For some people, growing old is a scary thing. When entering old age, retiring from work will be one of the decisions that you must live.

Business Ideas After Retirement

Limitations on physical strength often become obstacles to productive activities. Though many types of businesses after retirement can make money even though physically not as strong as it used to be.

1. Flower Arrangement

Even though it looks old-fashioned, a flower arrangement can make you not easily stressed.

Also, flower arrangements will reduce the risk of forgetfulness because you are required to always be creative to produce beautiful flower arrangements.

2. Raise Livestock

Businesses in the livestock sector can be done even though old age. You can hire employees to do the work. Consider the business concept carefully so that it will get good results.

3. Translator

If there are several languages ​​that you speak, you can do the work as a translator. Not only being a translator of scripts or documents, but also a direct translator who usually works at various events.

4. Sell

Selling by opening a shop is one way you can do it. You only need to look after the shop and serve the customers who come. This type of business is quite light and can increase your income. You can sell clothes or food.

5. Property

Rental and boarding businesses do require a lot of big capital. But, the benefits generated also should not be underestimated. This business has good prospects, especially if you open a business near schools, campuses, or shops.

6. Goods Reseller

The proliferation of online stores now can open your opportunities to become a reseller of goods. Being a reseller of goods does not require a lot of capital, especially if you do it with a dropship system.

You only need a distributor who has a good reputation and promotes merchandise through social media. When someone orders an item, all you have to do is call the distributor and ask them to make a delivery.

7. Open Restaurant

For those of you who are interested in the culinary world, you can open a restaurant. An example of a food stall business that you can open is a legal stall. legal stalls have the potential to generate a sizable income because the turnover is calculated daily.

8. Franchise

A business run with a franchise system can be said to be a promising business choice. The capital issued was not large.

You also do not need to bother thinking about the concept and initial capital calculation. Choose a franchise that has a good reputation so that the franchise that you will run can develop properly.

The most important thing from some businesses that you can run is seriousness.

Do not let your business stop and go bankrupt. Think carefully about what business you are running to avoid regret in the future.

9. Car and Motorcycle Service

When on vacation, not a few people look for a place to rent a car or motorcycle for them to travel. Not infrequently they choose to leave their private vehicles at home and on vacation using travel or airplane. Because tired if you have to travel to the destination city by driving your own vehicle.

If you have an unused vehicle, for example, you can rent a motorbike at the end of this year. For example, the rental price is only Rs 100,000 per day and is rented for a week.

This means that in one week you can get Rs 700 thousand. Not bad right? Without having to sweat it out you can get money. However, if you are a relative or good friend you are renting, you better sort the rental price.

10. Lodging Business

Have you ever heard of homestay? If so, you can try an impromptu homestay business if you have an unused but livable room in your home.

This business is very profitable because many backpackers who prefer to stay at a homestay compared to hotels that cost much more.

You can rent it daily or weekly to tourists. But remember this lodging business has a big risk if the room that you rent a house with your residence. So before you rent out you must be careful of the tenants.

Ask for their identity and never let your guard down to watch your valuables. Because we do not know who is staying at your residence so you must be vigilant at all times.

The price of a room depends on the facilities provided but it also depends on the location of the lodgings. The more strategic and complete the facilities will certainly be more expensive.

Usually, the rental price per day starts from INR 50,000 to IDR 250,000 per room. Of course, this price is adjusted to the facilities provided.

Do not be too expensive because if it is too expensive tourists usually prefer to stay in a hotel that is guaranteed cleanliness and safety.

11. Tour Packages

This business needs people who have experience because this tour package business includes everything from transportation, lodging, tourist attractions to souvenirs. This business requires professional people to know the tourist attractions with one another.

So for those of you who don’t have a better experience, it’s not recommended unless you really like traveling so you know the good tourist attractions, cheap ticket hunting, comfortable lodging to good souvenirs.

12. Services Guide

This business is almost the same as a guide service business, the difference is that this business does not have to be a tour package.

So it is enough to be their guide in one tourist place. The difference is this business is intended for foreign tourists so you do have to master a foreign language at least English.

If you do have the ability to speak a foreign language it could not hurt if you offer tourist attractions as well as your guide services online, I think many tourists are interested only in the virtual world.

So the guide is not only having foreign language skills but also understanding and understanding of the tour from history to its development until now.

So before you offer yourself as a guide it helps you visit these tourist attractions and learn them.

13. Culinary Business

It’s incomplete if visiting a tourist town without tasting its special food. So at the end of the year before the holidays come to do business local specialties. Surely many are interested because in their area there is no certainty that there is a sale.

And even though some sell, they are not necessarily as original and as good as the place of origin. And it is recommended that you sell it in a tourist area or on the side of a road to a tourist area.

14. Souvenir Business

Usually when tourists want to go home are looking for typical souvenirs in the form of snacks. Usually bread, crackers, chips, sweets, and others.

You can try to sell it near tourist attractions. You can also sell it online if you don’t have a place to sell. By selling souvenirs online usually buy people who don’t travel.

15. Screen Private

One of the business opportunities leading up to the elections is the screen printing business. Usually, before the elections, the political parties need some attributes to campaign for their candidates.

Attributes that can be printed such as banners, t-shirts, clothes, glass tops, plates, veils, to prayer rugs. Usually, the screen printing business is integrated with the convection business but there is also a stand-alone.

When the regional head election was certain, the political party shirts were scattered everywhere.

Especially when the campaign season arrives, political party shirts will be found in every street. It is natural because the party shirt is indeed the hallmark of a political party. So it’s natural to scatter.

For those of you who like to do business or want to start a business, there is no harm in opening a party shirt business.

It seems that until the election period ends, in the middle of February 2017 will be selling well. Because not a few political parties are planning to make political party shirts to be distributed to the public.

Opening a business is not difficult and requires large capital. But you have to get ready. Because the order of political party shirts will be booming compared to other orders.

And of course, they will ask for their political party shirts to be extra fast. Because you want to use it before the election event arrives.

16. Convection Business

Business opportunities ahead of the elections that are sought after, of course, business convection because of course during the time before the campaign period political parties will order a lot of shirts, batik, pins, jackets, bags, and more.

For beginners who just opened a convection business, get ready if you will be flooded with orders. So it should be possible to prepare because the order will be many times more than usual and the arrival is usually sudden.

17. Printing Business

Printing business opportunities have become one of the most potential businesses ahead of the campaign period.

Usually, political parties want to print stickers, pamphlets, flyers, leaflets, and business cards. Not only that but printing also usually opens a banner-making service for campaign purposes.

To start this business, some tools must be prepared such as at least Pentium 3 computer, printer, cutting machine, binding, laminator, template, roll lamination material, sticker lamination, sticker paper, frame, automatic business card cutter, Inverse Punch corner, Paper Cutter, and Art Paper.

18. Catering Business

Ahead of the elections, political parties usually hold certain events to introduce their vision and mission to the community. Usually, they hold the event while eating, both light and heavy meals.

So for those of you who have cooking skills, there is nothing wrong with you opening a catering business during this campaign. Surely it will be a big profit. Normally what will sell is boxed rice and packaged rice.

During your campaign, you can also promote your catering business by including business cards. So those who consume it if you want to hold an event can contact you. This business is like any other business opportunity that requires high speed with a lot of orders.

Because usually the campaign period is indeed fast and involves many people. So you really have to prepare both the raw materials for cooking and human resources.

19. Sound Business

Not to forget the sound system lending business became one of the big business opportunities when the elections came.

Because during the campaign the candidates will make speeches to introduce their vision and mission to the public so that they need speakers to be heard by many people.

So the sound system lending business becomes a business opportunity that is worth considering when the elections come.

All you need to prepare to start this business is to buy sound system equipment in the form of wireless, mic, and cable roll.

20. Stake Business

When the elections were not a few political parties who carried out the campaign on the stage. In addition to introducing their vision and mission.

They also usually invite several capital artists to entertain the people who came when the campaign was held. So that stage lending business is worthy of being one of the business opportunities to be reckoned with.

21. Tent Renting

Usually, when the campaign is approaching beside the stage, the tent is also one of the parties interested in the campaign.

Usually, tents are needed to protect them from heat and rain. So for those of you who have a tent rental business from now on, they are actively publicizing the political parties because usually, they do not hesitate to rent in large quantities.

22. Transportation

The transportation leasing business is also a promising business opportunity when the local election is approaching.

Usually, transportation takes pickup, truck, bus, and car. However, the most rented are pickups or pickups.

Because usually during the campaign they will do a parade to introduce their candidates to the public on the streets.

23. Flag Business

Attributes that will not be forgotten when the election comes are political party flags and red and white.

So for those of you who usually sell the flag when independence day comes, this time you don’t miss a golden opportunity to open up business opportunities during this campaign.

We only need a sewing machine, cutting machine, overlock machine, and convection material.

24. Bamboo Selling

When the flag sells automatically bamboo also follows. Because these two items are the most widely used when campaigning. One of them is to publicize their political parties to the public.

So for those of you who have bamboo trees, don’t cut them down, but sell them immediately before the campaign period ends.

Because although some flag businesses directly sell packages of flags and bamboo, not a few people also want to buy the bamboo because it is cheaper than buying a package with the flag.

25. Merchandise Business

Although the campaign is not a marriage that is usually given merchandise or souvenirs. But usually, the political parties will provide merchandise during the campaign to the people present.

Merchandise diverse there are mugs, plates, hoods, pins, key chains. Usually, the merchandisers have the symbol of their political parties, so you should collaborate with the printing company so that your merchandise can be more expensive.

26. Souvenir business

Not only souvenirs are usually sought after by tourists but also souvenirs as souvenirs of relatives who are not invited to the streets.

Souvenirs that are usually purchased are usually handicrafts, paintings, batik, key chains to ornamental plants.