It turns out that business can be done anywhere, including the business of selling food in the school canteen. Business opportunities that are promising with the target of school children who are hobby

Canteen Business Plan

Of course, opening a business in a school canteen is different from opening an ordinary food business. Foods that are sold are not only tasty but also inexpensive, making full and nutritious.

Because not a few who open a school canteen business, the food served is not healthy, so they become infected.

Besides, there must be a special trick so that food is interesting to buy. But how can I make the sale of school canteens more purchased than other snacks?

Okay start now

1. Make A Full Meal

Sometimes for school children who are given mediocre allowances but have not had breakfast, they usually prefer filling foods rather than good taste. Because sometimes good food is not filling because the size is not large.

2. Hot Food Not To Be Heated

Even though they are children, they are usually good at choosing food. They prefer foods that are still warm and avoid foods that are warmed up.

Especially if it’s fried food, it must be caught from a more brown or blackened fried skin. So it’s better to cook the food an hour before recess so the food sold is still warm to eat.

3. Fried Food

One of the most popular foods in the school canteen is fried food, because it is cheap and tasty and also filling.

You can sell a variety of fried foods ranging from egg rolls, fish, samosas, hush puppies, onion rings, chicken legs, french fries, resolve to chocolate bananas. This food will sell quickly even if it is sold in hot or cold weather.

4. Fried Rice

These foods are usually highly sought after by those who don’t have time to eat breakfast. But the price is indeed more expensive than if you buy other foods especially if added to side dishes such as tempeh, egg, and chicken.

Even so, this food is a shame if it is not sold in your canteen because it is one of the foods that are sought at rest and before entering class.

If you want to sell this, you don’t need to bother bringing frying pans and stoves to the school canteen, just wrap them in the plastic paper that you have prepared from home.

But if the school canteen is qualified to accommodate frying pans and stoves it would not hurt if you bring both of this equipment to school. Because your fried rice or noodles are more delicious because they are served warm.

5. Uduk Rice

Although they are both rice, uduk rice has its own taste so there are its own connoisseurs. But this rice is cheaper than fried rice or fried noodles.

But this rice is more unpleasant if eaten at rest because it is better eaten before going to class or in the morning for breakfast.

6. Siomay

For those who are hungry but do not want to eat rice, usually, school children choose to eat dumplings.

Because in addition to filling this food also tastes good and the price is not too expensive, enough for middle-aged school children.

7. Seblak Meatballs

Food made from crackers that are boiled and given spicy seasoning is indeed a trend, especially in the school canteen.

The price is not too high. Usually, seblak can be sold with a variety of flavors, ranging from original, seblak meatballs, seblak claw, seblak chicken to a mix seblak.

8. Sosis Bakar

Foods made from ground beef is pretty much looking for it. Like eating dumplings eating enough roasted societies makes the stomach full.

You can sell grilled sausages with a variety of flavors that can be original, cheese, spicy, Balado, and others. Usually, to sell this, you need Teflon to bake so that the leftover roasting smoke does not disturb the school.

9. Cimol, Cilok, Cilor

These three foods made from ACI are in demand if sold in the school canteen. Because it’s cheap, tasty and can get in large quantities.

This food is very profitable if sold in the canteen because of its simple ingredients, tapioca can develop when cooked.

10. Steamed Cake

The steamed cake is also a sought after food because it is filling. It can be a food replacement for rice for those who have not had breakfast. If you can’t make it, you can buy it at the market or order it in a cake shop.

11. Pizza Mini

This tasty, oily, and cheap food also looks for it a lot. Because these foods are filling and tasty when making snacks. You can make it yourself at home by using Teflon which is then topped with sausages or meatballs, sauce and also vegetables.

12. Pudding

Children certainly like jelly, so lozenges are also many who are looking for it. You can also make yourself at home.

Besides this food is most easily made if you want variety you can add milk. Usually their children like chocolate pudding, strawberry, and other fruit flavors.

13. Kue Toys

This food is good for snacks, because of crunches but to make it requires skill because they have to make it thinner to crispy faster. Because if it’s not thin then it’s like Martabak isn’t crackers.

14. Random Food

Not a few students who are not accustomed to eating rice for breakfast. Now you can open a bakery business at school. Because bread is usually used as an alternative food for rice.

The bread you sell can be sandwiches, packaged bread, or toast. And most of the best-selling is indeed a thousand bread. Because the bread is not bad in a schoolgirl’s bag and certainly filling.

15. Crispy Chicken

Not a few children like crispy chicken, because it is tasty and tasty. Although not branded, but children will usually still be looking for.

You can open this business opportunity in the school canteen. How to make it is also not too difficult especially now that instant flour is available to make crispy chicken. Usually, if you sell this package with rice, sauce, and drinks.

16. Meatballs

Not only employee canteens or meatball stalls, but school canteens also need to be served meatballs.

Because food made from ground meat is indeed a favorite food among ages, including students. Usually, students order meatballs when lunchtime arrives.

17. Mie Ayam

In the school canteen, chicken noodles become a filling meal when the break comes. Usually, chicken noodles will be ordered for children who are lazy to eat rice.

And usually, students like to get confused between eating chicken noodles or meatballs. So like to order some meatballs to pour into chicken noodles.

18. Indomie

Not to forget Indomie became a mainstay food in the school canteen. Become a mainstay because this food is not boring. Both fried and boiled.

This food is also suitable for breakfast and lunch. And even though it already contains high carbohydrates, Indomie is still eaten with rice.

19. Soto

For those who want to eat soup, soup is usually the mainstay of school children. The price is not as expensive as meatballs so they usually make soup for lunch.

Soto which is commonly available is usually chicken soup, meat soup, and soup noodles.

20. Donat

The bread that is perforated in the middle is a favorite food because it is filling and cheap. Moreover, the topping varies.

There is refined sugar, chocolate, peanut butter to strawberries. It is suitable for breakfast and the price is not expensive.

21. Burger Mini

Usually, this food will be bought when you come home from school. Waiting for pickup.

This food should be served in the school canteen because in addition to practical mini burgers are also nutritious because it is coated with cheese, beef, and vegetables.

22. Ice Candles

Ice lolly is a favorite drink for elementary school children. Usually what they like is green bean ice wax, chocolate milk ice wax, fruit syrup ice wax.

Apart from its good taste, the ice is also very fresh if taken during the afternoon after exercise.

23. Ice Cream

Although the price is more expensive than ice lolly, ice cream has its own idol. Usually, mothers are happier if their children eat ice cream compared to buying other ice.

Because ice cream is more nutritious. And ice cream is also referred to as a substitute for milk for those who do not like milk can buy ice cream.

24. Fruit Ice/Fruit Juice

Well, fruit ice or fruit juice can also be said to be a mainstay after a heavy meal such as chicken noodles, meatballs, dumplings, and rice. Fruit juice is usually more expensive. If you want to sell fruit juice or fruit ice, it’s better at the middle school or high school canteen where the allowance is bigger.

25. Es Dawet

Dawet ice becomes very reliable when it’s hot, especially after exercising. Surely a lot of children are looking for him. Dawet ice can also be a companion drink after lunch.

26. Iced Tea

This drink is a mainstay for every food. Usually can be made alone or with bottled tea. Iced tea itself there are tasteless and some sweet depending on the order. And of course, the price will be different.

27. Tofu

Tofu is now a contemporary food. It can be used as a snack can also be used as a food booster hungry stomach. But it’s not good if it’s used as a side dish. The price of round tofu is also relatively cheap, so many students are waiting in line to buy it.

If you sell it is better to sell round tofu that is different from most do not be given micin because it is not good for the health of students. And you might be protested by parents and teachers may no longer trade.

28. French Fries

French fries are usually sold together with crispy chicken similar to chicken at MC Donald or KFC. Usually, students like to buy it because of its savory taste added with chili sauce.

Of course, to make crispy french fries cannot be fried right away like frying fried. It must be steamed first to be very crispy when eaten.

29. Mineral Water

Well, although many drinks are sold, certainly mineral drinks will still be sought after by students. To quench your thirst and the price is not too expensive. It is recommended to sell whatever you are, mineral water remains a companion.

30. Pop-Ice

This one blender is indeed a favorite especially given colorful toppings. Children definitely want to buy it. Usually, the price of pop ice is not too expensive compared to juice. So many students like to buy it.

31. Egg Roll

The egg roll satay is the legendary and best-selling food to date. This food is hereditary for sale in the school canteen.

How to make it is also not difficult by mixing chicken eggs, salt, pepper which is mixed and fried then rolled into a skewer. After that, add the sweet and sour sauce.

32. Lidi-Lidian

Lidi-lidian or often referred to as stick noodles, although not filling but school children really like it. This food is suitable for casual dining during the first break while chatting with friends.

The taste of these foods is usually spicy and salty. And the most unique after eating the stick noodle wrap is not discarded but reversed because there is still a lot of seasoning attached to the package.

33. Grandma’s Hair

school cafeteria sales even though her name is Grandma’s hair, it’s not white like gray. But pink. Grandma’s own hair is crispy crackers with sweet cotton candy.

This food has been phenomenal since ancient times and still exists in the school cafeteria until now. If you want to sell this you should have a cotton candy machine.

34. Coki-Coki

School children certainly like chocolate. But this chocolate is not like chocolate which is usually dense and box-shaped.

Coki-Coki is thinner through thick. Usually wrapped in the size of a pencil. It can be eaten immediately, can also be used as a mixture of bread.

35. Mie Kremes

This snack is certainly not filling but very fun to eat with friends. Usually eaten with spices that taste salty or sweet. This snack is also legendary in the school until now there are still kremes noodles in the taxation.

36. Chiki Food

Actually, chiki is a snack brand. But legendary until now, a light snack that is not branded ciki was called Chiki. Although many parents do not like it if their child buys this. However, chiki is still sold in the school canteen. The reason children love it for snacks.

37. Nugget

Processed chicken meat is very well-liked by children. Usually used as a side dish. This food is usually served with rice and tomato sauce. Nugget itself is now diverse there are cows, fish nuggets, tofu nuggets, rice nuggets.

38. Watch The weather

For drinks, it’s good to pay attention to the weather factor. If the weather is hot you better make ice but if the weather is cold or the rainy season it helps you sell hot tea, bajigur, chocolate milk, or other warm drinks.

39. Affordable Prices

Because selling in the school canteen, it’s good prices not too expensive because school children ‘s pocket money is usually limited. For snacks such as fried foods, it helps you sell at a price of Rs 500-1,000 per fruit.

Likewise for bread or other snacks. But if you sell heavy food like meatballs, chicken noodles, uduk rice, or dumplings it is recommended that the price does not exceed RS. 5,000 per portion.

Because the price limit of 500 rupees is the maximum price for the ability to buy school children.

40. Pay Attention To Cleanliness

Do not sell it in the open, choose a closed place food container with a closed container so as to avoid insects such as flies that can cause disease.

Clean your canteen periodically too, for example in the morning before your canteen opens, after a break and when going home from school.

Do not forget to also provide a trash can, but it is not near food but a few meters from the canteen.