Enrichment Secrets From Rural Livestock

In the current Internet era, business in rural areas must use modern ideas such as agriculture combined with e-commerce to have better opportunities.

In start-up in rural areas, the most common are the common start-up projects in rural areas such as cultivation, animal husbandry as well as some agricultural product processing projects.

Of course, there are other projects that are suitable for rural areas, such as farms or projects that have been popular in recent years.

Is livestock raising high profit? Is enrichment from rural livestock long term? What factors do livestock development in rural areas need? Farming in rural areas, anyone can ask them the same questions.

Animal husbandry includes livestock, poultry, aquaculture and special livestock. Let’s analyze together how to know how to breed each species to become effective and achieve high economic returns.


Popular breeding projects include: raising pigs, raising cows, raising goats, raising sheep, raising rabbits, raising donkeys, raising buffaloes, beef cattle and other livestock.

With continuous improvement in people’s living standards, demand for beef and lamb also increased. Along with improving rural living conditions and developing mechanization of agricultural production, livestock and sheep breeding are no longer present in households.

Breeding cattle and sheep is now mainly a large-scale, specialized farm, but affected by many factors, the production of cattle and sheep in a short period of time cannot meet market demand. domestic.

At the same time, beef has a low level of breeding, so they show a large number of farms but low productivity and poor quality.

Therefore, to improve and get rich in the livestock industry, it is necessary to promote linkages to form the livestock value chain.

At the same time, linking production and consumption links among livestock households through cooperative models, cooperative groups with potential enterprises under the motto “buy at the root and sell the tops” provided by the enterprise inputs as well as output targets, contributing to cutting intermediate costs, lowering product costs, increasing competitiveness in the market to maintain stability and develop sustainable livestock.

Currently, the main task of cattle and sheep farming in USA is to develop large-scale farms and improve the yield and quality of beef and lamb for production and export.


Popular poultry farming projects include chicken raising, duck farming, pigeon raising, jogging chickens, white-feathered chickens, industrial chicken farming, breeding hens, and so on.

The chickens raised in the countryside have the quality and taste delicious, many consumers in both rural and urban areas preferred.

However, due to the slow growth rate (6-10 months before growing up), the number of people raising poultry freely is not much, so the general economic benefits of farmers are not high, it is difficult to increase income.

Opening a chicken farm is one thing, but starting a business is a completely different story. You will not only become a chicken farmer but also a trader, depending on the market you are targeting and the segment you want to exploit.

In the chicken industry, there are two main directions: raising eggs (chickens raised and bred to lay eggs) and raising meat (chickens raised and bred for slaughtering). No matter what form, you must make financial decisions and take responsibility for your management so that the farm brings a lot of profits.


Popular aquaculture projects include: shrimp farming, freshwater fish farming, saltwater fish farming, crab farming, frog farming, abalone farming, sea cucumber farming, and so on.

In recent years, the national aquaculture production has maintained good momentum, the scale of livestock has been further expanded and new progress has been restructured. The dominant aquaculture areas and leading aquatic species in important fisheries provinces are gradually forming.

The economic activity of aquaculture is basically stable, the price of aquaculture products increases and the comparative benefits improve further, which is conducive to adjusting agricultural structure and increasing revenues. farmer’s entry.

Increasing demand for seafood has spurred the rapid development of the aquaculture industry, creating opportunities for many aquaculture farmers.

According to the calculation of aquaculture people – Ms. Loan, on average, each harvest, she sold dozens of tons of aquatic products. Subtracting seed costs, paying labor rent, she gains over 1 billion USD / year. In addition, shrimp business also brought in revenue of over 1 billion USD.

Do hard, eager to learn, so last time, the purchase and sale of Ms. Loan’s seafood are favorable. Revenue is increasing and thanks to the support from local authorities, she also sells other types of seafood and has also been “upgraded” to Pham Thi Loan Co., Ltd.

“Shrimp and crabs are now harder to raise than before, so I concentrate on making more cockles here. Previously, the price of blood cockles only ranged from 50,000-60,000 USD / kg and brought high profit.

Now, the price is up to 80,000 USD / kg, it is expected that the next harvest will bring me several billion. I will also find a way to approach the consumption of blood cockles directly from abroad to avoid intermediaries as today ”. Ms. Loan, a successful aquaculture business, said.


Particularly popular breeding projects include: raising rats, raising snakes, raising small fish, rearing dogs, raising porcupines, raising wild pigs, raising deer, and so on.

In recent years, the special livestock industry has become an emerging breeding army in agriculture in USA. The livestock industry is particularly different from the usual animal breeds that are large-scale and wide-ranging, which is different from the common popular livestock industries.

The special care industry can be divided into different types depending on its economic use. Currently, the content is diversified and the market prospect is very high, so it encourages entrepreneurs to participate in this industry.

If you are in the idea of ​​getting rich, you are rural and bored with a hard farming scene that is still poor all year round, you do not endure fate, you should try to participate in the livestock industry. From your dream of getting rich, you can go to many places to learn and learn experiences to return to your hometown to build a scale farm. Turn the dream of enriching into truth.

The special thing to note and care in the breeding process is the way to prevent diseases for cattle and poultry, fully vaccinate and prevent them. In addition, you must also pay attention to the climate where you live and adapt to the type of livestock you choose.

If it is a person who has the will to determination, boldly and decisively convert livestock to meet market demand. Success is when we know visionary and actually embark on it.

Good Luck

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