Chocolate who does not like it, food made from cocoa is indeed a favorite food of all ages. Now chocolate is not only served just like that but also processed in such away.

Chocolate Business Opportunities

And there have been many people who have opened up chocolate business opportunities because there are indeed many interested people.

Here are some processed chocolate business opportunities that you can try

1. Chocolate Tempe

Eating chocolate is certainly not strange to the public. Then what about tempeh chocolate? Certainly weird, right? But in some areas such as Bandung and Malang, they have made the processed chocolate, chocolate tempe.

Tempeh used is tempeh that is savory and crispy smeared with liquid chocolate and sprinkled with cocoa powder. Even though tempeh is no longer pure, tempeh chocolate still contains high nutrition which is rich in protein.

2. Chocodot

Chocodot is a combination of dodol and chocolate. Dodol used varies in taste, from fruit dodol to cheese dodol. The process of making chocodot that is by putting it in chocolate is to cool the mold to temperatures below 40 degrees Celsius. Until the chocolate mixture and dodol are completely fused.

Dodol chocolate turned out to be not only a unique taste but also a unique packaging. For example, chocolate is packed with wrappers that have unique words such as light chocolate match, chocolate prevents paper, chocolate prevents alay, mint chocolate flavor, and others.

3. Durian Chocolate

The chocolate contains the stuffing of fla durian which, if eaten, will melt in the mouth and the taste of durian will be felt. Fla used is, of course, the fla that comes from the original durian fruit.

How to make it with melted chocolate bars first then put it into a mold but not until it is completely because it will be added with fla durian. After the fla is inserted, it is then covered again with chocolate and then cooled to freeze.

4. Dates Chocolate

Dates, the food that is often found in the month of Ramadan is sometimes bored if eaten just like that. So now there are many variations such as date palm chocolate.

How to make it by peeling the dates and remove the seeds and then put the cashews that are ripe to replace the dates of seeds that were removed earlier.

Then close the dates so that they look like their original shape. After that, dip the dates in the chocolate that has been searched. After that freeze the chocolate into the freezer until it freezes.

5. Chocolate salad

If the taste of chocolate is usually spicy but different from the chocolate salad. The taste has three sensations such as spicy, sweet, and fresh.

This chocolate salad is a combination of Dodol salad and chocolate. This chocolate is usually sold at Rs. 15,000.00.

6. Chocolate Coffee

Sometimes people get bored only brewing coffee. I want to have other variations such as chocolate coffee.

This one drink is a combination of coffee and chocolate which is then added to hot water, liquid milk, and whipped cream.

7. Chocolate Candy

For candy lovers, they definitely like chocolate candy. The way to make it is very simple and fast, namely by adding ½ kg of butter added with ½ kg of cocoa powder, ½ kg of sweetened condensed milk, 3 kg of flour and added with ½ liter of water.

8. Melted Chocolate Cake

From the name alone we can guess that melted chocolate cake is a cake in which there is chocolate which, if eaten, will melt in the mouth. This cake is actually the same as a normal cake but given a melted chocolate filling.

9. Chocolate Dumplings

If usually the contents are green beans, but this time it’s different. These dumplings contain chocolate melt instead.

Once bitten, the chocolate will melt in the mouth. How to make it using white sticky rice flour, added with potatoes then refined sesame sugar, warm water, salt, and cooking oil.

Make onde-onde preparations then if they are ready before sprinkling with sesame, chocolate is added. Then after being neatly covered then sprinkled with sesame and fried in hot oil.

10. Camu Chocolate

Camu is a continuation of Chocolate Aren Mbah Uti (CAMU). This drink is made from a combination of dark chocolate and palm sugar. This chocolate is very safe for diabetics and can be drunk with warm or cold water.

This chocolate contains antioxidants and flavonoids so it is very good for health.

Also, chocolate containing natural palm sugar has a good taste and does not contain preservatives, sweeteners, and artificial coloring.

So this chocolate is very suitable for diabetics and cholesterol. Also, this chocolate can also maintain weight.

11. Peanut Chocolate Noodles

If noodles are usually used as heavy food while nuts and chocolate are snacks. But this time is different. Peanut chocolate noodles are actually mixed as a snack.

How to make it by boiling egg noodles then drained and fried until crisp. After it is crisp, it is added with melted dark chocolate.

Then stir well and add nuts. Spoon the chocolate bean noodles into a cup, then leave it for about an hour. It can also be put in the freezer.

12. Fruit Chocolate

If usually the fruit is only mixed with milk but this time is different. Chocolate can also be mixed with candied fruit. There are various variations of fruit there are mangoes, bananas, oranges.

Fruit chocolate that is served variously there is only mixed with candied fruit with chocolate contents. Some are also cooked together with chocolate before finally being printed.

13. Edamame Chocolate

The name of the chocolate seems to come from a European country but who would have thought if this chocolate actually came from Jember. This chocolate originates from Jember but its contents are Edamame which is a typical Japanese soybean.

Edamame chocolate is usually marketed under the Fondre brand which in French means melt. This chocolate is not only served in bars, but also in cups and jar.

So that it attracts more buyers. The process of making this chocolate by drying edamame in the oven can also be fried. Then the chocolate is frozen in the refrigerator for 10 minutes.

14. Bran Chocolate

This chocolate looks weird and disgusting because it is made from rice bran, which is usually chicken food. But after being processed together with chocolate, the bran chocolate is very delicious.

Rice bran which is the epidermis of rice has even been processed into chocolate biscuits that taste very crispy. Chocolate bran is not only delicious but also nutritious because it contains Vitamin B1 which serves to reduce cholesterol levels, can fight heart disease and cancer.

15. Praline Chocolate

This chocolate can be processed into various forms of food, drinks, health, and beauty products. This chocolate actually comes from chocolate bars which are melted and then printed. Usually, the molds are cute and pretty. Usually an animated cartoon or fruit shape.

To make pralines, low-fat chocolate should be chosen, specifically for food coloring and the mold is a silicone or mica mold.

So it doesn’t melt quickly and is easy to print. Also, using coloring paste in addition to the color becomes more attractive also makes it safe for consumption.

16. Chocolate Tofu

It is a typical souvenir of Kediri which is a combination of tofu and chocolate. Kediri is indeed known as the city of tofu because along the area of ​​Kediri, tofu will be found. And the most famous is tofu poo or yellow tofu.

Well, know this poo is used as a mixture of chocolate so that it becomes a product called Coktau. Unlike the tempeh chocolate which is mashed and then mixed with chocolate. Chocolate tofu is not mashed but uses thick tofu and when bitten it will taste very tasty, crispy, and crispy.

17. Ginger Chocolate

If usually ginger is mixed with palm sugar to warm the body. This is actually different, mixed ginger with chocolate so that it becomes a warm drink called ginger chocolate.

Ginger chocolate is a little different from ginger but still able to warm the body when catching cold or cold weather.

How to make Cohe by adding cocoa powder, ginger, cinnamon, pandan leaves, lemongrass, pepper, milk, and water. You do this by spreading ginger, then the pandan leaves are cut into pieces.

18. Chocolate Ginseng

An instant chocolate powder drink made from a combination of dark chocolate powder with sugar, vegetable cream, milk, skim, and ginseng extract. Ginseng extract added with chocolate will increase stamina so that the body will always be fit

19. Calsi Chocolate

It is a mixture of chocolate, palm sugar, milk powder, vegetable creamer, extract fenugreek, and vegetable creamer. Calsi can be used as a facilitator of breast milk.

Because with Calsi it will make breast milk more thick and concentrated. And because it uses natural ingredients, it does not harm the baby and does not cause dependence.

20. Opak Chocolate

If you have ever eaten chocolate but it is very crispy it might come from a mixture of opaque and chocolate.

Because the chocolate texture is very crispy. To make opaque chocolate, it shouldn’t be haphazard. Because it must be from original ingredients, for example, cassava is choice cassava.

How to make Opak from cassava that has been ground and dried in the sun. After that it is fried in hot oil and sprinkled with melted chocolate or chocolate powder, then it is frozen.

21. Chocolate Banana

At present, there are already many chocolate banana business opportunities. There are various forms of fried fried ice and frozen chocolate banana chips.

If in the form of fried bananas are usually put into a spring roll skin and then given chocolate. Spring roll skin is rolled and fried in hot oil. Usually chocolate will melt when eaten.

If chocolate banana ice. A banana that has been opened is put into melted chocolate skin and given a topping then put in the freezer until it freezes.

While chocolate banana chips, bananas that have been thinly sliced ​​are fried until crispy after that they are added to the chocolate banana powder.


For those of you who want to open up chocolate business opportunities, it helps you take the course first so that you are truly adept at making it.

In addition to the chocolate making course, in addition to being taught how to make processed chocolate, you will also be taught how to package products and market them.