The customer is king. He has the right to determine everything, although his decision needs to be reviewed and even changed. But you can win his heart to change the decision.

 Build Customer Trust And Loyalty

Winning a customer’s heart is a pretty complicated job. Not a few companies that are approaching clients ( companies, agencies, institutions, or individuals) find it difficult to get involved and connected. But nothing is impossible.

It’s good, you change the way you communicate and expand your perspective. Next, do these seven ways to win his heart. So the planned project is going well.

1. Communication

In a company or organization, people have a lot of time to communicate. Many spend time talking the small talk and in the end not useful. Likewise when dealing with clients.

Build useful communication and provide useful input. For example in running a campaign, clients need interesting content to attract customer interest.

For example, interacting with Instagram Live, uploading motion graphic videos on social media about current issues, or uploading photos containing giveaway, and much more.

2. Be A Good Listener

A study from the University of Missouri states that after 10 minutes of listening, the average listener only understands and controls 50 percent of what they hear.

Within 48 hours, the value decreased to 25 percent. But not a few businesses are busy talking about this. They forget to listen to customers and clients.

You as a business actor, winning the hearts of clients is mandatory. For that, listen and learn about their desires. If you know what they want and need, you can make it happen, you will get client loyalty.

3. Know The Client’s Background

Sometimes a person feels difficult to understand the wishes of the client not because of problems on how to communicate.

But not knowing the client’s background. Because sometimes what the client wants is still related to the background.

On the other hand, if you know and understand the background, you can establish personal relationships well.

Just don’t pretend to know. For example, before meeting with the client, see LinkedIn or social media, and export as much information.

As in the eyes where he studies, what is his favorite animal, how long he works and anywhere, who is the network, and many more?

Also, find out the product or service campaign that has been done.

Like who is the target market, what are the characteristics, what is the focus of marketing this time, what platforms have been used.

activities that have been carried out related to the campaign, and others. If all the information is obtained, you will be able to create a client strategy or campaign.

4. Special Treats

Like the king, treat clients with special. Respect the client’s time by arriving on time and greet politely. If he calls, sends an instant message, or e-mails immediately respond to informal language, even if the client is an old friend or you have known each other for years. Don’t let him wait for your answer or reply too long.

If the client is having a hard time, give time for himself and his family. Show your empathy, don’t discuss work first. If possible, you can offer help without offending him.

It’s good, you realize that your work intersects with other people, so you need a flexible attitude. This is not fake, but treating others as special when you meet your best friend.

5. Confidence

Whatever your job and who you meet with, believe yourself. Remember what you did. You have to believe that you are great, have a cool job, you are someone who can be relied on by the company.

Instill confidence that you can execute well every campaign, you have handled a big brand, and you have no doubt that the client is the top priority.

6. Have Everything

How happy the client is if he finds the answer to his company’s problems. He will also be happy if you help him overcome digital marketing problems. Therefore, master your work, prepare a portfolio that has been created by the company, or make presentations that attract the attention of clients.

Show that you have everything. Because it will affect your reputation and credibility. Clients assume you are ready to work with them. But also show that you have a bargaining position.

7. Has its uniqueness

Because the client is king, winning his heart is the main goal of every business. But the problem is, there are many out there who are trying to win the hearts of clients. So you must have a unique product or service offered.

Also, you have a way that is bold or unnatural but attracts the attention of the audience. Being an expert in its field is a plus, but you need something to keep in mind. But still take into account all the risks, yeah.

8. Share the Results

As mentioned above, show the portfolio of the previous project. Yes, share the results of the work the company has done, tell about its success, what are the benchmarks, how many achievements, and others.

Make a presentation about this and/or display the success on a blog or social media company. Make sure that the collaboration between your company and the client is very prospective.

9. Give a Bonus

It’s no secret. To win a client’s heart, you must give a bonus. Especially if he spends large funds in a project. The bonus can be in the form of additional services, discount rate cards, or provide complementary services such as business seminar tickets.

However, client loyalty must be considered. If not, there is no reason to work with your company again.

If the project is successful, the target is reached, and the client will be happy. Now it’s your turn to add a portfolio plus waiting for bonuses.