There is no denying that the founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates is a genius in business. On many occasions, Bill Gates also often shares useful business tips.

Bill Gates Business Tips

Bill Gates is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world. He has provided various suggestions and input about business for years.

Bill Gates co-founded Microsoft together with business partner Paul Allen. Through hard work and dedication, the pair made Microsoft one of the largest technology companies in the world.

The wealth of Microsoft founder is estimated to reach $ 76 billion according to Forbes Magazine. Wow, a pretty fantastic number right? Without further ado, here are tips from the billionaire Bill Gates to achieve a successful business.

1. Be Patient With Your Ideas

The first tip from Bill Gates is to be patient with your idea. He reminded people that Microsoft needed more than four years to experience the level of success on the Windows operating system.

Bill Gates realizes the importance of patience and perseverance in creating good ideas.

Apply this to your own business, think about how to get ideas and refine them to meet the needs of your current customers.

Also, think about the technology we have today and consider how you can advance your ideas in the future.

2. Work Hard For No Reason!

Bill Gates also reminded us that business people must work hard and never look for reasons for their laziness.

He stated that he used evenings and weekends to respond to e-mails he might receive during the day, which he had not yet been able to reply to.

He also takes time off two weeks a year to ponder and think about what he wants to do next.

This type of motivation and initiative is needed when you want to create products and services that can promote your brand, help achieve your goals, and bring your product worldwide.

3. Customer Criticism

The founder of Microsoft strongly believes that customer criticism is very important to advance the business.

So, if you receive criticism or negative input from your customers, don’t reject it. Accept that criticism and turn it into strength for your business.

4. Learn From Mistakes

Even though Gates is one of the most successful business people in the world, he also made mistakes in the past.

But he thinks that those mistakes are very important to make him successful like today.

If you make a mistake, don’t contemplate or think about it, don’t think you failed, because everyone makes mistakes.

The most important thing is how you react to your mistakes, and not lament the mistakes themselves.

5. Prepare for Change

The business world continues to change, and the reason Bill Gates still survives at the top of his business is his willingness to accept change.

Change is rejected by most people for fear of things they don’t know.

This Microsoft founder reminded you that you should not continue to do the same thing as you have done in the past, especially if it did not work.

As technology changes, you must change to meet the changing needs and adapt to the skills you have, so that you and your business can survive over time.

6. Enjoy What You Do!

Like his competitor Steve Jobs, Gates believes that you must enjoy what you do, no matter what happens.

Bill Gates states that you have to do the work you like, so you will be more motivated to do it regularly.

Also, you need to try to create the type of interest that will encourage you and the team to achieve the goals set.

7. Hire the Best People

You must always get and recruit the best people, then train them and find ways to defend them. Recruiting the best people takes time. You have to know what to get rid of and what to keep.

You must always give priority to quality over quantity, and demand the same high standard from your workers as you do yourself.

Look for specialists who believe in your vision and can realize your ideas into something real.

8. Ask for Advice

A great businessman doing something himself. But don’t forget that it’s okay to ask for advice about things that you don’t understand or need help with.

Choose influencers who are good in your line of business, and can help positively develop your business and expand your knowledge base.

9. Stay grounded

Although it is not wrong to celebrate all the successes you have achieved, but you must still be grounded. Bill Gates warns people not to let themselves be trapped in their success.

Just because things are going well now, doesn’t mean you can relax and will stay on top. When you start achieving success,

It’s important to keep thinking and working as hard as possible so that the business continues to grow. When you start achieving success.

It’s important to keep thinking and working as hard as possible so that the business continues to grow.


Those are tips from Microsoft founders that you should learn to grow your business. Bill Gates has now retired from the position of Microsoft CEO.

But his business practices and philosophy have paid off for him. There is no harm in us following in the footsteps of entrepreneurs who are also famous for their generous nature.