Have you ever wondered, why in some industries especially services we often meet employees who are very friendly and ethical, for example when you enter the service of a bank or hotel? These treatments are examples of excellent service.

What is Excellent Service?

Also called excellent service which is the effort of agencies, organizations, or providers of goods and services convey information, services, and products themselves to consumers as well as possible so that customer satisfaction can be achieved.

Excellent service must actually be able to answer the wishes and questions of consumers with ethics and also based on the principles of good business communication.

Even in his book Management of Excellent Services published in 2013, Nina Rahmayanty explained that excellent service is able to answer the development of customer needs consistently, accurately, and with high standards.

Excellent service is also closely related to the products you provide to consumers. For example, if you sell a car, the service is different from the people who have a hotel or banking service. Because in addition to providing satisfaction, excellent service must also be able to convey the value of the product or what you sell to consumers.

Basic Concepts of Excellent Service: 7A + S

The concept of excellent service itself is based on the concept of three A, namely; attitude, attention, and action. But in fact, the concept of good service is actually based on 7A + S. The concept of 7A + S is believed to be a complete concept where the objectives and implementation of excellent service can be achieved. So, what are those?


Attitude or attitude that must be applied when meeting customers. Always friendly, attentive, polite, think healthy, think positively and also make consumers comfortable.

Attitude is the foremost assessment of the application of excellent service. Consumers will give the first impression to the company through the attitude and behavior of its leading employees.


In conducting services, customer service must also pay attention and pay attention to what is desired by consumers. Put more attention on what is chosen and wants to be asked by consumers. If the consumer has shown an intention to buy even just to ask questions, then the attitude that must be shown is to pay attention.

You can say hello, and ask, “can we help you?” Here the waiter must understand the products sold do not let consumers ask, you do not know anything and this shows an attitude that is not attentive to consumers.


The action includes a variety of concrete actions that must be taken in providing services to consumers. For example, record customer orders, make delivery neatly and on time, provide the best service or goods they have, and also don’t forget to thank consumers.


Although at first, it was not a basic concept, in an era that is increasingly developing the servants of consumers must have the ability ( ability ).

That is, the waiter consumers should have the ability to serve consumers eg communication, the ability to sell ( selling ), the ability to solve problems quickly, anxiety management, to things that are more practical for example the use of technology such as Excel, transaction software, and also the cash register.


If you want to use fashion consulting services, but the person who serves you is sloppy and does not look like a fashion consultant. Surely you question the credibility of the service right? That appearance greatly influences excellent service.

Appearance is also not only external appearance, but non-physical appearances such as sanity and speech. For example, if your business is engaged in service, then try to use a neat appearance using the settings. Unlike the technical services where you have to convince consumers to bring equipment.


Another basic concept of excellent service is responsive. You as a customer servant must have a sense of responsibility towards service work.

This actually becomes the basis of every job. But often, many companies neglect the responsibility of excellent service and focus more on profit alone.


As a customer steward, you must have an affirmative attitude. That is, as a servant, you must make yourself think positively and assert yourself on positive things.

This helps you to get rid of emotional and more professional things when running a business or serving customers. With affirmations, you can make you more confident and not easily distressed by consumer complaints.


The last thing that becomes the basic concept of excellent service is sympathy. Sometimes we have professionally done excellent service but sometimes due to lack of sympathy, the service process does not go well.

Sympathy itself is an attitude where you can feel what other people feel. For example, when doing customer service in the field of making ID cards and meeting mothers who are pregnant. If you have sympathy, making a KTP can also adjust to the priority level and be done quickly.

Benefits and Objectives of Excellent Service

The benefits of excellent service are actually as a basis and benchmark for developing and setting service standards. The prime service goals are as follows:

  • Providing satisfaction and trust to consumers.
  • In an effort to maintain customer loyalty and retention rates.
  • Assist consumers in making decisions when making transactions
  • Make it easier for consumers to understand the products being sold
  • Avoiding the abuse of authority to consumers.

Excellent Service Function

The function of excellent service is actually how to build trust and also improve brand quality in the eyes of consumers. The excellent service functions are:

  • As a function of communication – meaning excellent service is an effort to convey product information related to the value and benefits obtained by consumers when buying or using goods and services.
  • As an economic function – meaning that with good service, the business will be more profitable because it has been trusted by consumers.
  • As a function of assessment – with the best service, consumers will assess the ability to serve consumers so that it influences consumers’ decisions in choosing services.
  • As a function of competition – excellent service can also function as a benchmark for the competition. Some even rely on service quality compared to the quality of the product itself.

Benchmark of Excellent Service

In providing excellent service, then there are benchmarks that must be used to measure how excellent the service provided to consumers. Then what are the benchmarks that can be used?

  • Transparency – Service that is open, easily accessible, and also easy to understand. This means that consumers know what they can and companies know all the service processes that occur.
  • Responsibilities –   Services can be accounted for in accordance with ethics, laws, and operational service standards.
  • Conditions –   Services that are in accordance with the conditions and capabilities of service providers and recipients (consumers) with the principle of efficient and effective.
  • Participatory – This means that services must be two-way in which to pay attention to customers and the surrounding environment.
  • Equal Rights –  Services must be fair. This means that the service does not look at ethnicity, religion, race, class, or social status.
  • Fair – Services must be fair to both service providers and service recipients.

Tips for Implementing Excellent Service

In any condition, excellent service is an important thing that must be prioritized by the company. The following tips apply excellent service to your business.

Know the Products and Consumers

The first thing in implementing excellent service is knowing the product and service recipient or consumer. As explained earlier, services for service products and goods will be very different. Excellent service in service products usually prioritizes aspects of hospitality while in product products emphasize the quality aspects of goods and also after-sales service.

Mystery Shopper

For some people, it still feels strange what a mystery shopper. Mysterious buyer or mystery shopper is an attempt by the company to conduct an audit or direct inspection in the field of services.

Usually, the company will hire someone to come to the booth, buy a product, or just interact with the company owned by the mystery shopper tenant. Mystery Shopper will provide an assessment of satisfaction, procedures, service quality, and products presented which will later be used as evaluation material by the company.

Quick response

According to Forrester, 66% of consumers have the opinion that time is the most important thing when transacting on any platform both online and offline. Therefore, business owners must speed up consumer responses when making transactions.

The thing to remember is that there is a difference between how long you spend time in the production process and how quickly you solve problems. Consumers will be more observant of how quickly you solve problems such as shipping or responding to purchases.

Perform Personal Service

Remember, not all services can rely on chatbots. Excellent service especially must still rely on people to understand their needs personally. Treat consumers according to their personal problems.

Keep your attitude positive

As said by Flavio Martins, Operational VP, and Customer Service Digicert, a positive attitude towards service can change consumers’ negative attitudes into positive ones. For example, keep smiling and using the sandwich method. Namely the method by calming consumers at the beginning and end, and explain the core problems in the middle.

If the service is done online, you may often encounter misinterpretation, and consumers may assume that you are rude and unfriendly. Therefore, you also don’t need to hesitate to add emojis, use more flexible words, and don’t need to be too formal.

Be Active Listening to Any Channel

At present service between companies and consumers is like no limit since the existence of social media. Especially with Instagram and Twitter.

Stay actively listening to consumer complaints through social media channels. Besides, you are considered to have excellent service. Automatically your company’s brand is also affected positively.

That’s the sundries related to excellent service starting from the elements to tips to do it. As explained earlier, good service is a fast service.

Fast service must also be supported by an automation system such as bringing together buyers who want to transact using applications or record transactions using accounting software.