Composition of Brand – The Elements That Make Up The Brand

Brand (Brand) is a sign of identity, a symbolic spirit, a guideline of value and a core embodiment of superior product quality. The process of building and creating brands is a new process of continuous innovation.

Only when we have our own creative power can we stand firm in the fierce competition environment. From there to constantly strengthen brand equity inherent to participate in multi-level, multi-angle and multi-field competition.

Trademarks are often constituted by products, logos, brand positioning, brand associations, brand personality, corporate culture associated with brand, brand emotion, brand story …


Products or businesses are entities that depend on and rely on brands. Without the product, the brand cannot be mentioned. Any brand must be attached and accompanied by the product.

Of course that product may be an entity product or it may also be an unrealistic product. It is one of the most basic branding elements of branding elements.

This is very simple and easy to understand, there will not be any unrealistic brand name. The product is the brand’s most focused and direct incarnation. Also the most focused and direct focus of brand content.

Products under a famous brand must be of top quality, perfect for no holes, blemishes and nothing can be attacked. As the most basic constituent of the brand, the product also includes other contents such as functions, features, packaging, value and product quality …


Logos and trademarks include brand names and brand visual images. A good product name is the most important condition for brand formation. Good names help bring good associations in people’s hearts. It is even possible to reflect historical content and imply cultural inclusion in that name.

Therefore, the brand name must always be emphasized. Not only unique but also beautiful words or ideas with deep implications. Encourage listeners to constantly think, imagine the best implications.

The eye-catching visual brand logo will make others associate richer, deeper meanings from it. The vast majority of famous and outstanding brand drawings in the world when designing are very delicate, skillful, skillful and sharp.


Brand positioning is the direction that the brand is constantly striving for. Is the most focused expression of brand promise and brand cultural value. Brand positioning is always expressed, expressed in the form of titles.

A good title will be narrated by a short sentence, simple and easy to understand. To tell consumers what is the purpose of use of the product? What business do you do? How to bring or provide users with benefits? And even the difference of products with competitors. Why is it better than the competition? …

For example, Nike’s “Just do it” slogan, or Philips “Let’s make things better” … For brands, new customers’ tendency is to direct the first value to be meaningful. with them. The most important thing in brand positioning is how to turn the direction from product, competition to direction from customers.


Brand association is just imagination related to brand logos, products and services. Like corporate culture, business building history, founder’s enrichment story, business motto, corporate social image, public service, product popularity, quality and product service …

The richer the brand association, the more diverse the inner meaning of that brand. The more people are known, the more popular and valuable brands will become.

But fantasy is related to the level of brand awareness. A brand that is known to some extent is lacking in awareness. So the association, imagining from there will be very limited.


Brand personality is the unique and unique personality that the brand represents in enterprises of the same type and products of the same type. This unique unique personality on the one hand makes the brand superior to the brand of the same type.

Like the famous brands that produce and trade electronic computers in IT circles Dell, Apple, Compaq … there is always a difference.

On the other hand, this unique unique personality also helps the brand show its own motto and business style. Express the style, business motto and style of work completely different from other brands.


Building and maintaining the brand is the expansion of the core motto and method of brand behavior in the operation of the business.

Corporate culture embodies the business style of that business. It represents the human quality, noble spirit and often the aesthetic art of the creator and brand business.

Cultural values ‚Äč‚Äčthat hidden brands are typical of human qualities, noble spirit and often aesthetic art are confirmed by society. At the same time, it is also the result of being adopted by the society, then widely promoted in all humanity.

Corporate culture is a red thread throughout the process of building, forming and developing brands. Therefore, constantly improving the value of corporate culture will help the brand become more abundant, valuable and more meaningful.


Brand feelings can be understood from two aspects. Firstly, it is the feeling that creators, brand business people, producers of transmission products, send through throughout the process of brand operation and brand product manufacturing.

These feelings make the brand’s external embodiment more colorful and humanistic. At the same time, the brand is maintained and expanded continuously and without interruption. Since then accumulate and settle more and more cultural content.

Second, it is the sentiment that consumers give to the brand. Consumers in the process of using the brand, due to a favorite product. Or satisfied with the design, quality, brand service. From then on, became interested or developed feelings for it.

In the process, producing a lot of touching stories between brand dealers and consumers. But that story is constantly connected and absorbed into the brand. Making brands exist when escaping from entity products. This is a solid foundation for the brand to constantly develop and expand.

The process of branding is the process of long-term emotional experience. Is the process of constantly accumulating and depositing. The inclusion factors in which it is difficult to account for all. But all brands that want to be successful and famous cannot be missing or escaping from these components.


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