I am going to tell you in this post how to do content marketing and how to make money from content marketing.

So let’s start friends.

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According to research, nobody wants to be bothered by a billboard that interrupts within the middle of an honest movie or program we’re that specialize in. 3 out of 4 people don’t need to ascertain a brand’s ad without their permission. Therefore, businesses must solve this dilemma

This is like being forced to try something you do not want to try to. Why is that? Because there’s nothing in it that’s useful or beneficial to you. Imagine, on the opposite hand, that you simply and your friends do something that both of you’re employed towards whether you are feeling comfortable or interesting. Definitely yes because they provide you valuable things.

Many forms were created to satisfy the tastes of the viewers. Attractive content, eye-catching images, subtle hate messages, but today they like storytelling. that’s how the brand gives potential customers information about the merchandise by communicating specifically in each different case.

Advertising is to continue introducing brands and products to new and potential customers. However, the key to making a return on advertising investments must be in sync with the brand’s content strategy.

Because, when someone sees your ad, your work is just beginning, you create a very vague awareness of the product, it is important to demonstrate their value to potential customers. power.

Here are a few tips to continually create engaging content and keep the conversation around your brand.


This is the foremost basic elements of storytelling. continue so far and keep track of what the audience is curious about and continue with the newest market trends. alongside the unique sort of the brand or brand, the entertainment element helps create excitement for patrons to access the merchandise.


Besides entertaining information, educational information also has great value. Giving your audience reputable, non-binding information is that the best thanks to building trust.


To capture the audience’s psychology isn’t easy. a method to create an audience’s trust, however, is to capture social issues. But they need to believe that brands really value the difficulty. If you do not do that seriously, brands will lose their audience.

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Audience Segment

One of the great things about content marketing and digital marketing, in general, is that you can filter different audiences for different types of content. For example, when a user clicks on an ad for a new mobile money transfer tool, the bank can retarget with ads related to other digital tools, because they are showing interest in digital banking products.

Meanwhile, if a user clicks on another ad related to the mortgage, the brand can send content related to the loan interest rate, how to calculate loan packages based on the collateral or customizations. Choose another finance.

Instead of talking generally with all customers, audience segmentation helps you create the best opportunity to convert. Start by identifying the audience you want to reach content, then keep your customer segments organized and develop content strategies that are appropriate for each segment. For example, one group of customers may love Instagram posts, while many others spend time on LinkedIn.

Commitment To Quality

You spend a lot of money on advertising to attract high converting potential leads. So don’t waste money on bland, generic content campaigns right after that.

Quality content often requires matching content and brand messages, across multiple media and focusing on user experience. At the same time, be more creative in delivering content, in addition to writing blog posts – quality content can be delivered in the form of videos, infographics, and other formats besides plain text.

To ensure that your content is relevant to the user, refer back to the audience segments above. What is useful for them? Are they seeking information or merely entertaining? Where are they on the buyer journey and what will motivate them to take the next step? The more you can understand the needs, the more you can publish relevant content and motivate them to take action.

Matching Between Teams 

We live in an era where people are more receptive to advertising than you expect. According to the Content Marketing Institute, “61% of online consumers in the United States have made purchases based on recommendations from blogs”.

So it can be said that useful information is what many consumers spend. Use the search to assist before making purchase decisions. They will continue to visit your website, read blog posts, open emails and listen to you as long as you create credibility and make them trust.

Most companies may already have a content creation plan for a week, a month or even a year, though being able to complete a huge amount of work is a very challenging thing. However, useful content can sometimes simply update timely new information for an old blog post.

In particular, brands need to remember, content creation is an effort that requires the coordination of a dedicated team, including a copywriter, graphic designer, photographer, cameraman. movies and content managers.

Content Distribution

Quality and targeted content alone may not be enough to sustain the brand’s content marketing efforts. Develop a content ecosystem that can be reused and referenced in many ways. A blog post could be the idea for 10 posts on smaller topics.

Each article can be distributed via email, sent to those customers in need. 11 posts you can create 50 social media posts, highlighting points of interest on smaller topics.

All of this may sound daunting, but you may feel better, giving you more effectiveness for each of your advertising spend if you already have a segment of your potential customers instead of being “lucky”. with instant conversions from a given ad or campaign.