Unique Marketing: Coca Cola and Fanta “Love Each Other”

Coca and Fanta are two children of Coca Cola, how big this big man has to have two children to love each other, this is a unique marketing skill and Thalib Tantary will share it with you.

Environmental protection is the reason why Coca-Cola has been the subject of this marketing campaign, in how they promote this brand to Coca and Fanta.

Talking about environmental protection in Pr product campaigns is not new, but in the story of two Coca and Fanta children of the Coca Cola brand, you will learn something unique from the way. Branded by this soft drink company.

For environmental protection, the act of bending down to pick up Coca-Cola bottles into trash cans is a nice gesture that affects emotions, so it should be so Coca Cola’s new promotional video is quite romantic.

Hot weather, drinking a bottle of Coca, are you trying to remove the bottle in your hand, or do you still want to use another bottle? Of course not so, in fact, people don’t have much time to think about a bottle of water.

But a creative employee of the company Ogilvy & Mather in Berlin (a marketing-intensive company) used the “love” of water bottles to create a promotional video for Coca Cola, wanted to Remind awareness of collecting bottles after using by consumers.

In the promotional video, two bottles of Fanta and Coca met and then separated, separated and re-similar, the reason why the two bottles of water met again to express emotions, love, and finally two bottles of water were still together. As a bottled material, it can be seen that this is the intention of the content creator in this promotional video. This is the first type of advertising that Coca Cola UK has videos like this.

With any creativity, although the way of presenting a simple or complex promotional video, it can save a certain impression in the minds of viewers (customers). In this ad, the act of putting two bottles of Coca Cola and Fanta into the trash, this is a simple behavior, but the content creator adds the emotional and emotional value to it, making the Video of the promotion good. suck and deserve more attention.

In addition to addressing environmental issues, Coca Cola also wants to remind consumers to pay attention to health, which, in particular, recently launched a brand-new product called Coca 0, completely new. (Coke Zero Sugar) replaces the existing Coke Zero on the market for 12 years.

The upgrade of the product this time has 3 different intentions: Firstly, changing the recipe of raw material coordination, if you (taste) will taste more Coca Cola taste; Secondly, changing the packaging, the outer box, he (holding) this new 0-degree drink will recognize that the color is mostly red; Third, changes in the name of the name, they added the word “No sugar”.

Coke Zero Sugar is expected to be launched in the first US market in August 2017, and Coca Cola will also launch a series of TV advertising campaigns, Internet advertising, websites, video channels, Social networks and methods of direct marketing at stores.

Stuart Kronauge, vice president of Marketing Coca Cola North America (Stuart Kronauge), said this time: The biggest marketing campaign for Coca 0 degrees since 2005, Coca Cola’s 0-degree products are sold in over 160 countries, and products This new product will be sold first in the US market, then to the UK, Mexico, and 25 other markets.

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