Conception And Value of Money in Life, Wealth

Here are ten notions of money, the more you know, the more you benefit. Are these notions that you have definitely heard just really understood?


Money is not everything but not having money is not possible. Don’t think that money can buy everything but don’t consider money like dirt. If someone really lives in the bottom of society, most of them are deceiving themselves and eating land to live.


You do not manage finance, property will not find you. As soon as possible, financial management is the same. Financial management is not a high-level concept, it is not about waiting until so much over payment does not count.

When you get your first savings, even if you have only 1 dollar, you should be aware of financial management. Some people dare to arrogantly say that “3 years old I know how to save money”. So what about 30 years later? How old is your financial management at age 3 or over the years with you? On the track to gain financial freedom and become a winner in life, “financial management” is often a magic weapon to speed things up.


Financial management is risk. Only choose a financial management method that you can understand and know how to learn, bravely experiment but do not follow blindly. Controlling the risk range is courage and opportunity, exceeding the maximum level under the pressure of daring and betting.

The professional financial institution will first provide you with a questionnaire to assess the level of risk, it is not an ABCD game, seriously answer, focus on the bottom line.


Good steel used on the blade, spend money in place with value. Spending 3 hundred thousand to buy a pair of shoddy shoes, walking a faded month is still broken, compared to spending 3 million to buy a good pair of shoes in 3 years, which one is worth More treatment?

In a 10,000-square-meter house, for 5 thousand, 10 thousand, day-to-day auction to get toilet paper, washing powder filled the whole room, is the price of “warehouse” too “expensive”? ?


Life needs insurance to ensure, unless you can calculate the exact tomorrow and unexpected accident whichever comes first. The earlier you buy, the less you spend, the better. However, the purpose of insurance is “security and risk”, all the values ‚Äč‚Äčthat added insurance can only be “bullying”, so stay away from dividends.


The most necessary investment in life is to invest in yourself. Investing in yourself is also financial management, the unintentional choice of reason will be “lost”, objective and re-examine yourself, then invest in strengths and potentials to take advantage of max it.


There are many ways to make money and spend money, the most basic way is probably “peace of mind.” Peaceful money makes you eat well and sleep well. Conversely, the money is not assured “go out, sooner or later, it must be returned”.


Doing charity makes you more intuitive, making you quickly feel the happiness brought by money. The mountains are no longer high, there are immortal gods, money is not much, but there is goodness.


How much money can be happy? One billion for the rich who say is just a “small goal”, but 100 hundred thousand for poor children in strange mountains can be their two-week lunch. With food alone, it makes children feel happy, which the materialistic person can never understand.

As for those who donate money to charity, their satisfaction is “to send a rose, a new aroma.” So the happiness that money can bring is not the absolute amount of money but the relative amount that makes you feel happy.


Health is the biggest cost of life. It is full of vitality and full of hope all the time, which is no longer possible, nothing can be done. This is an absurd but accurate sentence, regardless of which case it should be kept in your heart.

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