Experience in Store Management: Staff-Goods And Pre-sales

In order for the business operation to be the most convenient, the owner of the shop needs to manage the staff, the number of goods in and out and the revenue and money in the most accurate and often.

In this article, 100startupideas.com will introduce you to the store management experience: the most effective employees, goods and money. Please read it together!


Salespeople are those who directly meet and interact with customers, who make purchases and sales transactions and charge money. Therefore, the management of employees should be focused.

During the working process, the shop owner should not ignore it but must regularly monitor and observe the style and manner of the salesperson like. If you see signs of not being enthusiastic, lazy, negligent and dishonest, you should be fired to avoid unnecessary losses later.

When assigning work, shop owners also need to assign specific, clear and responsible tasks of each person. Assuming employee A is responsible for advising and introducing products to customers, employee B is responsible for charging, billing and checking books. For each part of the assignment, employees need to be sure to complete their responsibilities and avoid engaging in parts that are unrelated to them.

For those employees who do not have the experience and skills, the shop owner must spend time and cost to train more. For these employees, the first time the probationary salary will not be high because it has been deducted from the initial training costs. In order to avoid the complete training and the employees leave, the shop owner needs to sign a probationary contract first to ensure.

Do not assign all the work to an employee but should divide and rotate the work to avoid the shop owner being dependent on a single employee. Back to the example above, shop owners should not just let employee A do every job of consulting and referring to the customer, and employee B only takes care of each job on cash, books and invoices.

Shop owners should rotate their work so that employees avoid boredom at work, are not dependent on an employee and can compare the working capacities of these two employees together. From there, you can customize the salary more appropriately.

In the trading business, when recruiting employees, shop owners are often worried about the loss of goods and revenue. In the past, people used to keep records and perform manual calculations.

That takes a lot of time, effort, and can be misleading and often lost from 5% to 10% of revenue. So the loss we cannot know is due to employees or due to wrong calculations.

Therefore, a suggestion that 100startupideas.com would like to suggest to store owners is to use sales management software to support the store’s business.

When using sales management software, shop owners can assign jobs to employees more clearly and specifically thanks to the software. Goods are managed and have information in the software, so when sold, there will be data and invoices stored.

Help control the goods sold daily without fear of theft. In addition, with the sales software, the shop owner can easily check the sales and the operations performed by the salesman on that day. Helping to monitor and monitor all in-store sales is much more convenient.


For a business shop, we cannot not have regular import and export activities at the store to meet customer needs. So how to manage such a large quantity of goods? How to avoid losses and know which items are selling, which items are in stock?

With traditional ways like before, we must regularly check the books, at the end of each day, go to the warehouse to check how many inventory remains, which products are still in use, and which products are running out of date. …

This job requires us to spend a lot of time, effort and sometimes headaches. To minimize the simple steps, which take a lot of time and energy, we should rely on the support of sales management software.

Sales management software is not too strange in the current time. Nearly every store uses sales management software to make their business faster and more convenient.

Having sales management software, the shop owner only needs to enter the quantity of goods and goods in the original warehouse every day, perform a few simple calculations that can check the source of imported and exported goods at the store.

In addition, using sales software in combination with barcode scanners, receipt printers will help shopkeepers control how many goods are sold daily. Since each product will have a bar code, do not be afraid of being stolen by employees.

Or as there is an invoice, there will be no problem with the staff selling the price challenge to the customer to discredit the store. Actually, building and developing sales management software is a success, bringing a lot of benefits to users.

At the end of the month, the shop owner can rely on the inventory in stock and the number of goods sold to know which products sell best to import more and which ones are more limited and re-enforce the policies. promotion to push away.

For products with shelf life such as drinking water, milk, confectionery or other foods, the use of sales management software will help store owners to follow and know which goods are still in stock. Any sale and expired shipment should be removed separately for destruction, avoiding selling products affecting consumers’ health.


One of the other issues that store owners must pay attention to is managing sales, money, and costs. As discussed above, manual calculations in the old ways often result in a loss of 5% to 10% of sales for the store. Therefore, in order to limit this unnecessary loss and control costs, revenues and profits at stores, store owners should use sales software to support.

Today, in order to meet customer needs and increase competitive advantage, many software from suppliers have added self-calculation, consolidated revenue, daily and monthly reports, annual. Helping shop owners save time in synthesizing themselves. In addition, sales software has helped store owners manage the source of goods and sales activities of employees so it will limit the loss.

We can see that in addition to the ways of managing the store: employees, goods, normal goods, the use of sales software is very effective. If you are experiencing similar cases of store management, try referencing the article and find yourself a suitable sales management software!

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