced by yourself, it will be very difficult to get inspired to produce a practical startup idea.

Start working on the smallest things. Starting small doesn’t mean you don’t have big headaches. The big frantic events in the world do not start from small things and nowhere.

Good Business Opportunity

You see a guy driving a broken car selling shoes, book bags, and T-shirts in a night market corner do you believe Walmart that year started with the same job? Well, how to recognize business opportunities comes from mediocre things.

In the afternoon, you order rice and see the guy ship the sweaty rice you believe that someday this guy started a business of fast-food restaurants over MC-Donal? You are jubilantly dancing to play Mario, do you believe Nintendo used to be just a small poker studio?

People who are subconsciously “greedy”, often think that as much as possible, often misunderstand that the more goods they sell, the less likely they are to sell. , the itchy heart always wants to be a web portal.

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