One of the common slogans of online business is “Just experiment, don’t assume”. That means you won’t know what works best for you until you put it into practice.

Testing is the only way to know what works and what doesn’t work on your website. And that’s a good way to start increasing your sales exponentially.

How To Boost Your Online Business

And if you focus on using one of the methods below, you will understand its effectiveness, especially when you begin to see a significant improvement in sales.

1. Display A Product or Service on The Homepage

We found that the introduction of very few products on the home page but with more product descriptions always yields higher sales.

The problem is FOCUS.

Instead of trying to please everyone who visits the site by offering a range of products with minimal information for each one, but if you recommend just one product or set of products. Relevant products – you can focus on the important benefits and answer all the possible questions about your product.

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Of course, it’s not necessary to stop selling other products – you can always introduce them to your customers from other sites or by using product newsletters later.

You can write an attractive Sales letter for your product, and post it on the homepage. Then run this test for 1 or 2 weeks to see how your sales increase.

2. Change The Location of The Pop-Up (Window) Email Signup on The Website

Many of us are familiar with pop-ups, they are small windows that display special content or information that sometimes jump when you visit a website.

It allows you to have many opportunities to reach out to your potential customers, build trust and loyalty relationships, and of course, BANKING is above all.

But did you know that the location of the signup pop-up has a BIG IMPACT  on the number of subscribers you attract?

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If you have not used a sales letter:

  • Try to place the registration pop-up in a position that stands out as much as possible on the homepage – on the top left of the web page is the site visitors usually look at first.
  • Or try placing it on the upper part of the homepage – the most intuitive screen area for visitors before they scroll down.

If you already have a sales letter:

  • Try to put the registration pop-up box on the second page of the sales letter, of course after you grab the attention of the visitors by identifying the problems they encounter and establishing credibility by impressing them ( through testimonials, experiences or opinions from satisfied customers )
  • Also, put the registration pop-up on every page on the website so that it always appears in front of the viewers,
  •  Or try to put it in the Dynamic ad window (hover ad).
  • The more opportunities it creates for people to register, the more subscribers you get. TRY AND FEEL!

3. Increase The Impact on Messages With Dynamic Ads

Love it or hate it, pop-ups have been a very useful online marketing tool for years. However, due to the proportion of network users who dislike this form of advertising, Google, AOL, Netscape, and other companies have developed pop-up blocking software to combat them.

Of course, internet users will be able to choose whether or not to see that pop-up.

However, many of this software automatically block pop-ups, meaning visitors to a site may lose valuable information for them.

But that’s before we understand an impressive technology that lets you use ads that behave like pop-ups but not them – so they don’t get locked down.

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It’s called dynamic ads (Hover Ad) and is worth a try on your website.

Test results added dynamic window ads to the site, sales increased by 162%! Too impressed.

This type of advertising is effective because they offer important information, such as an email signup window or a limited time special offer, right in front of visitors.

You can try adding pop-ups to your Dynamic Ads to see if you can increase the number of registrations. When we did this, the number of newsletter subscribers increased by more than 86%.

Or you can test the number of people who click on pop-ups registered on your website through dynamic pop-ups compared to a normal link on the homepage.

4. Clearly Show Interest In The Sales Letter Title

The title has a HUGE impact on sales.

It is often the first thing that a website visitor will see, catch their attention and make them decide to continue reading the remaining content.

A successful title is one that has the ability to ” sprinkle salt, sprinkle lemon ” into the  ISSUE that the target customer encounters.

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The title of success is also the title that has the ability to ” drum and play ” for the  BENEFITS of the product or service in solving the Customer’s problem.

The example below vividly illustrates sales performance just by changing the title …

Original title: “ Box4Box – Great Lego Toy Store ” ===> The problem with this title is that it tells you what the product is, not what it helps you, nor causes. Which is best for visitors to continue reading the rest of the page.

The title has been changed: “ Wohooo! Discover the secret that makes more than 50,000 children around the world have a neat routine! ”===> At this time the BENEFITS of the product are very specific ( how to make children voluntarily clean up after having fun ).

5. How To Solve Your Problem

In the opening of Sales Letter, let your customers take a closer look at their problems, show viewers their silhouette in your story.

Please describe the problem as detailed as possible, use a clever vocabulary of you to stir up the gnawing at them.

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Once the problem is open, you can begin to introduce your source of goods or services as the solution to the problem.

By emphasizing  ( correctly included )  how your product or service will solve the problem for the user.

Only when the audience feels you understand their problem and believes you can solve it will you have a HUGE opportunity to sell.

6. Enhance Customer Confidence in You With A Valid Certificate

The ultimate goal of the Sales letter is to establish credibility,  that is, how to make potential customers trust and feel comfortable enough to buy from you.

There is a FAST and EASY way to do this effectively. You will be surprised by the difference it makes:  putting “beautiful words or ideas” from your typical customers into the sales letter.

This can be quotes from emails, handwritten letters, or pictures of chat with customers showing how your goods or services help them solve a specific problem.

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Super note: A customer clearly comments on how your product benefits them more important than someone who just says, “Your product is great! ”.

Or in an academic way, you boost your credibility by adding an area on the website to display certificates, experiences and information about qualifications and qualifications that will help you afford to solve the problem. of the target customer.

7. Focus on Your Site Visitors

The most successful content sales often focus on the viewer. Many business owners often forget this simple golden rule.

Take a close look at your sales page. Is it covered with pronouns like “me” or “we”? Instead of using phrases like “I design my time management software with a busy mind”, try “Time management software will free up your time, spend more on the family”.

Try searching for the words “me” and “our” in your content and replace them with “you” or “yours.”

8. Integrate A Sense of Urgency Into Your Content

It is very important that your content needs to convey a sense of urgency to visitors, attracting them to buy immediately.

The best place to do this is near the end of the sales letter, near the Call to action button (when you suggest closing the sale).

Here are some of the most effective ways to create a sense of urgency. Try each and every way on your current content.

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Announcement of discounts within a certain period of time, forcing visitors to buy before a certain time to receive a discount.

Free points will be given to visitors if they buy within a certain time frame.

Offering a limited number of products or services.

Bonus points with a limited number.

9. Immediately Remove Words Related To “Buying” From The Above Area.

People often go online to search for free information. If you start your offer too early, you may lose them before you have a chance to “hook” them.

The first is that you need to get their interest in what you present by connecting with the problem they are facing – as discussed in Test 5 – and how you can solve it. Once you achieve this, you can start selling to them.

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This is an easy way to improve the tone of your sales letter: remove the words related to “buy”, “cost” and “sales” from the upper area of ​​the article, and compare the results. As for the content you are using right now.

Remember, do not mention anything related to buying or spending money until readers are interested in your product and trust you enough to decide to buy.

10. Increase Your Product’s “Desires” By Inserting Images.

Images of products make them more tangible and “real” for visitors, and it is a very effective sales tool. But sometimes revealing a product too early in the sales process can kill your sales activity – you need to highlight the benefits and value of the product before you know exactly what it is.

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Try placing images near the top or place them near the Call to action buttons ( Call For Action efficient) near the bottom of the page (where you call buying). You should also try inserting images into your order page, and try to respond without using any images.

By carefully analyzing sales through each test, you’ll know exactly how to place the product image at the beginning to maximize efficiency.

11. Change The Format And Style of Your Writing.

Very few visitors to your website will read every word of your article from a to z. Most just skim while they scroll, only reading certain words and paragraphs when they accidentally look at them or catch their attention.

That’s why you need to experiment with highlighting your key benefits to find the best combination to catch the attention of people who skim rather than actually read. These include:

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  •  Use bold, italics, and highlights to emphasize the most important benefits in your offer.
  • Adjust the length of the paragraphs in the lesson, so that the page doesn’t look like a uniformly formatted block of text.
  • Add subheadings that emphasize your important messages and attract visitors to read the next paragraphs.
  • Full text to right-aligned (easier to see than aligned, because the whole page is spread) Centering between important-but-short paragraphs, or subheadings to make them stand out from the whole article.
  • Use bulleted lists (like this one) to emphasize important points.

12. Adjust your care routine

In my experience, taking care of customers and potential customers using an automated response system (automated email) is important for generating more sales as customers often experience a few contacts before he or she buys from your site.

In your care email to potential consumers, many of your visitors have never made a purchase, you can repeat your merchandise and offer to buy again. Try sending an email of care after potential new users sign up, give customers a reason to return to your website the day they sign up.

Swiftblogging hopes that with 12 testing suggestions given, you will succeed and get incredible results. However, there will be tests, especially for websites, that won’t work. You can test this by installing analytics tools like Google Analytics on your website, or a heatmap tool to really understand visitor behavior.