One example of a 5 million capital business that is often the choice is a culinary business that is, catering. Because this is one business that makes many people interested to run it.

Because it is very potent and has a sizable profit. However, the catering business is not always easy, it can be said that this is a rather easy and difficult business opportunity.

Where the catering business profits will be maximized if the business owner can always complete all requests from the buyer.

Catering Business

Skill in food processing and can adjust to customer food tastes is the key to the best-selling catering business.

Usually, catering business owners are people who have a high sense of cuisine and are very good at food processing. Even a catering business person often starts a business opportunity with only simple equipment.

The most important are several key success factors for catering businesses, namely honesty, tenacity, good taste and good service to customers.

If you want to get the maximum benefit of the catering business, then here are some steps you can take:

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1. Determine The Type of Catering Business You Will Develop

The main and important thing about how to start a culinary catering business is when you choose a category or type of catering that you will run later. Here are some brief details that can be your guide:

2. Home Catering

Usually, this category of the catering business is a type of middle-class catering that will usually serve up to 100 people. If you are a housewife who is quite active and hobby in cooking, it never hurts to try to start a business on this one.

This catering business is a culinary business that includes food for children, for employees, household recitation, orders for rice cone, rice box orders, recitation events or even inscriptions for social gathering.

3. Special Catering for Children’s Cuisine

This can also be done by housewives or for men who want a side business. This is a type of catering business that will focus on and serve breakfast or lunch orders for school children.

Usually, this type of catering business will provide its products in the form of a place to eat for children or in the form of a basket. In fact, not infrequently this catering business provider includes food serving for babies.

4. Special Occasion Catering or Celebration

This is a catering business that will later focus on serving and producing food products for various special events such as sonata, birthday celebrations, weddings or various special occasions or other events.

Usually, the system used is an inscription system, but not infrequently also uses a cone shape and additional rice boxes.

5. Catering Office

Like child catering, this business or business is focused on meeting the culinary needs of the employees.

Ranging from various types of baskets for office employees, inscriptions for various events held at the office and ordering rice boxes.

6. Pricing and Product Preparation

Do a little research first to make it easier to determine the selling price of your catering product. Compare your product sales price plan with the market price.

You must be more clever in processing and running a production system which in turn can reduce the selling price and increase the effectiveness of your catering business.

Get around all the things that burden production costs by finding several suppliers who provide raw materials for your business at a cheaper and affordable price.

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7. Equipment And Capital Expenditure Preparation

Setting up some capital expenditure is the next step you must take when it is completed with determining or setting the selling price of your catering product. The catering business capital that will be needed is as follows:

8. Cost of Cooking Equipment

Maybe you no longer need to buy additional equipment if you are only going to cook for small portions.

But consider completing some of the essential tools if later you will handle a large catering demand or above 100 servings every day.

Because not only have to rush to buy new tools so that your capital can be economical and efficient. It can even maximize this 10 million rupiah capital venture.

9. Kitchen or Cooking Room

Arrange your cooking room or kitchen that will be used as a factory for your business as well as possible to make you and your colleagues easier and more comfortable to cook there.

Just use the kitchen in your home first, or select an empty room in your home.

10. Storage or Shelving

Surely you need equipment or a container for storing various needs of your catering business such as raw materials and seasonings, right?

Now, this is why you need a storage cabinet or rack. So that all goods related to production will be protected and safe. This will also make it easier for you to search for all the equipment.

11. Capital Planning

One of the home-based businesses, like this catering business will always get obstacles in the search for capital. But you can anticipate the initial loan in the form of savings or by borrowing from relatives and friends.

The initial capital you need is not too large. In fact, you can first start with a small scale so that you do not have problems in finding initial capital.

12. Marketing And Promotion Strategy

The next step that is no less important is how you carry out marketing strategies and promotions to disseminate public knowledge about your business.

Because no matter how large the scale of your catering business, doing promotions and using accurate strategies is important when you want your business to thrive.

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13. Products

Products are all things that will relate to the food that you will serve in your catering menu. The composition and quality of food are the main factors in your catering business.

Also note how the combination of the taste, color, texture of the cuisine and also the ingredients used.

14. Price Competition

As explained above, pricing is one of the keys to your success. If you want your small catering culinary business to be advanced and profitable, then you must first adjust the prices to the customers’ pockets.

15. The existence of Good Communication

The most important thing in a marketing strategy is communication. Make sure your communication with customers is not an obstacle in your business.

Provide ease of communication so that all requests and complaints can be resolved immediately.

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16. Add to Promotion

Promote directly from your mouth with relatives and friends or even use social media. The ease of accessing the internet can be a positive thing for entrepreneurs today.