Experience in Selling Designer Clothes and Popular Goods (For Those With Little Capital)

We all know that fashion clothing business is extremely fierce. If you want the business to run smoothly, you need to learn and understand the secrets and successful business practices of fashion.

Here are the experiences of selling clothes that we have analyzed and synthesized. Very useful for those who are dealing in clothing. Especially those who trade in branded clothing and low capital.


Serving is the existential soul of the clothing business shop. As a shopkeeper, just quality clothing is not enough. But also have to instruct their employees to help customers find the fashion, clothes like that.

In addition, the shop needs to have a team of skilled tailors who are always on hand, ready to serve. Providing delivery services to customers. Have fun receiving special orders. Provide solutions to address customers’ needs in a superior and highly effective way.


Respecting customers is not simply a verbal slogan. A lot of clothing stores always chant slogans to respect customers but actually do only a few stores.

The way to serve glass sales is not only the attentive, uncomfortable attitude of the salespeople. Goods cluttered, unreasonably arranged, without instruction instructions. The price is confused and not transparent … All are acts of disrespect to customers.

A superior clothing store will have to build respect for customers into specific business management policies and methods. Only when respecting customers can they win customers’ hearts. Keep customers’ feet and gain trust from customers.


In the process of serving customers, the vast majority of clothing shops ignore the opportunity to communicate with customers. But usually only pay attention, focus too much on the selling price. The promise of cheap prices can meet customers’ reasoning requirements but is not enough to stir their emotional needs.

A lot of clothing stores all make the fundamental mistake of ignoring customer feelings. They only focus on taking prices to attract customers. Always emphasize, pay attention to cost savings. Without caring about building a store environment, improving the item to bring a happy and comfortable feeling to customers.

In contrast, with the best clothing stores, they are always devoted to building close relationships with customers. Try to build a high quality shopping experience space to build trust with customers.


We are often too familiar with the image of many stores selling clothes continuously discount, incentives, promotions to attract customers. In fact, all are fake. Over time, customers will be discovered and lose their trust with the store.

Preeminent clothing stores always understand that selling prices are synonymous with the overall experience of customers. Therefore, they conduct the principles of fair pricing, organize appropriate promotional incentives. They absolutely do not raise prices when customer demand surges. Moreover, we always provide quality assurance policies for business products.


Reaching customers is an important step for business shops. At the same time, this is also a job that requires business people to be very skillful. Doing well in this work not only narrowed the customer psychological gap but also quickly promoted successful transactions.

Facilitating customers not only attracts more and more new customers. But also retains many old customers.

The experience of successful clothing business is not just finished reading. Which requires business people to use real action to prove. Wanting to develop a business shop, visitors come in and out busy, business people need to pay attention to each detail. Here are 10 business clothing experiences for life that business people have gathered and shared:

(1), Opening clothes business is to serve the social welfare. Remuneration for service is also the profit. If there is no profit, show that social service is not good enough. Therefore, just completing the service will produce profit.

(2), Don’t be persistent and clinging to customers. Instead, make customers feel light and free when visiting and shopping in the store. If not, it will make customers feel troublesome, one will not return.

(3), Store business location is more important than large and small store area. Quality clothes are even more important than good bad locations. Although the store is small, if it can provide customers with high quality products. Can still completely compete with big stores.

(4), Ordered clothes are not necessarily selling well. In contrast, small, messy stores often have customers coming back and forth. No matter how the store floor is, it must make customers feel that the clothing items are plentiful and can be freely chosen.

(5), Treat customers as their relatives. The store decided by getting support from customers or not?

Considering customers as family members, putting yourself in the shoes of new customers can attract and receive support from customers. Therefore, it is necessary to understand customers in the most sincere way. At the same time, accurately grasp the status of customer social relations.

(6), Pay hot customers before selling not by serving after sales, successful transactions. This is the principle of building a unique and sustainable customer.

The failure of the door of the clothing business is decided by whether it is possible to turn a customer into a long-term customer first. This completely depends on the perfect service after sales.

(7), Considering customer complaints and complaints like the words of the Buddha’s commandments. Whether customers are reproaching, or complaints must be open to acceptance. Listen to customers’ opinions. At the same time there are moves and measures to handle timely. This is also one of the necessary conditions for fashion and clothing stores.

(8), Do not be too worried because the money is short of money but should worry because there is not enough credit. Although the capital is adequate, without credit, it will not be able to do business successfully. Credit is more important than everything, including a shortage of capital.

(9), Stitching and purchasing goods must be stable and simple. It is the foundation for a clothing store to develop sustainably. Before proceeding to purchase and import goods, it is necessary to develop a sales plan. Earlier it was necessary to develop a profit plan.

(10), Do not coerce Marketing. Do not trade items that customers like. Which should trade in goods that are beneficial to customers. Be a trusted buyer of customers. Need to consider which products are beneficial to customers. At the same time, it is also necessary to think about customer preferences.


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