There are many ways to make extra money, some are legitimate and some are not. Some things require more effort than others.

You might not be ready to drive a Uber or start a dog-walking business, but even if it’s not for you, there are still ways to make creative products that you can use to make money.

Business Ideas With Low Investment

Only by doing a side business that does not require you to spend a lot of capital such as how to open a business with small capital but profitable.

After all, the goal is to make money, right? Here are twenty ways to put some extra capital into your pocket and you can do it according to the daily schedule that suits you.

1. Rent an Unused Room

Have a spare bedroom? If so, you can advertise it and rent it to people who visit your city when you feel comfortable.

Depending on where you live, you might be able to get the best income in certain seasons.

2. Product Design

If you like to design or make items, consider posting your designs on social media or blogs. You can make t-shirts, coffee mugs, shower curtains, blankets or other products.

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You upload designs to your online marketing and when people buy products with one of your designs, you will get extra benefits like how to start a rice business.

3. Online Survey

Several online survey sites claim that you can make a lot of money, but not all of them are legit. Most or most online surveys will be public and free to join and when you do online surveys, you get points.

These points can be used to buy gift cards from several different stores or you can use your points to buy items such as movies, books or items for the home.

4. Rent Your Car

If you have a car that you don’t use often, you can put it on a car rental site because it’s available for rent.

It’s quite easy, you register the make and model of the car and where you are, some sites set a rental price and you are paid 65% -85% of the price of the trip via direct deposit.

This is also an income that is too worrying.

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6. Selling Items Around the House Online

You will be amazed at what items you have lying around the house that can make good money. Do you still have your textbook from college?

Check some sites where they will not only buy your textbooks but also provide free shipping labels for shipping. What about your old cellphone or your last generation iPod?

Look around your house and determine what you want to sell.

7. Buying and Selling Used Goods

This is one of my favorite things to do. As the saying goes, “one person’s trash is another person’s treasure.” Yep, buy some used goods and sell them back.

Can use the previous recycling procession, also learn tips to become a young entrepreneur.

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8. Freelance

I know firsthand how difficult it is to have two jobs but it’s good if you have goals. One popular type of side job is being an online freelance.

9. Promote your expertise

Are you an expert in fixing computer problems? How about cutting hair? Are you use around the house? Take an inventory of your expertise so you can become cash instantly.

Write on a piece of paper what your expertise is and how you can make money using it. Test your ideas with your circle of friends and who knows, maybe you can make a business from there.

10. Sell Your Photos

If you like photography and want to make a little extra cash with your pictures, you can become a Shutterstock Contributor.

It’s free to contribute and you can get paid no matter how much. Turn your creative eye into a way to make extra money today.

11. Freelance Writer

If you want to write and want to make money with your pajamas, freelance writing can be very appropriate.

There are many successful people just by writing a few client requests such as being a freelance writer on a website or ordering article writing.

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12. Teach Community Education Classes

If you have the skills that are best learned in a group environment, consider contacting your local Community

Education officers and talking to them about teaching in class.

The ideas for what types of classes you can teach if your local community education program does not offer are endless.

You can teach budgeting classes, Internet security classes, classes on using a smartphone, how to pay off debt, how to retire early or many other things.

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Research your skills and see what you can teach others who will provide value to your community and get additional income for you.

13. Tutor of a Student

Parents with students of all ages are looking for qualified tutors for their children.

If you are great with children and are proficient in Mathematics, English, Creative Writing or Grammar, consider advertising your service as a tutor.

This is a great way to make money while in college too.

14. Teach Others What You Know

Are you a great cook? Offering a service to come to someone’s house and teach them to cook some delicious dishes.

Most people have at least one talent that someone else has and wants it.

Find you, and offer to teach it to others for a fee.

15. Recycling aluminum cans

In some states, you can make some money per can that you can recycle. If you live in one of these states, you can make decent recycled aluminum.

Some people earn more each or every week doing this as a side job.

16. Create Educational Videos

Vimeo, YouTube, and several other video sharing networks were created especially for education and entertainment. If you browse the web today, you can find videos. and tons of it.

In October 2009, Google reported that YouTube produced 1 billion unique views per day.

As you already know, video is a medium that can create excitement about a particular topic or theory, and engage viewers regardless of their perspective.

17. Small Family Restaurant Business

The reason why the “small family restaurant” features a market mainly due to a number of subsequent reasons.

The space between the varsity and therefore the house distant, not convenient to travel home at noon.

The varsity doesn’t have tension news or the canteen is just too small, some parents don’t have time to cook at work.

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The project features a relatively small investment scale and a target customer base. From a price analysis perspective, accounting of inputs and outputs is straightforward and straightforward to regulate.

18. Decorate And Beautify Cars

Because the amount of cars is increasing, only the standard of service is improved, the entire mind of certain businesses will grow.

But at an equivalent time, the competition in big cities are going to be stronger.

Experts say that if you open a store, it is best to understand the technology yourself. The profit margins of the present auto beauty shops are relatively large, but the initial investment of this project is comparatively large.

19. Painting The Wall

The mural may be a new wave of current decoration, and it’s the key to guiding more people to simply accept such highly personalized services.

At an equivalent time, we must consider the comparison of the value of hand-drawing and traditional decoration, and also consider the psychological durability of various customers.

Also, consider reducing manpower and material costs while improving efficiency and hand-drawing skills.

20. Open Milk Tea Shop

Chain of milk tea shops, reducing business risks, following a successful shortcut. there’s a “support” of the whole chain headquarters, and you’ll get professional and technical support from the headquarters.

Find ways to utilize the skills you already have and grow your side business to expand your customer base and get more money. Have you tried this creative way to make extra money?