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Best Free Email Marketing Software

Sending emails to introduce products and brands to customers is always an important part of the marketing strategy.

But managing email clients is not easy.

I will introduce to you the list of email marketing software that supports sending and managing email, helping you save time, effort and improve work efficiency.

1. Mailchimp

Mailchimp is the leading email marketing software selected by many businesses to send emails to their customers.

What makes Mailchimp popular because it is suitable for all companies from small businesses to large companies with a lot of capital.

Because when using Mailchimp, you can send multiple emails at one time, connect to customer information management software, as well as check whether customers have opened emails or not.

This software has 400+ sample interfaces for you to choose from. The steps to design an email on the template interface are not too difficult, you just need to drag and drop and everything appears in front of you.

Mailchimp also allows you to insert barcodes into emails so that customers can access your website after scanning the code.

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The price of Mailchimp’s packages proves it all. If you send less than 12,000 emails a month with a list of 2000 email clients, you can use (almost) all its features for free (create campaigns, create email templates, create customer lists, send emails) ).

The cost will be increased when you send more emails and longer customer lists, starting at about 500,000 USD / month and a maximum of about 750,000 USD / month.

The disadvantage of Mailchimp that you may encounter is that the email will probably be moved to the Promotion – Advertising section, leaving you unable to reach customers as expected.

In the following sharing, I will show you how to use Mailchimp effectively.

2. GetResponse

GetResponse has a lot of interesting features to help you send and manage emails in the most appropriate and easy way.

Besides the same basic elements as Mailchimp: designing email templates, creating registration forms, this software has quite a lot of interesting points.

GetResponse helps you create beautiful landing pages for your website as well as create Webinars clips – instructions for customers.

The special thing is that you can completely check the customer Webinars.

This website will give you 30 days of trial experience to learn the features of the software.

All you need to do is register your email, username, and password and you can immediately own a GetResponse account.

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The price to use this email software is quite good, starting at about 350,000 USD / month for a list of 1000 customers.

As the number of listings increases and your company progresses, you can use another package at a cost of about USD 1,200,000 / month.

However, this software also has some bad points, one of which is that the sample interface of GetResponse has not been updated to suit the era.

In addition, it does not have the ability to link well with other management software.

3. Constant Contact

Besides MailChimp, Constant Contact can be considered as one of the most useful and most suitable software for small businesses.

Like GetResponse, Constant Contact also provides webinars for customers to use, so you will be best supported. In addition, it also has 400+ email templates for you to choose from.

Another interesting point is that this software helps increase the interaction between email marketing and social marketing.

However, when using Constant Contact you can not test email but must use it directly, it will be a bit detrimental if you want to learn how the software runs.

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Not to mention the price of this software is quite expensive compared to other software, the price starts from about 450,000 USD / month for only 500 emails.

You’ll get access to most of Constant Contact’s features, from email creation to email tracking checking.

If you are still in doubt, you can create an account with 60 days of free use of the features of this software. I personally think this is a fairly reasonable number.

Logging in is not too difficult, you only need to enter your email, name, password and business name to start using.

4. Emma

This is one of the latest software to help you manage your email. Its interoperability is quite good, can be combined with other management and using software such as Shopify, Salesforce,   Eventbrite or social networking sites.

Before using you can try the software with 30 days trial, fill in the necessary information about your name, company, email to get a trial account immediately.

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Talking about the price, the price of this software starts from about 1,300,000 USD / month for 2500 emails. This price will increase a lot if your email volume also increases.

You can use the drag and drop function to unleash your creativity with over 200 email templates identical to MailChimp, but you have to pay to use.

5. AWeber

AWeber is an email management software suitable for businesses, small shops with limited human resources, unable to spend time on email marketing campaigns.

The price of AWeber starts from about USD 420,000 / month for a list of 500 customers. And of course, you also have 30 days of free product experience before deciding to take out the wallet.

However, it will take a little time to register for a free account as this site requires a lot of information.

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This software provides more than 700 sample interface of email for you to freely choose, edit to have the best product.

AWeber also allows you to experiment 4 times before starting an email marketing campaign.

However, you will have a bit of trouble loading the data into AWeber, you can only add the list when your customer must send a confirmation email.

6. iContact

This is also a suitable software for small and medium businesses with an email list of no more than 15,000 customers. If your company is in this range, iContact is also a good choice.

The cost to use this software starts from about USD 300,000 / month for about 500 customers. If you pay annually, you will receive a 15% discount on your total expenses, which is not a bad saving.

Of course, iContact is like any other software, giving you 30 days of free use. You can provide basic information to create an account or log in via Google, Salesforce, Facebook, LinkedIn.

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This software is quite easy to use, even if you have no idea of ​​email marketing at all.

One of the worthwhile functions of iContact is that Message Coder helps you edit email interface without programming knowledge.

Instruction Webinars clips are also updated continuously by iContact to help you easily use this software.

The weakness of this software is that the website interface is not really suitable for consumers, making users confused when testing the product.

7. Mad Mimi

Compared to other software, a Mad Mini is an affordable software, you only need to pay about 210,000 USD / month for a list of 500 customers. This site also allows you to use it for free if the list is under 100 people.

One of the great advantages of Mad Mini is its extremely good customer service.

All your questions will be answered in a reasonable and quickest way, Mad Mini’s staff will make you feel comfortable with a friendly way of talking.

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The email you send from Mad Mini is completely editable, designed by any user. You absolutely do not need to worry about your technological capabilities because Mad Mini has done all for you.

If you are new to email marketing, this software is more suitable than ever.

However, this software does not have a sample interface to choose from, so it will be a bit inconvenient if you do not have a design idea.

8. SendInBlue

I was quite surprised about the cost packages of SendInBlue, you can use this software right away from 0 USD / month. This package allows you to send 9,000 emails to customers, which I think is a great number for the free version.

The next package will depend on the customer email list you get. For example, the second package costs about 170,000 USD / month for 40,000 emails.

This software allows you to drag & drop to design your own email templates. You can also select the interface templates available in the library of SendInBlue.

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It is worth mentioning that you can design an email with this software on all tools from the computer to the phone.

SendInBlue also has the function to quickly download customer lists, saving you time.

Although this software allows you to interact with social networking sites, you will spend a lot of effort to implement.

9. SimplyCast

SimplyCast is a website that offers many different services for e-marketing, one of which is the email marketing that I am introducing to you.

The software, like MailChimp, has a free plan for up to 2000 customers and allows you to send unlimited emails monthly.

If your list goes up, you only need to pay an additional USD 210,000 / month to use.

It can be said that this software is especially suitable for a small business model, requiring management applications but lacking capital.

Besides the function of the sample interface, checking – tracking email like most other software, SimplyCast also has outstanding reporting function, suitable for all users.

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You can easily grasp the situation and think about the next development step of the business when viewing the report of SimplyCast.

However, the bad thing about this website is customer service. If you use the free plan, you can only get 30 days of 24/7 customer care from SimplyCast.

Even paid plans have this problem.

10. ActiveCampaign

This software is considered the smart choice suitable for all different business models.

I think the cost package of ActiveCampaign for small businesses is quite easy, from about 190,000 USD / month for a list of 500 customers.

This software supports you quite a bit. In addition to designing, testing and sending an email, ActiveCampaign also analyzes the behavior of recipients, helping you choose the right information channel to reach them.

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You do not need customer management software (CRM – Customer Resources Management) anymore because management functions are integrated right in ActiveCampaign. You can easily upload customer lists at any time.

However, it will be quite difficult if you want to change the information on the customer list after you’ve uploaded ActiveCampaign.

11. Freshmail

If you have experience and knowledge about email marketing, Freshmail is the most suitable choice for you.

The software integrates both the features of email marketing and automation marketing to help you optimize your approach and connect with potential customers.

Its price, in my opinion, is quite affordable, from about 280,000 USD / month for a list of 1000 customers.

And you can change other cost packages easily without having to wait for the list to increase when the parts other soft.

With Freshmail, you can easily download customer lists with different formats and software (for example CSV format, download from Gmail, download from your CRM software).

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You can upload your existing interface to Freshmail or download the Freshmail interface and edit it on other software – this is a completely new point and, I personally find, quite useful compared to other applications. other.

You can also create barcode – barcodes on your email, customers just scan the code to be able to access the website you have installed.

The only weakness of this software is not for new email marketing users.

12. Campayn

The first thing that should be mentioned about Campayn is its cost packages: the price is very competitive. You only pay about 210,000 USD / month for a list of 1000 customers, the cost will increase as your customer base increases.

Before using you also have 30 days to try the product with very simple, compact registration steps.

Campayn allows you to create different forms (information forms) for example registration form, purchase form, etc. to help you easily collect email lists of potential customers.

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If you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to send a letter/call to the customer service of this software because they have a 24/7 answer team. Even if you have not done it after listening to the answers, they will do it for you.

You may have some trouble uploading customer lists to the software, but do not worry because customer service will help you.

The price issue will cause you headaches if there is more than one software manager.

13. Mailerlite

In my opinion, this is the lowest cost software on this list. When you pay the annual usage fee, you can send unlimited emails with a list of 5000 customers and the monthly cost is about USD 180,000 / month.

I think if you are a small business then Mailerlite should be added to your potential list.

This software is suitable for all users, so if you do not have experience using email marketing, there is no need to worry.

Mailerlite’s features are also hard to criticize, it has most of the features that more expensive software has (editing email interfaces, creating image libraries, sending and tracking emails, evaluating email campaigns. , create information forms, etc.).

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In addition, Mailerlite also has an app on the iPad that helps you collect customer emails.

However, this software is only suitable if you send an email around 1 to customers, if sending an email round 2 you will have a little trouble managing information.

I hope that after this series introductions, you should now have more knowledge about email marketing software and choose the application that best suits your business situation!