Business Philosophy 10 = 0 That Not Everyone Understands

What is Business philosophy? We are going to tell you this article, Hopefully, you will be here

Good business secret: working but having to work hard. Capable to show. There are plans to act. Have the opportunity to grasp. There are arrangements to monitor. There must be detection to handle. Operation but must be flexible. Worth to take advantage of. There are sales but must be profitable.

what is business philosophy

1, Working But Not Trying To Strive = 0

Business people must learn to appreciate and thank you. In the face of the financial crisis, business people should appreciate immediate opportunities.

“Journey of one thousand miles begins with a thousand steps.” Those who know about the opportunity to ruin new opportunities, they can finally laugh. There is no work but respect, gold rice is also a cut of soil.

2, Capable But Not Shown = 0

Everyone has their own strengths. You must know your strengths. At the same time, it makes their values ​​affirmed by others through practice. So there is more space to develop.

Therefore, if you consider yourself a horse. Thousands of days before you go, expressing your abilities, at the same time happiness will be seen. Always remember: “The potential benefit is that when it is actually promoted, it becomes possible. If not, it will become a burden.

3, Planned But Not Action = 0

The plan is only the premise of implementation. New action is the truth of implementation. If the plan is not practical and summarized by action. Any perfect plan will always be a legend.

Therefore, the key point in business creation is not to propose perfect options. Which is immediately acting.

4, Opportunity But Not Grasping = 0

“Give fish not equal to fishing rod”. Absolutely work not only for remuneration. In the process of working, there will be a series of opportunities in the market. At the same time, it is also a good opportunity to foster and train yourself.

Must seize the opportunity. Just think more, do more than others, there will be more opportunities.

5, There Are Layout But Unattended Layout = 0

Work must be arranged, implemented and supervised. Only when the monitoring is completed, can the problem be detected, problem-solving, summarizing the experience.

Thus, it is possible to deploy the work in the best way. On this point, the PDCA cycle (Planning – Implementation – Testing – Action) is a problem that every business person faces and considers.

6, There is Progress But Not Continuous = 0

Everyone must actively seek progress, so the collective can be progressive and strong. Continuous progress will help the team to grow constantly.

If progress is not continuous. Or a little progress and then stalled. Eventually, destiny will be eliminated.

7, Has Detected But Not Processed = 0

Facing the market of natural changes. Any plan in the process of implementation may fail because of a small mistake.

Therefore, in addition to the right plan, capture and timely details. We need to explore every small problem in the implementation process. Extra Handling on Time To avoid “one thousand miles long, only a small and broken nest”.

8, Operation But Not Flexible = 0

Business is important to be creative. I have things that others don’t have. Others have the advantages that we don’t have. Avoid mechanical molding, empiricism. Any manipulation process must be flexible before the variable market. New can win.

9, Is Worth The Non-Use = 0

Business people must be a good manager who knows how to calculate. The reasonability in product structure is valuable. Even the value of the company is valuable.

Only when utilizing the value reasonably. Fully promote the value of each person, each coin. Even exploiting value from new worthless things is considered a standard business.

10, There Are Sales But No Profit = 0

If sales are the standard for measuring the performance of business people. So profit is the measure of that standard.

Just completing the sales task is not enough. Only when completing the sale based on a net profit is it considered a real sale.

Only when it has just completed its revenue, can it guarantee a new sale to be considered an excellent salesperson.

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