Bonsai Business Plan – Best Selling Bonsai Today

Bonsai business is one of the business models that many entrepreneurs are interested in. Because today, people who want to buy trees are not only a pleasure to decorate but also these plants help to regulate the room air, feel close to nature, relax mind consciously at work. , study better.

In recent years, the bonsai market has grown strongly, people have a need to buy more ornamental plants to decorate their companies, offices, shops, restaurants, houses, offices … That’s why , growers have expanded their production scale to produce large quantities of supplies each day for merchants and large enterprise companies. So, the potential for bonsai business is very great, if you catch your regional market in a suitable way and prefer the best-selling ornamental plants, read the article “Bonsai Business Plan-Best-Selling Bonsai today “ of to have more knowledge in the field of trading them!

Bonsai Business Plan – Best Selling Bonsai Today

Currently, there are many bonsai business establishments linking garden owners in famous areas of ornamental plants such as Da Lat and China to import products for sale. And to have a quality source of ornamental plants you want to spend a lot of time to explore and learn from agricultural engineers, the garden owner has the knowledge and business experience in this field!

There are many bonsai business models, in particular you can import ornamental plants from the garden to open a selling shop, which are mini bonsai such as stone lotus, cactus, table plants, feng shui … serving For customers who want to buy odd trees, a small number of them bring home / companies to take care of. In addition, if you invest in a large business model, you can open a bonsai area to provide a variety of plants for monthly service for companies, businesses, restaurants, resorts … these are ornamental plants with shade, all kinds of plants used to decorate a large space, in particular, you should deploy more services to design bonsai models for the space of coffee, restaurants …. In order to increase income, there are more customers in need.


If you intend to invest in any business model, you need to have a specific business plan. Following, will analyze detailed bonsai business model, you refer to experience knowledge and plan for yourself.

Step 1: Determine The Type of Ornamental Plants You Want To Do Business With

First you have to know what kind of bonsai you want to trade. This is not difficult, in particular you can trade all kinds of big and small ornamental plants (mini bonsai, ornamental plants, small landscape …). If so, you should choose the plants suitable for the market today such as mini bonsai, office plants, ornamental plants, … so choose ornamental plants that are easy to grow first and then get used to how to care you can do more business. types of miniatures, bonsai, precious bonsai.

In addition, you should look into the meaning of ornamental plants on characteristics such as which plants are adapted to the indoor environment, which plants are in a dry – moist, high temperature – low environment, plants planted according to feng shui

Step 2: Estimate To Determine The Capital To Spend

Want to estimate the amount of investment in mini bonsai business you need to determine your business model. If the small model is only a few dozen million, with large models you can invest up to hundreds of million. For example, if you aim to open a shop that sells mini plants, office plants, you only need to invest about 50 million.

– Premises rent: 5 million

– Money for store decoration: 10 million

– Money to buy materials such as pots, nutrients, … 10 million

– Money to buy ornamental plants: 25 million

Step 3: Find The Source Of Ornamental Plants

If you enter ornamental plants at garden houses or bonsai dealers with the number of knights will be entitled to very cheap fees. Therefore, you can find gardens through the Internet in the provinces and cities in the country to find cheap, quality and beautiful goods. Advice for you is to choose the gardeners near your province to do business to reduce transportation costs and avoid tree damage.

Step 4: Choose a Location, Design A Store Selling Bonsai

In terms of bonsai business, you just need to select the frontage area near the school, big centers near the market, office buildings, etc.

The design of bonsai shops is very simple, you just need to design the iron shelf frames and put the plants on it so that it is logical, beautiful, and have a clear notion of bonsai information so that buyers can easily understand. .

Step 5: Make A Marketing Program To Develop The Store

To develop a bonsai shop, you need to implement both direct and online sales. Specifically, you should implement a way to reach customers by advertising and introducing new imported plants, discount promotions, giving detailed information at banners, pre-store billboards. In addition, you set up website, fanpage … to run ads to attract customers in need in the business area. Should regularly update bonsai information, reduce prices, give gifts on major holidays 8/3, October 20, November 20, Tet.vv


Bonsai business – Orchids

In the eyes of all people, Orchid is a luxurious and precious ornamental tree, very easy to grow, suitable for growing in cool and airy places like small garden in the house, window frame, … especially with economic value. very high. Today, people use orchids to give on the occasion of the opening, birthdays, gifts of the boss, … There are many varieties of orchids of various colors, so you need to take the time to study flowers. Lan can only import goods, know how to take care of plants to grow and sell for a long time.

Business Mini Bonsai, Office Plants

Currently, young people are eager to test the mini bonsai business plan, because it is easy to grow long-term plants, so it is suitable for places but desks, offices, window frames, zones Mini gardens of families. It seems, there are many young office workers who love bonsai to decorate their rooms and desks. In addition, shops such as coffee shops and office areas will need these plants to decorate … as a potential for developing mini bonsai and office plants.

Business Bonsai, Bonsai Miniatures

For bonsai enthusiasts, they will study collecting many kinds of bonsai plants, miniatures to take care of, their passionate pleasures. So, if you are also a bonsai lover, passionate about bonsai bonsai category, you can buy bonsai from those who go to the forest with beautiful tree stumps, coordinate the types of bonsai into a small landscape pot. beautiful … business bonsai bonsai, this small landscape is not difficult but requires very high art, so you need to study this kind of bonsai carefully and start trading.

Thus, the establishment of a perfect bonsai business plan, the best-selling ornamental plants today takes a lot of time and knowledge. However, the profit is very high, you can profit from ornamental plants sold to the market up to 60-70% on a product. Wishing you good deployment and good business of this bonsai business model!

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