In the era of increasingly sophisticated technology like now, who is not interested in running a business?  Based on business online are now beginning to have sprung up, such as the reseller business models, dropshipping, even print on demand. 

Maybe some of you already know some of the above business models. However, if you don’t know, let’s go one-on-one surgery.


Reseller is a business model where you have to have stock of goods and do promotions on social media or your website. To have a stock of goods of course you have to spend capital.

In addition, you have to do the packing and shipping yourself. And, you also have to be smart in managing goods so that there is no dead stock.

The Benefits of a Reseller Business Model

  • If you become a Reseller, of course, all your business activities that handle, well, because of that, you can have a direct bond with your customers, for example, when there is new product info then customers can get products quickly from you. 
  • Faster sales and sweet selling products guarantee you to get greater profits. 
  • When there are customers ordering goods to you, then you can immediately do the packing and shipping without the need to wait for confirmation from the supplier or manufacturer.


Dropshipping is a business model where customers buy products in your online store. Then the customer pays to you after that from the customer you will continue to the supplier.

You pay the booking fee and finally, the supplier accepts your order, then sends it to your customer on behalf of your online store.

Benefits of the Dropshipping Business Model

  • Without capital: You only need to spend internet credit capital to be able to run this business.
  • Risk is much lower: You do not need to store stock and experience dead stock.
  • It can be run from anywhere: No need to rent a place, no stock of goods, no need for employees, and no other hassles, so just boss! Hehehe.
  • Variety of product variations: You can sell any product, but if you only want to focus on one product, of course, you can.
  • Save time: You don’t need to do the packing and shipping yourself, because everything is handled by your supplier.

Print On Demand

What is the Print On Demand business?

The print on demand business is a service system based on customer orders. So when there is an order from a customer, then this service provider will immediately make it.

Starting from the design, color, up to the printing stage. The ease of ordering is the reason why the print on demand business is never empty of buyers.

Business Benefits of Print On Demand

  • Usually, in the production process, you need 1 work time to complete all production, from design, printing to delivery.
  • After the production process has been completed, you can immediately send the product quickly.
  • You can more easily determine your target market. For example, you sell shirts for Avengers lovers, now you can design these shirts with pictures of superheroes or others.

Here are 6 businesses that print on demand concepts, including:

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One of the best-selling print on demand products on the market is T-shirts. Actually, this business has been around for a long time, but due to technological developments, custom T-shirt printing machines are even more sophisticated.

Plus, designs are increasingly creative. Moreover, marketing products like this is not difficult, you can sell this T-shirt with the concept of a couple or set aside for certain interests.

Mobile Case

Besides T-shirts, the handphone casing is also one of the most promising print-on-demand products.

Although this business has quite a lot of competitors, the demand is also not less. Now that’s important to pay attention to the quality of your product.

Starting from the design, materials, to the price you offer. Remember! Prioritizing quality, not quantity.


This print on demand product is no less interesting. This product is usually found on certain occasions as gifts, such as birthdays, weddings, and other events.

Well, can you imagine how much profit you can get if this product is ordered for these events?

Definitely the flowers. However, you need extra work, and certainly, pay attention to quality.

Brochure / Banner

Do you want to print an invitation? Print brochure? Or even a banner? You could say this business is tireless. Because almost every day you have to work. You also have to pay attention to everything.

Starting from the design, detailed information contained in the brochure until finally entering the printing stage. You also have to confirm in advance to your customers, so that errors do not occur. Because if you are very wrong you will probably lose.


Every change of the year this business is never empty of buyers. Lots of calendar requests in various types of forms.

Starting from the wall calendar, table, spiral, and so on. In general, this product is equipped with front and back covers to beautify the calendar.


The more unique the image, the more enthusiasts. Yep, the images and designs on the Card can be a tool to show the customer’s identity.


Well, that’s 7 businesses that print on demand concept that you can try. So, it’s time to make a change!

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