Experience in Selling and Trading Safe Natural Lipsticks

Now girls can’t go out without lipstick. Lipstick is the first card in improving color! Although we have beautiful makeup, we still need to drink water, eat and drink every day, so we accidentally eat a lot of cosmetics. No one can guarantee long-lasting lipstick when eating.

In the long run, eating too much lipstick is not good for health, especially pregnant and lactating mothers, so pay more attention. Personally, I am very concerned about the safety of lipsticks because I am too lazy to clean lipstick and regularly apply makeup so I like safe natural lipstick.

Have you ever thought of a lipstick that can be eaten? In fact, no lipstick can be eaten. Mentioning this concept means referring to the relatively safe lipid and non-heavy metal ingredients harmful to the human body. Such lipsticks are mostly made from organic plants, natural oils, edible colorants and the like.

Of course, you can’t eat lipstick anyway. The main meaning is that when you accidentally eat it, it doesn’t harm your body. Trading in an absolutely safe lipstick with natural materials suitable for pregnant women is a new form of smart business.

People must choose a product based on their own situation. They tested the lip sensitivity to choose the right lipstick. Sellers need to learn about safe and natural ingredients and consult a doctor before use.


Advantage: dual use cream, cost saving.

Disadvantages: normal coloring effects.

If you are a researcher and knowledgeable about organic cosmetics, you must know this brand, specializing in organic, natural and famous cosmetics. The first time I looked at the material table: 12 kinds of organic essential oils and mineral materials like seed oil, moringa, palm wax, cocoa butter, beeswax, centella asiatica, rosemary, and so on.

The packaging is somewhat minimalist in Japan, with a white round cake and a rich coconut scent. The dough is very soft and very moist, even when it is used in the winter in the north. However, the effect develops color in general, and it is more suitable for those who prefer pale lipstick.

It is also a dual-use cream that can be used as a chalk. It is used like a lipstick. It can be pushed gently with fingers. When used, the smell of apple is very fragrant, with no sense of makeup like normal cheeks.


Advantages: Full range of colors for selected ladies.

Cons: The taste is not very good

The German brand always gives users a feeling of good product experience because of the rigidity in every stage that permeates the brand’s blood. Before selling German products, some people thought that this was a very expensive brand, but this was a mistake. Essence is a cheap organic brand famous in Germany.

With such a cheap price, most girls can afford it. Moreover, the variety of colors from dark red to nude color is also suitable for many people.

This material is a pure plant extract, a creamy texture, be careful when applied, the patch can easily break. This product keeps it moist, after the make-up has a blurry effect and high color saturation. Girls with white skin can try a variety of dark colors, positive colors can create a European American style.

As long as the skin color is not too dark, as a seller I recommend girls to use color 6, very close to natural bold color, suitable for all everyday situations.


Advantages: Double-head design can be used with lip makeup.

Disadvantages: Some colors are strange and not suitable for Asians.

Lipstick is a trend-based product, really smart if you are selling two-headed products. Spending a sum of money, you can experience two colors and each head is not too big, customers can use up before they expire.

Raw materials are organic shea butter, organic beeswax, and special red wine and resveratrol extracts, which can dilute the lip contour for a long time. The taste is very pleasant, smelling strawberry cake, if the customer gets the lipstick, he can’t help but take a bite.

The texture of satin metal is applied to makeup, plus a high degree of moisturizing. However, because colors are designed for Europeans and Americans, some Asians really don’t fit into some colors.


Advantages: environmentally friendly, colorless packaging, suitable for long-term storage and supply.

Disadvantages: not durable enough.

This type of lipstick is made from organic material from the inside out. Pastes contain jojoba oil, palm oil, castor oil, primrose oil and calendula. The packaging is made of corn plastic and wrapping paper, or made of wood pulp. After opening the lid you will smell a little cinnamon. However, it is easy to color drift, durability is really worrying.

If this lipstick is only 2-3 hours later, it will be dry, so you can use a thick coat or primer on your lips before lipstick. 06 peach peaches and nude No. 9 orange chalks are suitable for white skin and skin of Asian girls, will look very natural and beautiful. Moreover, the outer packaging of each color will be different, girls who love collecting lipstick will especially love it.

The brand also has a colorless lipstick, suitable for women to take care of their lips daily and safely for children.


Advantage: Competent organic certification.

Cons: The price is a bit expensive.

This brand is mainly organic and natural, very suitable for pregnant mothers, raw materials derived from certified organic plant ingredients and product packaging with USDA logo (certificate The most authoritative organic reception in the United States).

Lip balm is moisturized and does not cause greasy, no need to make foundation cream. Moreover, the colors of the products in the company are very diverse, girls of yellow, white, and black can find for themselves the right colors.

What makes customers most satisfied is the effect after coloring this lipstick. If a meeting is coming soon, the customer is ready to use it. When coloring the lipstick of this lipstick reaches 5 stars, basically the color will not disappear. Just add more lipstick without makeup every day.

If your lipstick store has one of these lipsticks, then the business will surely become a great success. Because lipstick girls will not hesitate to go to stores that sell their favorite products for consumption.


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