Currently, technology is developing quite rapidly. Even this technology can generate income. It is undeniable that there are several economic benefits of the internet. Here are some examples of technology-based businesses.

1. Become a Startup

A startup or startup is a business established by individuals or groups (can be companies) that have activities to sell products, both new goods, and services, by facing very high uncertainty conditions.

At the end of 2014, startups in India started to become promising businesses. This is indicated by the existence of Tokopedia which was founded by William Tanuwijaya.

Tokopedia is able to attract foreign investors from venture capital companies who dare to provide funds of one hundred million dollars. Currently, there are so many startups that are gaining success, such as Bukalapak, Traveloka, Go-Jek, and so on.

The way to start a startup business is to identify the various problems we experience. From these various problems, determine smart and appropriate solutions to solve and solve problems. Never stop dreaming, who knows that this solution could be a business opportunity.

If you are sure to start a startup business, then you can get information from various parties. Including discussions with the community or gaining knowledge from successful startup founders. Turn this into your long term business idea.

2. Become A Technology Consultant

This business is suitable for those of you who have an educational background in the IT field or have expertise in that field. Technology consultants must also be able to find out about current and future technology trends.

Because with the latest knowledge and abilities, it will make you a technology consultant which is quite competitive in the industry.

3. Become aASocial Media Consultant

Today is the digital age. Social media not only functions as a personal account that is used to share various activities but social media now also plays a role in generating income. Social media is one of the cheapest marketing tools.

You can do research to get related data about what products are currently in high demand. Usually, social media consultants can fill in content in the form of photos, product descriptions, and so on to attract the attention of social media users. Being a social media consultant is a small capital college kid’s business.

4. Become a Web Developer

For those of you who want to become a web developer, you must have basic skills, namely understanding the concept of HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP), HyperText Markup Language (HTML), Cascading Style Sheet (CSS), javascript, server-side programming, SQL database, web server, and web hacking.

5. Become A Web Design

The need for the web today, especially for business actors, plays an important role in increasing income. For those of you who are able to design a web appearance to be attractive, this type of business is quite good. Because not everyone has the ability to manage or make improvements on the web.

The appearance of the web is the first impression seen by others, so the owner of the web must give a good first impression by beautifying the web design.

6. Become An Android Developer

Smartphone users in India continue to increase and not a few of the younger generation are starting to pursue to become android developers because this is a profitable business for students.

In application development, it is indeed not easy, but if you continue to be active in finding information and keep learning, then you can become someone who is professional in the field of android development.

7. Become A Content Provider

Content providers are often needed on some freelance websites. The content that is usually needed is in the form of articles, videos, images, and other interesting content. This content is necessary because it can maximize traffic from your website or blog.

8. Creating An Online Library

You can create an e-library or online library and earn income. You can share useful information and be able to attract people to become members of the online library. Income can be obtained from a predefined subscription fee for members.

9. Creating Antivirus

Antivirus is very useful for smartphones, computers, laptops, and notebooks. Because antivirus is a program that is able to identify and handle when an application is infected with a dangerous virus. The security of an application is considered very important because several applications in it contain important data.

10. Opening Gadget Service

Currently, many people have gadgets such as smartphones or laptops, so service is needed in case of damage to the gadget.

11. Opening A Computer Shop

Products sold on computers are not only computers or laptops but also other technological equipment. In fact, you can provide software, so you can install it if there are consumers who need certain software programs.