Students are always synonymous with great passion and unlimited creativity. Many students use their creativity and enthusiasm to start a side business while busy finishing college.

Business Ideas For Students

With creativity, many students explore their potential by starting a business that will develop in the future and not seem too conventional.

Below will be discussed some inspirational creative business ideas for students.

1. Paper Flowers

Every beauty and happy moment of teenagers and students is usually synonymous with flowers. Unfortunately, in addition to expensive prices, fresh flowers also have a time limit to stay afloat.

As an alternative, many young creative business people are starting to look at this condition to sell paper flowers.

In addition to having the advantage of being more durable than fresh flowers, the manufacturing material is relatively easy to obtain and does not depend on the season so it has a more affordable price.

2. Photographer or Videographer

If you have a natural talent in processing the art of photography, of course, this one business must be your lyrics.

Starting a photography or videography business is also one of the targets because the market is always there with an attractive fee.

Invest your money in powerful photography tools, always sharpen your photography/videography skills and find creative ideas from anywhere.

3. Online Tutors

Being a tutor or tutor is often done by students who are still active in college. But being a class tutor or private tutor can sometimes be very time-consuming if done in several different places and times.

Online tutor is one of the creative endeavors that suits the current conditions, where everyone is very familiar with the existence of gadgets and the internet.

By becoming an online tutor, a student can handle several different classes or students at once from one place without having to spend a lot of money.

4. Local Language Teachers for Tourists

The professional translator or foreign language instructor in the course has been done by many students who master several languages.

However, currently, there is a side job that has a more attractive salary than just being a translator, which is to teach Indonesian or the local language for foreign tourists.

Being a local language teacher for foreign tourists the conditions are quite easy.

You only need to join the language guidance institution that provides these facilities, the salary is even greater because it is adjusted to the foreign currency of the student concerned.

5. Become A Online Writer

Along with the development of internet technology as a media provider of information, the world of writing today and knowledge is no longer limited to paper. Being an online writer is one business idea that you can try.

Only with the capital of a laptop and writing talent that you have, can already be the main capital that can ensure a creative student can still work and is busy studying.

6. Makeup Artist

If you have the talent for make-up, don’t waste your talent, because the make-up artist is one of the professions that many people need in important events.

As a student, you can start dressing your friends for graduation or wedding events. Although you have to spend capital on equipment, if you are already known for a good portfolio, this business can be very profitable.

7. Open Printing Service

Many students have laptops, but very few have a personal printer or printer. If examined further, this can be a very promising business opportunity among students.

In addition to facilitating college assignments, having a commercialized personal printer will also bring quite favorable results.

Imagine, how many students have to print their college assignments in one day? This makes this business a great opportunity for you.

8. Selling E-books

If you are a diligent student who likes to record any details of the lecture, you also have the potential for creative endeavors to be commercialized.

Notes that you make during class time can be made into an e-book that can be easily distributed and is commercial in nature.

9. Selling Clothes

With the opportunity that students need neat clothes for college every day, you can start to be creative and create a business in the field of clothing.

Clothing is an important component, especially for women to always look neat and attractive on campus. You take advantage of this opportunity to start selling clothes at affordable prices on campus.

The clothes you sell can vary such as jackets, shirts, veils, shirts or can be focused on just one item with a variety of choices.

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10. Internet Marketing

Nowadays, almost everyone opens online businesses to reach more consumers. They all want to make their business on the Google homepage so that more people will visit later.

To make it, it is certainly quite difficult if done alone so they will look for providers of promotional services on the internet.

If you open a business in this field, business people will look for you to help promote their business so that it is widely known and can be ranked first on Google.

11. Become A YouTuber

Nowadays technology is growing and people are turning to use YouTube to find information. In addition to opening an online business, now becoming a YouTuber is also a promising business opportunity in the digital world as it is today.

There are already many YouTubers who can make a profit just by uploading their videos on YouTube.

If you like making videos, then share it with friends, now is the time to switch to using this media because not a few people who finally get money even become famous artists just because you become a YouTuber.

12. Handmade

Turning a hobby into an income field is promising. If you want to try to start a handmade business, you must understand how the market tastes and the current trends.

Creativity and innovation become the main capital in making a craft so that it can attract buyers. How to market it can now be done online to make it easier for you.

13. Franchise

Want to start a business but are constrained by the lack of ideas and do not have the experience or feel unsure to start it yourself? then choosing the type of franchise business can be the solution.

A franchise can be said to be most suitable for a beginner because running this franchise business model will be assisted by the franchisor (brand holder) from training to the process stage.

As a beginner. You will not be confused with the business concept that will be undertaken.

You only have to run according to its capital capabilities while remaining under the brand name of the selected franchise company.

Instead, choose a franchise business that is clear and is widely followed by others.

14. Sharia Property

Buying a house with a DP of Rp0 is indeed currently being hotly discussed. This could be a business opportunity called sharia property.

Why is there a property business without a DP? This happens because sharia property does not involve third parties so that pure transactions occur between consumers and developers.

Although the risk is greater than the ordinary property business, this business can help each other and make it easier for everyone.

15. Travel and Car Rental

Traveling becomes part of the lifestyle and trends of some people, especially nowadays, they are traveling with the aim of refreshing.

So that the travel business is now promising. You can also open a car rental business in your travel business. If some of you consider travel and car rental businesses to have a lot of capital, you are wrong.

You can try a travel business with minimal capital as long as you can see business opportunities and of course persevere in running the travel business.

16. Content Creator

Being a content creator is one of the promising endeavors that can be used as the main business or can be used as a side business opportunity.

Being a content writer is very easy, you can simply make a content intended for the public, both in writing and video.

To earn money becoming a content creator, you can work with ad providers like Google AdSense to monetize your content. Either via Youtube or Blogspot.

17. Online Business

The digital world that is currently growing can support the birth of various creative businesses including those that can be run by housewives.

Some of the types of products in the online business that are most popular and have never subsided are those in the fashion and food business.

Apart from being interested, these two businesses are also very close to the world of women and are usually part of their hobbies. Running a business that suits your hobbies can usually smooth your success.

For those who want to try online business in both fields, now also made easy with the reseller and drop shipper systems.

By choosing this system, housewives do not need to have their own selling products but rather sell other people’s products but use their own shop name and set their own prices.

The online selling system is fairly small capital can even be done without capital. Housewives only need internet quota and promotion diligently in every spare moment with the right online marketing strategy.

18. Author

Having an interest and talent in writing can be a promising business opportunity for housewives to make money. Housewives can start by working as a freelance writer.

Many marketplace sites offer jobs in the field of writing and you just need to take some free time to get a job there.

The need for website content or articles that can increase website traffic is needed right now. No wonder if the services of writers are increasingly sought after.

Even an article will be highly valued, especially if you are fluent in writing articles in English. Not only writing content for domestic websites but also for foreign websites.

19. Shares of Online

Another side business that you can try is playing stocks or online mutual funds . You can work without leaving home to be able to get profits in a short time.

Although buying and selling shares is not a simple business because it still requires calculations, especially in terms of risks and benefits.

You can start this business with an initial capital of Rs. 100,000. Depending on which broker you choose when investing online.

20. Catering

Talking about one potential that many housewives have, cooking is definitely one of them. If this includes the skills that you master, of course, there is no harm in utilizing this cooking skill to be a business that can bring a lot of profit.

The catering business is usually much needed for the needs of large events such as weddings, recitals or other events.

With this catering business, then in one order, you can immediately get a large profit because the portions ordered are also usually directly large.

Tips in this catering business, it is not only the food taste that is important to pay attention to but also the packaging, cleanliness, and service.

For that, make sure that orders are delivered on time, are processed cleanly, and don’t forget to provide maximum service.

21. Cake Business

Besides catering business, if you have a hobby of baking, you can also start a side business on this one. Revenue is quite good especially before holidays such as Eid and Christmas.

Decide what kind of cake you want to sell, dry or wet. Then find the market through the closest person first and also promote it through social media.

You can open pre-orders for birthday celebrations. Also, there’s nothing wrong if you want to entrust it to sell it in several retail stores that are willing to work with it.

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22. Crafts

If you can process goods into high-quality, high-value crafts, you have a great opportunity to turn this ability into a business that generates large profits.

Crafts that get a lot of requests from the market can be graduation souvenirs, wedding delivery submitters, even up to making hampers for parcels on special days.

23. Day Care

This side business is suitable for housewives who live in urban areas. As you know, many women today are housewives and at the same time carry out their careers.

Usually, they need someone who is trusted to look after children while they work.

Enterprises daycare or child care you can try to provide a solution to these problems.

By opening daycare , simply promote it to neighbors, through broadcast chat and promotions via online media, then customers will automatically arrive.

Tips on opening a daycare business, don’t forget to provide an empty room at home to be a children’s playground.

Include educational toys, storybooks and everything that kids love so they feel at home. Do not forget to also interact with children so they feel comfortable.


The many creative business choices that students can make without having to spend a lot of capital, make the opportunity for a student to become a reliable businessman in the future very wide open.

But what must always be remembered from a business that is done is that the financial arrangements are quite good, so that it allows the business will benefit and develop more in the future.