Some online business models benefit from SEO more than e-commerce websites allow users to make transactions directly on the website.

SEO website E-commerce not only ensures a lot of traffic (can generate greater sales) but also can optimize special product pages to drive users to beneficial product pages. High margins or products are selling well.

SEO Trends in E-Commerce

Every day, search engines, as well as SEO support tools, change and update daily. That’s why SEOs (in e-commerce and websites in general) need to be constantly updated and compete fiercely in the SEO battle.

Below, the article would mention 7 important SEO trends in the field of E-commerce that you should refer to:

1. SEO Tools

SEO technology is growing fast no less than search engines. What does the “SEO technology” that I mention here mean?

The SEO technology I mentioned in the 3rd party applications, website administration tools that help SEOs easily optimize their website to help improve the position in search results without It takes too much effort.

In fact, there are several website design solutions that many SEOs choose because these solutions allow website administrators to optimize their on-site websites in just a few installation steps.

For example, WordPress plugins handle automatic on-site optimization automatically for Webmasters like the Yoast SEO plugin.

The solutions are very attractive and the fact is that they are very useful. However, there is no solution to automate all on-site optimization functions.

You still need to optimize some things such as title tags, navigation (navigation bar), rich snippets … if you really want to have a good position on the search results page.

2. Long Content

Up to now, product pages on E-commerce websites often have very short content including product name, a brief introduction about the product, some pictures, and customer reviews.

However, user needs and search engines prefer the page with full content and details.

Long content provides product details, the difference of that product compared to similar products on the market (usually this information is related to the keyword users search on the tool search).

In addition to providing product user guides, the product’s usefulness will also help to compete well in the search engine rankings.

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I strongly encourage you to develop the full content on your company’s blog. Provide and fully describe your company’s products as well as information about your company to customers.

Writing full and detailed product guide articles will help users appreciate the products on your company’s eCommerce website.

3. Sharing

Social media (Social Media) has become more and more popular in recent years. And Social Media is becoming an increasingly important factor in online marketing.

In a survey of 357 online marketers, 52% said positive ROI from social media and 65% believed it to be more important in the next five years.

Most notably, 95% of respondents said they would increase their budget to keep their growth next year.

More and more users participate in social networks such as Facebook or niche social networks such as Instagram, Snapchat are extremely popular with young people.

One of the best ways to generate product sales and visibility is to encourage the sharing of product information more on social networks.

Create a process that makes it easy for users to share information on social networks during the purchase and payment process.

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Encourage customers to share your product on social networks. Share their reviews of your products on social media and even share them when they test your products when they receive them.

Keep customers engaged in sharing your information on social media throughout your website. At that time, your presence on search engines and on social media channels strongly develops.

4. Video Content

Mobile devices have built-in Wifi with the ability to share videos more and more easily. Users are more likely to watch video content than other types of content (text, images, gifs, etc.).

Video content that can be displayed on multiple devices and even on search results (if stored on Youtube) is highly viral compared to other types of content.

In fact, if you’re not using video content on product pages or on company blogs, you’re outdated. Videos are increasingly popular and continue to grow strongly.

5. Optimizing

Optimized display on mobile devices helps provide content that helps mobile device users have the best experience. At this point, traffic from mobile devices accounts for a very large percentage of traffic coming from the desktop.

Search engines have also included an index of website position on search results based on the friendliness of the website with mobile devices.

But for a salesperson, bringing customers to the product but not being able to manipulate them on their mobile phones will result in lost sales opportunities.

Therefore or carefully check the optimization displayed on mobile devices.

6. Voice And Virtual Assistants

A few years ago, virtual assistants were almost useless in making searches because the speech recognition technology was still very poor, so the provision of search results with ads was almost inaccurate.

However, this year the virtual assistants of technology companies like Microsoft with Cortana,

Apple with Siri, Google with Google Now have made great strides and voice search results are almost completely accurate and that is an opportunity to advertise the product.

Marketers have noticed this trend, and they have built up search questions and answers appropriate to virtual assistants so that virtual assistants can provide accurate information directly to users.

7. Local SEO

A few previous features, Local SEO has not really been interested in probably due to a technology that the search engines have not met.

But Local SEO will become more and more popular and important as technology advances.

Ecommerce companies often don’t make sense of Local SEO strategies because they are nationally active and their goals are geared towards users nationwide.

However, implementing Local SEO campaigns will help businesses distinguish themselves from competitors and aim for smaller goals.