If you are intending to do business but still have ideas, then this article, I will suggest you the 100 most easy-to-sell items today (based on my experience and experience).

Best Business Ideas To Make Money

Ranking criteria are based on the initial investment, required skills, ability to earn customers, payback and quickly generate interest.

1. Making Content Marketing

This is one of the hottest jobs today.

Almost a lot of business companies need this content.

The initial capital of content marketers is almost zero.

Content creators need a bit of writing talent, the ability to focus on the customer.

In addition, this job can both work at the company and can also get a job home.

On average, each article about 1,000 words cost about 40,000 – 150,000 INR.

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2. Write An Online Ebook

The development of Amazon comes with an ebook sales service on its Kindle reader system.

People everywhere in the world can publish a book on this Amazon system.

In the first condition, you need to have good writing ability, write interesting topics for readers.

You do not have to spend on the stall, but selling ebook does not attract capital fast, if necessary, you need to implement some additional advertising.

But when the book is known to readers, you just need to sit and wait for the money to flow to your account.

3. Designer

Craft designer time recently becomes a recruiter profession that is the most hunted.

You absolutely can do both the main job and earn a pretty good income from this profession.

You need a bit of artistic talent, an eye for beauty and more skill in using design tools, you can make a large amount of money from a few hundred to a few tens of millions depending on the ability. or the complexity of the project.

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4. Photography

Compared to designers, photography is a bit hard and costly.

At least you need to spend money to buy a camera.

Good quality cameras cost tens to hundreds of millions.

However, just a few projects you have recovered capital.

With product shooting for regular sales shop, the shooting price is about 50,000 INR, if it is taken outdoors, wedding photos will amount to several tens of millions.

5. Selling Mobile Coffee

Just a stall costing about 10 million or just a bicycle/motorbike with 3-5 million materials to make coffee, you can start a business.

If you are keen on choosing a good place of business, such as in front of a school, an agency, a company, a densely populated area, you can recover your capital fairly quickly.

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Each cup of coffee only about 10 – 15,000 INR, you sell 50 cups/day is considered a good start.

6. Trading in Fresh Flowers

This is a seasonal job.

With an initial capital of about 2 – 5 million, you enter flowers such as roses, lilies, sugar … a little more skillfully, you can earn a pretty good amount.

Many students choose this type of business, after every occasion of selling flowers, they can earn a profit of tens of million dong enough to cover tuition and basic activities for the whole school year.

7. Making Handmade Items

This is a business idea that many people have done before.

The initial cost was not too large, only about 3-5 million INR was able to freely buy materials for production.

However the sales process rather difficult, you should choose the form in business online for maximum cost savings.

Selling to foreign tourists because they are very fond of handmade goods and buying as a souvenir is also a good idea.

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8. Interior Design Civil

When human life is improved, the care for accommodation is also paid attention to.

To succeed in this career requires you to be a designer, experienced in feng shui, design trends, and prestige or a wide relationship.

Your job is just to spend the effort to survey the situation, design on demand and receive money.

The amount of money can be made up to several tens of millions/project.

9. Renting Inn

If you have vacant land near a school or a company, renting a hostel is the best idea.

What you need is to spend money to build motel suites that meet customer needs.

Costs can range from a few hundred million or more.

But when you can rent it out, you just need to sit home and collect money easily.

Each room costs about 2 million, with dozens of rooms every month you earn the equivalent of a middle manager in many companies.

10.Business Calendar

It is a seasonal job but it is profitable quickly and fairly large.

What you need is a little bit of publishing knowledge, a better relationship with the publisher.

There are many types of calendars for you to choose the price of about 5,000 to several million.

The initial cost also ranges from a few thousand rupees to a few hundred thousand rupees.

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11.Driving food at the school gate

If you are a student with a lot of time and a wide network of friends, you can choose this form.

There are many ways to deploy from street vendors, you only need a bicycle / motorbike with 2-5 million INR of materials, you can earn about 1-3 million INR / day.

Remember, you should get permission from your school or local agency before deciding what business to do so that you won’t have any problems later.

12.Grap / Uber

With a smartphone and a motorbike you can become a “hi-tech motorbike”.

With this idea you need to have a little health, understand the way is to easily make money that time is very flexible.

With every ride, you can get a few tens of thousands of dong, not too much but taking advantage of your free time during the day.

13. Transportation For Students

There are many parents who are busy at work unable to transport their children to school every day.

This is a golden opportunity for you to be able to IEM different socio.

With each shuttle like that, you can at least get 50,000 INR.

Even with conditional and generous families, you can get a few hundred thousand.

It is essential that you drive safely and reliably, adding the ability to spoil the year of child psychology, the better.

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14. Market Research Staff

With clear customer data, you just need to collect more information about customer needs, satisfaction … according to company requirements.

You can work as a market researcher for client companies, but it is often quite rare and unstable.

A better way is to choose to work for agency companies.

You need transportation, a driver’s license, communication skills and persuasion.

With foreign market research companies, you can get a pretty good amount of money up to 6-8 million / month.

15. Trading in Infant Clothes

The initial cost was only from a few million to tens of millions.

If you can import a good, stable source of goods, your business is very stable.

You should choose the form of selling online , selling to women with young children, especially busy office workers.

If favorable, you can earn several tens of millions per month.

In the beginning, you need to build a good customer network and build sales reputation.

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16. Dresses For Rent

With a small store, about 15 pairs of clothes can start a business.

If you are close to the art school, movie theater, you will have a very convenient business.

The average rental price per set is INR 80,000 / day.

17. Hair Salon

With this type of business, you need some talent or a certificate of training.

The initial cost of the brand is about 30-50 million, if the business is favorable, you will recover capital in the first few months.

The future of hairdressers’ development is huge and can go to beauty salons or spas.

18. Trading in Second-Hand Goods

Old but still usable clothes you can buy or buy, with a little extra effort to repair, laundry and clean can sell for half the price to customers who are students or low-income people.

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Or choose the form of selling old brands, this is a potential business form, the initial cost is only about 50-70 million to buy second-hand goods but can recover capital quickly.

19. Fashion Consultant

Having a good sense of style, having good relationships with celebrities, models, and hot teens, this is the right business for you.

Depending on who your customers are, you can earn a few hundred thousand to a few million each advice, choose their costumes.

20. Trading in Greenery

City people do not have much green space, so many houses adopt balcony or rooftop planting.

You can sell them a tree and make a good profit.

The initial cost of about 30 million – 90 million to import materials, not including advertising costs.

21. Installing and Tending Trees

If you can not afford to open a business, you can provide installation services, tree care.

Not many families are able to plant and care for good trees.

The initial cost is only a few million, not to 10 million if you have the ability to develop good customers.

Quite a lot of companies and families hire people to take care of trees for a fee of 10,000 – 50,000 INR / tree/day.

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22. Agricultural Consultancy

If you cannot do business or provide tree care, then you can open a clean agricultural consulting service.

What you need are knowledge and life experience.

Depending on the customers you can earn several hundred thousand to several million each consultation.

23. Specialized trading website for students

As the name suggests, this is a place where students can buy, sell and exchange school supplies, books, motels, …

What you need is the cost to set up a website for about 5 million.

Add advertising costs and development time website.

When you have a large customer base, you can easily profit from advertising money on the website.

24. Beauty Pet

Many people now consider pets as family members.

Even in many large cities, there is a pet spa.

The initial cost of opening the store is about INR 50 million depending on the price you rent the venue and equipment in the store.

Termite beauty for pets such as grooming, bathing, vaccination, … you can earn a few hundred thousand.

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25. Rental Advertising on Website

If you have a website/blog that has good visits, then let others hire ads.

A simple example with beauty websites, you let customers rent ads, each month earns no less than 10 million.

26. Street Tavern

The sidewalk shops are simple but can earn a monthly interest of up to several tens of millions of dong.

What you need is just a few plastic chairs, drinks can simply open a bar.

You should get permission from your local government to start operations.

27. Repairing Bicycles And Motorbikes

With some repair equipment, patch pumps and vehicle knowledge you can start a business.

Even with a few million motorbike pump, you can start your business.

The price is 3,000 INR 1 pump for bicycle, 5,000 INR for pumping motorbike every month, you will receive a few million easily.

This form is quite gentle and easy to deploy in the countryside.

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28. Selling Ceramics

You can import products from ceramic villages at affordable prices. Initial expenses of at least INR 10 million.

If you sell ceramic souvenirs, the cost is lower.

You should sell online and sell to foreign visitors will save costs and quickly recover capital.

29. Used Book Store

If you love books you can implement this idea.

The initial cost is not large, only about ten million rupees mainly is the rent, you are hard at buying old books and books that you can buy as needed and sold by the book.

If you find and sell rare books, you will earn money up to several tens or several hundred million.

30. Rental of Story Books

If you do not have much time to buy old books and have good capital of several tens of millions of dong, you should choose to rent storybooks.

Although this payback slightly longer but ensure a stable and long-term revenue for you.

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31. Stationery Shop

If you do not want to sell books and newspapers, stationery is a good choice for you.

If you have good relationships with suppliers you will receive goods at affordable prices.

Ground rent and the initial cost of about 10-50 million.

32. Providing Ornamental Plants

Each small bonsai placed at a desk or working costs about 35 – 100,000 INR.

You should focus on customers who are students, students, and office workers.

The initial cost of about 10 million.

33. Laundry service

This is a hard job, but it earns huge daily interest.

Each need laundry clothes cost about 40,000 INR.

Not to mention that particularly expensive clothes cost more to launder.

You need to invest in good washing machines at about 80-200 million.

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34. Delivery Service

If you are a person who has a lot of free time, you can choose the type of business that is delivered.

You can work freelance or work for a certain shipping company.

With each successful delivery you can receive 40 – 100,000 INR / order depending on the distance traveled.

35. Open Delivery Company

If you have good capital, knowledge, and experience, you can open a delivery company.

Currently, there are many online clothing and food stores with great demand for ship goods.

36. Santa’s Service

This is a seasonal job at Christmas every year.

The initial cost is quite cheap, just a Santa outfit, you can incarnate and deliver gifts to children.

Each time you complete an order, you will have about 100,000 – 300,000 INR excluding the tips of generous customers.

37. Paste Banners, Posters

This is a job that requires you to be in good health, agile and not need much knowledge.

You can do a rental service or open a store to print advertising banners.

With a small scale, you only need a few tens of millions to open shops, buy printers.

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38. Hanging Banners And Slogans

Unlike banner ads, advertising posters, this job requires you to have a good relationship with public authorities.

Every year in big cities there are many occasions to celebrate, holidays, anniversaries, … these days banners, slogans are hanging on the streets.

On average, each month you can earn a profit of not less than 10 million rupees.

39. Print Shirt

Print T-shirts according to customers’ needs that are in full bloom.

Many companies, school groups you need to print uniforms.

You can design shirts or receive designs, transfer them to a print shop and collaborate with them.

The initial cost is only about 5 – 10 million dong.

It is important that you need good communication and sales skills to get a high profit of about 50 – 100,000 INR / shirt.

40. T-Shirt Design

You have the ability to design special fashion designs, this is the right job for you.

You can earn about 100 – 300k for each successful design.

In addition, you also receive an additional sales bonus of 1-3% of the profit.

If you do well every month you can receive about 10,000,000 INR.

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41. Open Rice Shop

If you have a little talent and passion for food and have a business life that wants to recover capital quickly, this job is suitable for you.

The cost per month you spend about 20-50 million including renting premises.

If you choose a good location you easily get double the cost of the cost.

42. Delivery of Office Rice

Currently, the demand for office lunch is great, not everyone can run out of rice every day.

This service was born from there.

Only with a motorbike, if you have a restaurant, the better you can serve customers in person.

For each delivery, you receive about 50k depending on the distance of delivery.

43. House Look

This service is very popular abroad, in India you can choose customers with a good income.

Your job is to look after the house, ensure security, take care of pets and plants for the house when the owner comes back.

The amount you receive can be up to 100-500k / day.

44. Take The Dog For A Walk

For many pet families who do not have time to walk, this is an opportunity for you.

No capital is required, you only need the ability to communicate, some management skills, dog training can be done.

If you can sell you may have about 100k for a dog.

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45. Selling Night Food

There are quite a lot of people who want to have a night meal like night shift workers or those who have the habit of staying up late.

If you are good at cooking, presenting eye-catching dishes, you can do this job.

You can choose the form of online sales to save costs.

The initial capital you should prepare is about 10 million.

46. ​​Writing stories

Currently, there are many websites that need to hire people who can write.

With each article about 1000 words, you will have about 50k.

Also, depending on how attractive your story is, you will receive an additional% of your ad revenue.

Not to mention if your attention to the story can be published as a book.

47. Transfer Gifts

This is a form of business similar to delivery but you need more packaging skills and good communication skills, adding good appearance is an advantage.

If you have good capital, you should open a company that provides this service.

The initial cost of about 10-20 million.

48. Moving Service For Students

Students are often in need of relocation very large.

Just a three-wheel drive van or small truck of about INR 5-20 million, you can start providing services.

Depending on the distance you take the amount of about 15 – 20k per km.

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49. Packed House Transfer Service

With this service, you need a professional moving company and team.

The initial cost of several hundred million.

For each shipment, you need to pack and transport to the place you request.

The price is about 150-200k for the first 4 km and about 15-20k for each subsequent km.

50. Office Transfer Service

Currently, many companies need to move offices.

This service is more complicated than moving house because you need to ensure the security of company assets, there are many companies with bulky assets.

Therefore, the shipping cost you should take is better than the moving service.

51. Distribution Agents

If you have a business, the grocery store may become an agent for a particular manufacturer.

The cost is almost zero if you already have a store.

You will receive% of sales for the product.

Approximately 1-8% of sales depending on the item, the company.

52. Collaborators Selling Products Online

This job is quite large.

Suitable for those who have the ability to do business but do not have capital.

The initial cost is zero, you just need to import the goods, sell and receive a % commission

Depending on the company, the distributor, you will receive about 3-10% of the revenue excluding reward for completing the goal.

53. Adult Shop

This is a fairly new form of business.

Not many people dare to do business, but the demand for customers is always great.

Depending on the business items, your initial cost is about INR10 – 100 million.

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54. Washing Motorbikes, Cars

If you have a large enough parking area, this service is recommended.

This is a service with a large number of customers, does not require much technical.

The initial cost of about 10 million.

If you are good every day, you wash about 100 cars with a turnover of about 20k / motorbike, 50k / car, then earning tens of millions a month is easy.

55. Selling Books Online

There are many publishers now recruiting book sales collaborators.

For every sold book you get about 1-3% of the sale price.

You do not need to spend the initial cost to import books, just deposit a sum of money at the book company and get back when completing the task.

56. Selling Foreign Language Books

In India, the current range of foreign language books is very limited due to the government’s regulations on importing books.

However, the need to read foreign languages ​​is very large.

You can order books on the online bookstore and resell to customers with a difference of about 1-3%.

Each month you can earn a few million to a few tens of millions.

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57. Selling Foreign Language Books To Children

With foreign language books for children, you need different skills and capital than selling foreign language books for adults.

The initial capital is about INR 30 million because children’s books are often more expensive than other books.

Also, this type of book is quite picky readers, you should link with English centers for business.

If good, you can earn 20 million / month.

58. Selling Imported Children’s Toys

Currently, on the market, there are many floating toys, poor quality.

You become an agent distributing imported toys from reputable and quality firms.

The selling price of toys ranges from INR 200k to a few tens of millions each. The initial cost of importing goods is about INR 100 million.

59. Fashion Store For Mom And Baby

There are many fashion brands to have an entire list for mothers and babies.

With this object, you need to understand customers’ psychology and sell products to ensure safety and quality.

The initial cost is about INR 50 – 100 million.

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60. Fashion Lingerie

Recently this form of business has become extremely hot.

If you have a gift for fashion design, you should set up your own brand of underwear.

The selling price of good quality lingerie in the market is about 1 million.

Your initial cost needs about 200 million – 1 billion.

61. Men’s Underwear

This is an open market, but men’s demand for fashion always exists.

Easygoing men can skip this product.

If you provide high-quality products will attract many customers.

The initial cost is about INR 200 – 700 million.

The selling price per set is about INR 50 – 200,000.

62. Selling Clothes Online

This is a long-term saturated business.

But if you can find a niche, you can still get in.

The initial cost is from a few dozen to a few hundred million.

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63. Funeral Service

Your job is from beautifying the dead to funerals, memorials, receiving visitors and burial / cremating the dead.

The initial cost of several hundred million to several billion.

With each funeral, you can earn 5 – 30 million.

64. Wedding Service

This is a big day for everyone.

Your initial cost is several hundred to several billion to get a luxurious wedding space, pleasing the guests.

After each wedding package, you get 15 – 100 million.

65. Services Provide Protection

Securing buildings, securing banks, securing stores, securing homes, … and many other ways.

You need to apply for a license to establish, train staff and provide services.

Each protection package you can collect several hundred million.

The revenue of a security company is up to billions every month.

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66. Tutoring

This is a service available to customers who are willing to hire you if you can afford it.

Depending on the subject, depending on the age, the person who needs to teach at least each shift will receive about 150,000 INR with a cost of almost zero.

67. Teaching English online

If you have good English skills and can teach you, you can apply this type of business.

The initial cost is zero with about 2 hours for each person, you get about 50 – 100k.

68. English Tutor At Home

If you have time to teach tutors rather than teach online, you can earn about 300,000 INR for a 2-hour shift.

Not to mention when you teach exam preparation for IELTS, TOEIC, … you will earn about 200,000 INR – 500,000 INR / shift / 2 hours.

69. Repairing Electricity And Water Installation

After a few months of apprenticeship, you will get a certificate that you can start a business.

Your initial cost is only about the amount of equipment you use.

With each installation, repair you get 100 – 500k / time.

Not to mention with the complex broken errors you get a larger amount of money

70. Install Win At Home

Having a little knowledge of information technology, having a flexible time, you can easily do this job.

With each install win at home, the amount you earn is about 50 – 100k.

71. Trading in Fashion Accessories

For those who love fashion but can’t get in the clothing business, this is the right choice.

Depending on the type of business accessories you spend initially about 5-20 million.

The rate of capital recovery is not fast but stable.

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72. Trading in Silver Jewelry

Not trading in gold, silver, and gems, but trading in silver jewelry has brought about great business results.

A jewelry store needs about 300 million INR.

The price of each silver jewelry set ranges from INR 70,000 to several million.

This type of business is not seasonal but the highest stability is when you have a loyal customer base.

73. Event Organization

This is a fairly hot profession and is preferred by many young people.

This profession requires you to have good knowledge and skills, plus the ability to withstand high-pressure jobs.

The start-up cost of the company is quite large because you need the equipment to organize an event well.

74. PG

PG – promotion girls are only girls with beautiful appearance who are responsible for attracting customers, distributing or selling products.

Day jobs require you to have good appearance, have good communication skills and withstand high pressure of work.

However, you will receive huge compensation from 200k to tens of millions for each shift of about 2-4 hours.

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75. Mowing The Lawn, Gardening

This is the service you provide to both individual and institutional clients.

For each tree pruning and tending cost about INR 50k to several million.

The company opening cost is about INR 100-500 million.

76. Rental Homework Service

If you have knowledge for a certain subject, there will be a lot of people who need you.

This service is applicable to both students and students.

This is not considered a profession “righteous language agreement” but it does not violate the law.

For each assignment, you receive about 80 – 200k.

77. Make Money Online

Making money on Facebook, Twitter, Blog, … became a simple form of making money but brought quite a large profit.

You have almost no cost but knowledge and effort.

After that, you can do affiliate marketing or hire to place ads, …

If you do it well, you can earn hundreds of millions every month.

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78. Beauty SPA

The beauty needs of women are endless.

Each spa beauty salon for women costs about 300 million – several billion.

However, when you build a good brand, you regain your initial capital in just a few months.

79. Gym Room

People especially city people and office workers have less and less time to mobilize.

Gym service was born to meet that need.

The cost to open a gym is about INR 100 million to several billion.

Each customer coming to you will earn about 80,000 – 200,000 INR to millions.

80. Yoga Room

Not being able to squeeze into the gym market, yoga is also good business.

Suitable for customers who are office workers, especially women.

Investment costs are much cheaper than gyms and profits are similar.

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81. Accounting At Home

You have expertise in the accounting profession and have a lot of free time at home, this is the ideal job.

This job gives you a pretty good to good income.

The initial capital you spend is 0. Each month the accountant can make a few million or even hundreds more million.

82. Translation And Notarization

This service is quite potential and stable.

The initial cost is not too high, just equivalent to opening a normal office, but the profit is quite large because there are not many distributors on this market.

Notarized papers range from several tens of thousands to millions.

The translation is about 100 – 300k each time.

83. Borrow Money, Pawn

This service has been around for a long time but got into many troubles so it could not develop into a stable, high-income profession.

However, recently, many companies offer pawn services with high quality and friendliness.

The initial cost of a pawnshop is quite large, about billions, but if you are skillful, you will gain good profits.

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84. Teaching Computer Science

Computer skills are indispensable for many office workers today.

To open an office computer course, you only need to rent the venue, teaching equipment costs several million per month, plus the cost of advertising the course.

Each student attending about 2 million per course is you have a high, stable income.

85. Open A Cafe

Currently, there are many cafes in big cities.

However, if you have an eye for business and eyes, plus the ability to manage and think differently, you can still succeed.

The initial cost is about INR 300 million, quick capital recovery in a few months if there are loyal customers and good branding.

If not, you can easily be eliminated in about 6 months – 1 year.

86. The Company “Hunts People”

A career for those who are good at HR.

You need to have good eyesight and good judgment.

Good skills and experience in the profession.

The cost depends on the size of your company.

The profit earned from this profession is very high when you can receive money from both your employer and the “hunting” friend.

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87. Open A Food Store

This is an idea that many people have adopted.

Still like the form of a cafe or clothes business.

The level of success will depend greatly on the capabilities and experience of your business.

88. Take Care Of Children

This is a new and potential service.

You do not need a high level of education if you have many years of experience in child care, you still receive a large remuneration, such as bathing a child 50 – 100k / time.

89. Taking Care of The Elderly

This form of business depends entirely on your work experience and professional ethics.

You do not need to spend a lot of initial capital.

Each month you can earn about 5-7 million on average.

90. Taking Care of Sick People

This service requires the provider to have good health, good attitude.

Just like the above service, you do not need to invest capital but get a fairly large amount of remuneration of about 200 – 500k / day.

91. Open A Pharmacy

This is almost a form of business with a very high profit.

If you choose a good location near a hospital, school, residential area, … you can easily earn a few hundred million a month with the same initial cost.

It is important that you follow the laws closely.

92. Open A Private Clinic

Suitable for people working in the health sector.

You need to have a good experience, good professional skills and create credibility in the profession.

The cost of investing in initial equipment can range from billions to tens of billions, but the payback period is very fast and profitable.

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93. Motels For Rent

This type of business is suitable for people with real estate, good capital (at least INR 300 million) who want to quickly recover capital.

This form of business, though having many complex but attractive situations, is in great demand of customers.

With each hour of rental, you earn about 40 – 80,000 INR.

94. Massage Parlor

Opening a massage parlor costs about INR 80-300 million or more, up to billions.

However, the demand for massage people is quite large, with each customer you earn about 50 – 200,000 INR.

95. Hotel Business

Depending on the type of business, your target audience is to calculate the investment cost from several hundred to several billion rupees.

However, if you do good business with a brand, you can make a profit from a few hundred million per month.

96. Homestay

This is a form of motel business for foreign tourists.

You need to invest a large amount of up to 1-5 billion depending on the scale but will receive a huge profit.

Especially in the tourist area or providing services to foreigners.

97. Open The English Center

Teaching English has never been a low-profit business service.

Customers using this service are always in big numbers.

The cost of opening an English class at home is very low.

Each student you collect about 1-3 million depending on the course.

98. Selling on Amazon, eBay

Amazon, eBay is the world’s largest e-commerce site.

It allows worldwide users who both buybacks can sell.

You can choose a free or paid sales account to start a business.

For each order, you will have to deduct% for them.

The amount of money collected will be huge because you have access to customers worldwide.

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99. Teach Online

The form of e-learning is growing all over the world.

You have the ability to teach a specific field on the internet or post lessons on YouTube or popular teaching sites like Course or Udemy.

Each student will receive about 5 – 100 dollars and the cost to create the course is not too large.

100. Electronic Commerce

This is a very hot business today.

You simply set up a website and sell things, but in order to be successful, you need to add a lot of elements of your business spirit, leadership, market agility, even calling for good capital.

Wishing you success with the above business ideas.