Business Model Not Available in Vietnam (Large Profit Margin)

Currently on the market there are many unique ideas or business models. But you want to find yourself a unique model that no one has ever done in Vietnam and help bring high profits.

With the topic today Business model is not available in Vietnam (big profit margin) , I will suggest to you an idea and also a new business model. To know what this model is and how effective it is, invite you to read the analysis below.


Recognize your favorite trends and find buying and using more environmentally friendly products and services. In today’s topic, we will come up with the idea: create a website, an app that provides eco-friendly restaurants, restaurants, and places.

First, to make it easier to visualize, you will understand that this website, app works almost like Foody website that specializes in eating places.

Because of the increasing demand and trend of using environmental-related products and services. Especially foreign tourists come, they are very interested in environmental protection,

So they would like to look for places to eat, restaurants, and restaurants that design and use appliances related to environmental Protection. It is possible that the cafe uses only bamboo straws or bakeries that do not use plastic bags and use paper bags to protect the environment.

Currently, almost everyone uses smartphones, so we will develop this idea into an app on the phone and also create a main website so that those who want to search by computer can use it.


To accomplish this idea, we need to have IT staff to write down the app based on this idea perfectly, and build the website that matches the content on the app.

You can hire a programming company to take on the job, or you should build your own technology staff to support app-related jobs and websites later. Because if outsourced, when there is a problem you will have to pay more to repair, and they will be difficult to complete according to your wishes so it is best to build a staff of their own technology.

After the website and app are completed, we will start to put it into operation. Customers who want to search for an environmentally friendly eating place will visit the website or for those who use smartphones, they can download the app on the phone.

Since all the locations here are restaurants, customers will need to type in the local and national names to search. After the search, dining locations in that area will appear for customers to choose.

With this idea, environmentally friendly eating places are not only confined to Vietnam but also to many countries around the world. To expand the scope and scale of operations, the initial requirement is to have a very large amount of capital.

So if you don’t have enough capital, you should mobilize capital from investors, especially foreign investors. Because environmental issues are very interested by foreigners.

Website, our App is the intermediary so that environmentally friendly eating places can introduce themselves to customers around the world. In order to ensure the quality of the restaurants.

We recommend to our customers who are environmentally friendly, we should have conditions where eating places want to be on the web or the app must achieve such an example. proving a product, service or tool used at an environmentally friendly restaurant, …, providing sufficient information about the dish and introducing its restaurant and restaurant on the web for customers to refer.

In addition, you should also have additional customer reviews, feedback to each restaurant, restaurant location so that the following customers can have a basis to choose and make more decisions.


In order to introduce more users to this service, we will use online channels to advertise. For example, it will run ads introducing services on Google, facebook, youtube. Post articles on online newspapers with high readership..

Introduce in magazines, newspapers or forums on environmental protection and tourism across the country and the world. Promote through influential people in the community, especially celebrities who also participate in environmental protection activities.

Psychology of viewers will want to follow their idols, at the same time, activities on environmental protection are increasingly developed and enthusiastic response from the community. So I think this idea will be welcomed by many people in the future.


With the idea, business model from the website, the app provides the location of the restaurant, this environmentally friendly restaurant we will receive benefits such as:

+ Responding and propagating better environmental protection activities to the community. There may not be many environmentally friendly eateries like this idea, through the website and the app that we build, will suggest new business ideas such as the environmental protection restaurant model. life

+ Savings: with the use of tools, utensils such as bamboo straws, paper bags, and old items that will help us both protect resources, save old appliances to reuse more effectively.

+ Earn money from this idea. We will earn money from advertising restaurants and spiders to write introductions to popular, environmentally-friendly eating places. In addition, you can receive additional ads from other sources such as google, units that want to place ads on your website.

This is just a preliminary idea outlined through the topic of this analysis. Vietnam tourism is growing, the number of foreign tourists visiting Vietnam is increasing.

The times when I travel and meet foreign friends, they all want to find some restaurants or activities related to environmental issues in Vietnam. So if you develop this idea well, you can target customers who are foreign tourists to Vietnam.

As mentioned throughout the article, foreigners love services and products related to environmental protection, so restaurants and places to eat are very friendly in foreign countries. Therefore, it is not just developing this idea in the country but expanding it abroad. I hope with the basic hint in this analysis,

You can write a more complete plan of this idea and then do it. Hope that the shared information will help you. Wish you will succeed with this idea soon. Thanks for watching the analysis.


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