Learning is the main task of a student. Studying at university is not too different from studying in elementary school, or the level of school afterward.

It’s just that, being a student you certainly have better time flexibility than when you were a school student.

Besides this, the maturity of age and maturity is also one of the advantages of a student. Not a few costs that will be needed when you step foot on the lecture bench.

Startup Business Ideas For Students

Some students are very dependent and expect parents who are responsible for their living expenses while becoming students. Because most students think that they can only focus on learning without being able to make money.

Making money is when they have a steady and steady job after completing all the learning in college.

However, this kind of thinking is not true. As a student, you can still generate your own income. Making money does not have to be a permanent worker, a part-time job or opening a private business also, of course, makes a lot of money for students though.

Wondering what business is good and flexible for the student? Here we review the profitable college children’s business:

1. Credit Agent or Data Package

If you are interested in becoming a credit card or covering with a data package, then you can still do it even though you are still a student.

All you need is a headphone, your registration at a trusted agent and a network to promote the services you sell.

2. Become a Blogger

It looks simple and simple, but for students who like to blog this can also be a land of money.

Not a few bloggers who achieve high profits every month just armed with a connection and a laptop or computer.

Although this business is not exactly instant and is a way to start a business from scratch. But it’s worth trying.

3. Selling snacks

This can be a business opportunity for those of you who are still students. No need to make many and varied products.

You can make several types of snacks such as how to start a potato donut business.

Take advantage of free time in between lectures to offer your products to other campus friends or by leaving them in the nearest canteens.

4. Typing Services

Opening a business of this type is one that has a selling value and potential. Although included in the type of micro small and medium enterprises.

Typing services are very useful among campus residents who are mostly too lazy to type their own tasks.

5. Forwarding Services

If you have a SIM and a private vehicle, there is no harm in developing this one business.

Not infrequently sometimes people are even too lazy or do not have enough time to deliver various goods and their orders.

6. Photography

Have a hobby in the field of shooting? Try just opening a business on this one.

Very interesting is not it, when you can run a paid hobby. Art connoisseurs will certainly never be bored in using and ordering the services you offer.

7. Web And Application Creation

If you are very skilled in technology, moreover you can even create a basic application.

There is no harm in you developing and opening a service business in making applications and making websites that are highly valued by enthusiasts.

8. Pet Care

Not too difficult to care for animals. You also don’t have to watch them all the time.

As long as you are never late in feeding and are not negligent in looking at various pets that may be stricken with disease then you can just open this business.

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9. Tutoring

Not all students are gifted with intelligent brains and research abilities and at the same time become good advisers.

And when you are an outstanding student, why not try to develop a tutoring business? Besides being useful for others, it certainly can add to your pocket money.

10. Freelance Writer

A hobby of writing? Just try being a freelance writer. This will give you lots of extra money and not be bound by contractual rules.

It will actually facilitate your lecture activities, currently many sites – sites that require a lot of freelance writers.

11. Graphic Design

If you are proficient in the field of graphic design, you will be able to earn income only by designing various products the customer requests.

12. Reseller

There’s no harm in being a reseller. In addition to sharing experiences in getting prospective buyers, of course, there are many bonuses and benefits provided by your partner if you succeed in selling the products offered.

13. Drafting Services, Papers, And Thesis

It is not strange if most of those who open businesses in this type are students too.

The difference is, students who open this business are more creative, diligent and smarter than most students. It is no longer a public secret that many students are too lazy and order this type of service.

14. Translator

Do you master a variety of languages ​​besides Indian?

Translators are included in the characteristics of a good business run by a student. You can still practice your language skills and get paid at the same time.

15. Online Shop

Characteristics of good microenterprise are conceptual goals. Shopping online is no longer a stranger to the community. This is a great opportunity for students to gain many benefits.

16. Used Goods Sales

Although it may look used, worn and useless. Most of these used goods are still valuable in the eyes of others.

Many people choose the used goods because the price is relatively more skewed. Well, try to sell a variety of used books, clothes to other items that are no longer used by you.

17. Laptop And Computer Service

Even though they have become students, there are still many who are not very familiar with the common problems affecting their electronic equipment.

Now if you have a talent in messing with electronic goods, then open this business.

18. Selling T-shirts

Lots of motifs, colors, and shapes of contemporary shirts that are very interested in students. Now your job is only to convince and make the buyers arrive.

19. Aerobics

Become a gymnastic trainer? Why not. If you want to look beautiful, healthy, fit and benefit. There is no harm in opening a business of this type.

20. Performing Arts

If you belong to the class of art lovers and are very creative. Surely this one business is no longer difficult and foreign to develop.

21. Ticketing

There are so many who need this ticketing service. This is a business that does not require a lot of time, you can operate the entire transaction process with smartphone rocks only.

22. Selling Clothes And College Equipment

The students are identical with a stylish and fresh style. Spread the most up – to – date products to keep buyers interested. Start offering products in the area around your campus.

23. Chicken Raising

Both broilers and laying hens, both have the potential to generate a lot of profit if managed properly. Usually, in rural areas, there are still plenty of kossong fields available, because the population density is still lacking. This could be a strategic place to open a chicken farm. This business is a business that is not too complicated and easy to do students.

24. Tailoring Services

Of course, competition in rural areas is less compared to the competition in urban areas. This is one of the advantages of someone trying to open a business in the countryside.

One of them is sewing services, sewing services are valued quite expensive per stitch, especially if you can sew with various models – the latest and updated at this time.

25. Selling Donuts

Who does not like the original round cake with a ball in the middle? The average cake is loved by children and adults.

You only need to learn how to make donuts, for example,  how to start a potato donut business that you will sell.

No need for a fancy and big shop, just make a small stand next to your house or around schools and offices.

26. Selling accessories

It’s still too minimal to provide a variety of beautiful accessories knick-knacks in the countryside.

How to start an accessory business is not too difficult, you just need to find a reliable supplier with unique accessories.

Keep track of the latest trend of accessories so that selling accessories will still sell well, even if you sell them in rural areas.

27. Open A Cake Business

Cakes and various types of sweet foods are very interested, especially for children.

In addition to opening a cake shop that provides regular cakes at standard prices, try adding a variety of variations such as birthday cakes that you can create according to the wishes of the buyer.

Even though it is still in the village stage, there are also many enthusiasts for cakes like this.

28. Barbers

Do you have a hobby and can cut hair with a variety of current fashions? Well, just try opening a barbershop business.

No need to rent a place really, just use open space or inside the house.

Because it is still in the village, certainly not need a business that has a formal place.

29. Burger business

How to start a burger business is not too difficult. You only need a few basic ingredients like bread, mayonnaise, vegetables, eggs, ham, and tomato sauce.

You can walk around the village every afternoon to sell burgers after completing various kitchen work or open a stand near the yard of the house and enjoy the results.

30. Opening Tutoring

Have a good background and is suitable for teaching? Why not channel it? You can still become a teacher without having to be related to school rules.

You do this by becoming a private tutor. You can teach directly from the house to house or open classes in your own home.

31. Agricultural Business

Not a few students who live in the village become a farmer. However, you can become a rice entrepreneur where you provide land, seeds, fertilizer, and workers.

Later you only need to monitor the processes carried out by the workers and enjoy the harvest.

32. Fish Raising

Being a fish farmer is also a business in the village which is very popular.

How can I not, apart from the process that is fairly easy, becoming a fish farmer also promises a lot of benefits.

The demand for fish never recedes even if you are in the village though.

33. Credit Agent

Being a credit agent is not difficult. This business is included in the types of micro small and medium businesses that can be run anywhere.

You don’t need a special building if you are only a credit agent. Simply capitalize on a mobile and optimal promotion to the neighbors and of course the benefits will continue to flow every day.

34. Open A Coffee Shop

This is very suitable for students because usually the coffee shops will be open until night and are always interested in the men.

They really like to gather and have coffee together after a long day of work. Well of course if you open this type of business, there will always be customers every day.

35. Opening Fried Business

Fried food has always been a business that is lyrics both in rural circles and in cities. Every person – average likes fried food. This is a business that has high potential to be developed.

36. Pertamini

Who does not know pertamini? If maybe Pertamina is still hard to find in the village, it would not hurt you to be the first to open pertamini. The community will feel more helped by providing pertamini.

37. Open a Makeup Business

Do you like to decorate someone and have skills in the art of makeup? Try opening a makeup business. This will be easy to do in the village because the competition is not as strict as in the city.

38. Open a Material Store Daily

It is enough to provide an empty room in your house as a place to open a shop that sells daily merchandise. This will make it easier for neighbors to shop and meet their daily needs.

39. Photocopy Business

This business will be more leverage if you open it in an office area or in a school. Try opening a printing and photocopying business, this can also be run by a student though.

40. Vegetable Growing And Selling Business

Businesses like this will remain of interest to the villagers. You just have to plant a variety of vegetables that are easy and can be traded on the market.

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41. Selling clothes

Hobby selling? Try selling clothes. Even this kind of business will not be too difficult for students.

42. Raising Cows

Look difficult? Make no mistake, many students have become successful entrepreneurs of cattle. We only need to give him regular food every day and control if there are cows that look sick.

43. Open a Cafe

Who doesn’t like to relax and spend time hanging out at the cafe? Yes, this business is very suitable to be run by students who are naturally accustomed to cooking and serving food.

44. Donuts

There are many types and variants of taste from donuts that you can serve. Donuts certainly aren’t available at Indomaret, this is why selling donuts on the terrace will benefit you.

Besides attracting children – donuts, donuts are also a variant of culinary business that is usually favored by various groups of adults though.

In terms of the basic ingredients of making donuts, the donuts can be divided into 2 namely ordinary donuts and potato donuts.

If you want to try selling potato donuts, then you should first learn a few things about how to start a potato donut business.

45. Milk Shakes

As with donut snacks, milkshakes not only entice children but also attract adults to try them. As the name implies, milkshakes are a type of contemporary drink that is not difficult to make.

Besides being easy to make, milkshakes also don’t require a large fee to open up this business opportunity. You can offer a variety of flavors that you can add to the milkshake menu list.

46. Burger

One of the foods included in the fast-food menu still has a high popularity. And if you are still unsure about opening a burger business, try learning how to start the following burger business.

Indomaret visitors will be interested if you see a burger that you offer on the front porch. Give attractive offers and promotions to keep adding visitors to viewers.

47. Accessories

Usually, Indomaret buyers will be interested if you are selling a wide selection of beautiful and attractive accessories near their terraces. To be easily sold, choose accessories products that are of interest and are rare to find.

Keep monitoring the market prices and various accessories that are becoming a trendsetter.

You will be more likely to make a profit if you sell a variety of products that are still fresh, difficult to find among most accessories stores and competitive prices.

48. Bubble Tea

If you are looking for ideas to sell in front of Indomaret, it never hurts to try this one idea. The people usually like a variety of beverage products that look unique and fresh, bubble tea is one of them.

Basically, bubble tea is made from various types of tea variants which are given garnishes and bubble toppings.

49. Chocolate Banana

Almost everyone likes snacks on this one. Why not? a blend of sweet chocolate combined with delicious bananas into a unique snack.

Pisco is usually in bandrol with a friendly price and is one of the businesses that are suitable in front of the best-selling Indomaret.

50. Fruit Ice

No one will refuse the fresh fruit ice at noon. This business can certainly develop when Indomaret buyers are interested in the packaging and fresh fruit ice that you offer.

51. Jangung Bakar And Boil

Here it is, one of the small profitable home-based business ventures that you can open in front of Indomaret. Because so many who want a blend of flavor images between roasted corn and sweet corn that tempts these tastes.

52. Fruit Bakpau

This is a revolution from ordinary bakpau which is generally only plain white, round-shaped and can have various variants such as green beans, meat, and chocolate.

Fruit bakpau is made similar to fruit shape but has contents that are not different from other bakpau,

53. Bakso Bakso

Children are very fond of snacks on this one. Meatballs that are sticked using sticks can be a big and growing business because so many people like it.

54. Fried Foods

Fried foods including snacks that are often made as snacks. And sometimes it’s more difficult to find fried foods during the day, this is an opportunity to sell fried foods in front of well-known mini-markets like Indomaret.

55. Brownies

This type of chocolate cake is no longer foreign to everyone’s tongue. Starting from steamed brownies and roasted brownies have their own customers.

Not infrequently also sellers of brownies are very good at choosing toppings to vary the taste.

56. Lemon Tea

The freshness offered by lemon tea will certainly succeed in tempting Indomaret customers. Besides being fresh, lemon tea is also beneficial for the immune system and helps in the body’s fat-burning program.

57. Boiled Beans

Snacking on boiled peanuts will never be boring, as will you when you rent an Indomaret terrace. Your boiled peanuts have more potential in the lyrics and are bought.

58. Martabak Mini

Martabak lover but not too hungry? Mini Martabak’s solution. It comes with a variety of flavors, mini martabak can give the taste of ordinary martabak but with a smaller size.

59. Sausage Noodles

Not only schoolchildren, teenagers, and adults also like this one snack. The existence of processed sausage meat that is formed with baljutan mue.

60. Nugget

There are many variants of the nugget that you can make a business opportunity such as chicken, fish and vegetable nuggets. One of them is as we summarized in how to start a vegetable nuggets business.

61. Fried Watermelon

Banana or breadfruit might be a common thing to make fried. but what happens if the one friend is a watermelon? While still relatively rare you can make it as a business opportunity

62. Cookies

Avoid waste in food spoilage, this is a positive characteristic of pastry snacks. Many types of pastries are generally in the market.

63. Fried Ice Cream

The same is the case with fried watermelons. Fried ice cream is also a new variant in the culinary business which of course still provides good prospects.

64. Sandwich

Like the burger business opportunity, sandwiches are also instant snacks that many enjoy doing and even adults sometimes don’t hesitate to spend their money to enjoy sandwiches.

65. Mini Pizza

Selling a mini pizza in front of Indomaret is also a good business opportunity. Add various choices if necessary.

66. French fries

Processed made from potatoes, this one is certainly familiar. It is suitable for your daily snacks and also be a suitable business in front of Indomaret.


Thus 66 types of college kids’ businesses are profitable and worth trying. If from the earliest possible time you have learned to collect and make money with your own hands, surely in the future it will not be too difficult anymore.