BitGet Trading Floor and Trade Contest Worth 350 Million Profit

General Information About Bitget Trading Floor

First, look at the following impressive information:

  • Based in Singapore
  • Only after 1 year of establishment, Bitget has reached the top 30 floors in the world
  • Rapid growth rate, 66.7% per month
  • Number of registered people: 300,000 people
  • The number of regular users: 77,000 people
  • Daily trading volume amounted to 120 million USD

We have to admit that these figures are very impressive compared to a relatively young exchange, especially the conversion rate between users and subscribers, over 25%. And, like other companies, Bitget understands the importance as well as the potential of the Vietnamese electronic money market.

Specifically, within 2 months, Bitget implemented 3 activities with extremely large rewards, namely VND 100 million for each activity, and did not hesitate to invest in supporting the Vietnamese community.

With such generosity, Bitget will continue to have outstanding activities in the coming time. This is completely beneficial for investors in increasing the level of profit.

Following the general trend, Bitget also created a separate coin – GT to represent the value of the floor. GT is being run on the Ethereum blockchain, following the standard ERC-20 token, and will fix a total supply of 1 billion tokens.

In addition to reducing transaction fees, 50% of profits will be used by Bitget to redeem GT, and share profits for the holders. The acquisition will reduce the supply of GT outside the market, thereby pushing up the value of GT.

Thus, when you hold GT, you can benefit from the price increase and get the bonus from Bitget’s dividend policy. Isn’t it great?

Next, look at Bitget’s advantages over other platforms:

  • Transaction fee: Low. 0.1% for both maker and taker and the fee will be 0.05% when using coin GT
  • Transfer fee: No charge for a deposit, very low withdrawal fee, for example, 0.01 LTC (~ 0.5 $)
  • Services: There are Margin and OTC, especially OTC directly linked to Remitano and Coincola. These are two very famous fiat-crypto exchange floors in Vietnam and Hong Kong
  • Collaborate with many large companies in the field of community communication and security
  • Very large community on media channels: Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, Wechat, etc.
  • Potential: subject to development investment for international and Vietnamese markets
  • Sharing activities: commissions up to 50% of your friends’ transaction fees, and pay directly with USDT, which is very convenient and different from other exchanges.
  • Support: There are communities in Vietnam so the problems will be solved quickly
  • Interface: easy-to-see design, extremely simple operation, easy to use, even for beginners.

Of course, any floor has some certain disadvantages. With Bitget, what they are missing is a Vietnamese version for Vietnamese users to experience better (the Vietnamese version is being completed by the team soon and will be released soon), the number of pairs of transactions is still relatively small, and limited liquidity due to the number of users.

The first two issues, actually speaking, are not too difficult to solve. As for liquidity, I think the overall market situation has a lot of influence, the current capitalization has not had a strong increase, even though the IEO trend is very hot and pulls some investors back. re-market.

Thus, with 120 million USD of daily trading volume for the number of trading pairs is still quite low, I assess the floor is working very well, and supported by the community.

Competition For Futures Contracts With VND 350tr prize


After registering an account (the registration link will be updated later), all attendees will receive a 10SBTC virtual account.

The trader will conduct the transaction and in the case:

  • Exam in the individual form:

The most profitable trader becomes the winner.

If many people have equal profits, the time order of participation will be the ranking criteria, the previous participants will take precedence.

  • Exam in group form (each group has at least 3 members). The group with the highest total net profit from the members whose net profit is greater than 0 will become the winner.

Net profit is calculated by the following formula:

Personal net profit = balance at the end of the contest – 10SBTC (negative net profit accounts will be counted as zero interest)

Example: Group 1 has 3 members

  • Member A: The profit is 10
  • Member B: The profit is -5
  • Member C: The profit is 1

The total profit of group 1 will be 10 + 0 + 1 = 11

A person can attend both competitions above and have the opportunity to receive individual prizes and team prizes.

Prize structure

  • Exam in the individual form:
  1. Champion: 800USDT
  2. Ranking from Monday to 10th: 300USDT
  3. Ranking from 11 to 30: 200USDT
  • Exams in group form:
  1. Champion team: 3000 USDT awards, team leader gets 30%, the rest belongs to the team members.
  2. Rankings from 2nd to 6th: 1000 USDT Rank 2-6 teams: group leader gets 30%, the rest belongs to team members.
  3. Members who register but do not play or play with losses will not be entitled to share the prize


  • Time to register a team: April 25, 2019 – May 12, 2019
  • Registration time for individuals: 05/05 / 3019-12 / 05/2019
  • Exam time: 9:00 May 13, 2019, to 9:00 on May 16, 2019

Some note:

  • Trading in the contest will take place through the simulation floor, Bitget will create market effects but it may be different from the actual market.
  • To ensure fairness and reasonableness, any fraudulent method used to recruit teammates, increase profits, register large numbers of dead accounts will be excluded from the game, both of the incentives That view will also be removed.
  • Bidget and co-organizers are not allowed to participate in the competition.

Contact Hong Son – floor representative in Vietnam  for trade names as well as trade groups, name the group and get more specific instructions.

Good Luck

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