The business of college students is one of the businesses occupied by those who are attending college. The task of a student is indeed learning but, for those who have the spirit of entrepreneurship will try to open a business while in college as well as a home-based business that is suitable in the village.

This will be very beneficial because you will be able to increase your entry and even help with your own tuition. That way you don’t need to depend a lot on parental submissions.

Side Business Ideas

Many students can even succeed and run their business until graduation. Trying to pursue a college business can also be experienced before entering the workforce and being an example of informal sector workers.

You don’t even have to worry about what to do after class. No need to bother looking for a job because you can continue the business that you have concentrated before.

Of course, the business of college students who will be cultivated must be adjusted to your activities as a student. As we know that a student’s schedule can be crowded, especially at the beginning of the lecture.

So you have to really choose the right type of business as well as the calculation of venture capital fried chicken.

Therefore we have summarized the list of businesses that are 20 business college students with small capital that is worth a try.

1. Selling Credit And Quota

Selling credit and data quota is an opportunity and opportunity that you can work on. Credit and quota have become one of the most common needs, especially among students.

With a capital that is not large, you can even start with enough capital under 100 thousand rupees. This business opportunity is very potent and will be able to sell well if done in a campus environment.

2. Typing Services

For students, of course always busy with various tasks, papers and papers every week. This can be an opportunity for you to be able to make money.

You can open typing services, so those who are lazy to type will definitely rent your services. Those who are lazy will tend to prefer to use services rather than having to work on their own.

3. Reporting Services

Besides assignments, students are also required to make reports. For those who are lazy will usually hire the services of making reports. Well, this is an opportunity for you to be able to open a similar business.

You just have to capitalize on the laptop which of course you already have before. Next is to rely on your abilities and expertise.

4. Selling Snacks

For some students who still rely on parental submissions, then they will be thrifty in all needs. It also includes food, so for you, this can be an opportunity to sell filling and filling snacks as well as how to open a chrome business.

You can make fried foods and then sell it on the campus. When the hours rest your snacks will be invaded because it becomes the main choice to hold hunger.

5. Online Shop

Online shop is the business of choice for college kids that you should focus on. The main capital is that you must have a cellphone or smartphone that can access the internet.

You do not need to disburse large capital because you can start this business through a drop shipper. By becoming a dropshipper or reseller you do not need to spend large capital and do not have to have stock of goods that accumulate.

6. Open Private Lessons

As intellectuals, certainly, a student has a high level of intelligence. So you can utilize the knowledge you have. You can open a private tutoring business from home to a home that doesn’t take up your college schedule.

The only capital you need is the intention and knowledge you have. Also, you do not need to spend other capital.

7. Open The Bimbel

In addition to private lessons, you can hijack the collaboration of fellow students who have expertise in more specific fields of science to open a joint tutoring business.

For example, you invite English and MIPA faculty students to be able to open lessons for elementary, middle or high school students who are around your campus or boarding house.

This business does not require a large capital. You can even use your boarding room as a tutoring place. So there is no need to pay rent again.

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8. Receive Website Programmer and Blog Services

For those of you students who have expertise in the IT field, you can start a business through a program or blog creation service.

As we know, in the digital era such as the current programmers and bloggers is one of the potential to be able to generate large revenues.

You only need to capitalize on a laptop and computer and the rest rely more on your abilities and skills.

9. Article Writing

Article writing or article writing is a profession that you can pursue while being a student. You can do this business on the sidelines of a busy college.

The main capital is only your patience and ability to write. The income of a freelance article writer is quite good and can help your pocket money.

Especially if your writing skills are getting better, of course, you will be paid more and more expensive.

10. Computer or Laptop Service

You have expertise in the field of repair of damaged goods. Then you can open a computer or laptop repair service business.

Those who cannot afford to buy a new laptop will use service to repair damaged equipment. This business applies especially for those students who majored in computers or informatics.

12. Modern Services

For some students who have their own motorized vehicles can be used as a business idea. You can use the vehicle as an infrastructure to open a service business.

Customize the shuttle schedule with your class schedule. So that later will not interfere with your lecture hours. Thus you will have a fixed income that is quite profitable.

You have enough capital that already exists and also the willingness to want to be tired. Because if there is no will, surely this business will not work.

13. Website Development Services

Besides blogs, one of the most popular digital information centers on the website. Many large companies use websites for promotion and sales interactions.

For those of you who can create a website, of course, you can make your expertise as a business that will bring in the coffers of rupees.

The demand for making a website is quite high and also, of course, the cost offered to make a website is pretty good for you as a college student.

14. Translator

Translator or translator is a business that you can do with the ability and mastery of foreign languages ​​that you have.

Translator services are needed by those who need to interpret books or foreign languages ​​into understandable languages.

The fee for each translate service is quite high and quite promising. So that this business is included in the business potential.

15. Become a Courier for Shipping Goods

Along with the increasing interest of the community in doing business online. Then the shipping service is also quite busy.

Therefore there is always recruitment of courier delivery of goods in the city.

For those of you who can drive a motorized vehicle and understand the environment and the area around you. Then you can try the business as a courier.

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16. Graphic Design

One of the businesses that you can concentrate on and does not require large capital, namely graphic design. Did you know that graphic design services are currently very much needed?

Especially with the increasingly widespread presentation of digital information. Of course, making a graphic design fee is quite high. This business relies more on your abilities and expertise as well as your creativity.

17. Photography and Video

For those of you as students who have a hobby of photographing, of course, you can open business photography can video business.

In this case, the capital needed is only a camera that has a fairly good resolution. The rest is dependent on your abilities, talents, and talents in taking the moment to be immortalized, this is a business for profitable students.

18. Buy And Sell Used Books

For students, the existence of books and stacks of paper is commonplace. However, rather than piling it up, you can make it more useful by selling it to other people.

Also, you can open a business buying and selling used books by relying on your friends who have books and papers that they will sell. Although it looks trivial, but do not underestimate the income from this business.

19. YouTuber

For those of you who have a hobby you like to interact and have interesting content, you can upload it on the YouTube forum.

If your content can attract and watch a lot of people then you will be able to have a substantial income. Especially if the number of your viewers touching millions, of course, the coffers of money that goes into your pocket is also large.

There have been many examples of successful students becoming YouTubers. You can certainly learn from them how to present interesting content.

20. Sell T-shirts

T-shirt is one type of clothing that is loved by many people. T-shirts seem simple but still have a relaxed fashion style. T-shirt prices can also be said to be relatively cheap.

This is why many people prefer to buy t-shirts because they are economical.

You can really make this a business opportunity for college kids. The selling price is cheap, of course, compared to the capital you spend does not have to be relatively large.

21. Aquaculture

Houses in the village are always synonymous with houses that have large yards. Of course, by considering this, you can make it a business opportunity.

You can open an aquaculture business near your house. By making a pool near your house you can maintain catfish, goldfish or tilapia which have high economic value.

To market, it is not difficult you can offer it to the neighbors or sell it to the traditional market.

22. Vegetable Cultivation

In addition to fisheries, you can also open a vegetable field on the land around the house as a business for profitable students.

As we know that rural areas are very fertile and very suitable for growing vegetables. You can work on short-lived vegetables like spinach and spinach.

So that you will be able to harvest shortly. You can leave the harvest in a vegetable stall or also take it around the village to offer it to the people around.

23. Raising laying hens

One source of animal protein is derived from eggs. The need for eggs continues to increase every year. For those of you in the village, you can open a laying hens business as a 10 million rupees capital venture.

With your own plot of land, you can make a cage to grow to lay hens. You don’t only sell the harvest in the village.

But you can also send it out of the village and even out of town. In laying hens, you can learn them through cultivation techniques for which information is widely available on the internet and books.

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24. Open a Chicken Industry

In addition to laying hens, the business of broilers also thrives in the countryside. With a suitable environment and habitat.

Many large scale chicken farms exist in the countryside. The ease of cultivation and the relatively large profits are an attraction of this cultivation as an example of a 5 million capital business.

Also, a large environment allows odors that will not be smelled by the surrounding environment. So it will not disturb the environment and existing neighbors.

25. Make a Goat Farm

Besides chickens, goats are also livestock that has high economic value. This four-legged animal is used a lot of meat for events such as aqiqah or sacrifice.

Of course, opening a goat farm is one of the businesses that can be done at home, especially in a rural environment.

Ease of supervision and also getting food is what makes this business much in the field by villagers consider.

26. Kroto Cultivation Business

Kroto or child ants rang is one food source for birds chirping. Kroto prices are relatively expensive causing many people, especially those who live in the village to pursue this business as a livestock agribusiness.

With the experience and basic knowledge of animal husbandry, many Kroto farmers who come from villages can be successful.

They have a pretty fantastic income from this business. Also, Kroto’s increasing demand is the cause of the booming business.

27. Captive Birds of Chirping

Chirping birds become one of the most popular types of livestock. Chirping burg collectors mainly come from the upper classes.

So, of course, the economic value of birds such as lovebird, magpie stone and walnut prices can be very fantastic.

Therefore, one option to be able to open a business in the countryside is to open a chirping business as a long-term business idea . Especially if you are a bird lover. Of course, this business is perfect while you are at home.

28. Coconut Gardening

Coconut is one type of plant that has many benefits. Starting from the fruit stems to plant leaves are all useful for human life.

Therefore coconut tree gardening in the yard of the house can be a promising choice of agricultural business at this time.

Coconut is a favorite fruit for many people. The benefits of coconuts are very good for body health. So that you will not have difficulty to market it. Enough to plant 2-3 stems, then you will be able to have an abundant harvest.

29. Selling fried foods

Fried food is a popular meal. You can always find it anywhere. Also, fried food is always a snack choice to delay hunger.

The low price of fried food is certainly very suitable for sale, especially in rural environments. Especially if you live in a roadside area and close to schools or other public places.

Of course, this business can be an option to increase your entry. This business is also very suitable to be done by housewives.

30. Processing of Cassava Chips

Cassava chips are one of the favorite snacks of many people. You can try doing your own cassava chips processing business at home.

Because making food is quite easy and does not require special expertise. This business can also be an option for you who are in the rural environment as an online food business idea.

You will find it easier to get basic ingredients cheaply. So the benefits can be doubled. You can also market it outside the area when your business has obtained a production permit.

31. Opening a Business Making Crafts

Many handicraft centers are located in rural areas. This certainly can be a potential business opportunity for you to start a plastic recycling business.

In the countryside, you will find it easier to obtain raw materials at low prices. Also, the wages of workers in the village are not as expensive as in the city.

That way you will be able to save operational costs. And in the end, it will be able to increase the number of profits that you will get.

32. Food stall business

Opening a food stall is also a suitable home-based business in the village. As we know the village is an area far from large shopping centers such as supermarkets.

Of course, to get daily needs, many villagers rely on food stalls. Therefore the existence of food stalls is needed. You can also get income every day from the shop that you open.

33. Sale of Fruit Plant Seeds

In addition to crop cultivation, you can also take advantage of the vast yard as a place to sell seedlings. Because it has large tracts of land, villagers hunt fruit seeds for planting in their home yards.

Therefore, this business should be made a potential business opportunity in the village. You can take care of the seeds until finally the seeds are sold. Or you can also market it outside the area to get a bigger income.

34. Open Cellphone and Credit Counter

Right now who doesn’t have a cellphone? Almost all people from children to adults have cellphones. Of course, one of the things that can make a cell phone work is because of credit and quota.

Therefore, the business of opening a cellphone counter, credit and quota becomes a suitable business opportunity choice in the village as a business suitable for housewives.

You can start with minimal capital, and then open up a larger scale if your capital is sufficient.

35. Open a Simple Culinary Stalls Business

Selling simple cuisines such as boiled noodles, Soto or peel can be a choice for those of you who live in the village. This cuisine is arguably very close and familiar with the village community.

Also, the price of food is very economical and cheap. So it certainly will not burden the village community. This business is suitable for those of you who have qualified cooking skills, especially by housewives.

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36. Computer Repairing

If you know about computers and technology, you can offer computer repair services to customers in your area.

37. Affiliate Marketer

Set up a website, blog or some social media profiles and earn money by posting links to related products or services.

38. Product Licening

Have a unique idea for a new product? You can create this idea, get a patent, and then sell the licensing rights to another company so you don’t have to spend time preparing and shipping the goods yourself.

39. Smartphone Repairing

With the growing popularity of smartphones, more and more people need repair services for things like cracked screens or broken buttons.

40. Junk Remover

When businesses or individuals go through construction or clear their spaces, they will find themselves in need of trash removal services. If you have the right equipment, you may be charged a fee to remove these items for clients.


That was earlier, 40 small capital college business kids are worth a try. Certainly, it can be an opportunity for students to increase income and can be an alternative if later they have difficulty competing in the world of work.

Believe that the small capital spent is not necessarily proportional to the small profits obtained. There are many small capital businesses but can generate fantastic income.

Also, it would be proud of the status of students but already can print money. How it’s not worth trying. Hopefully, this article can be useful.