Who says opening a business with small capital cannot generate profits? At present, there are already many promising small capital business opportunities.

Best Business Ideas

Not a few people who discouraged to take advantage of business opportunities because they do not have enough capital. In fact, capital is not the only factor in the success of a business.

For those of you who want to start a business, no need to worry if you have a small capital.

With the application of the right strategy, there are various business opportunities with small capital that can generate finance.

If you want to run a business, here are some business opportunities that you can run with little capital:

1. Online Store

In an age of rapid technological advances, everything you can find easily on the internet. This is a good business opportunity for students because, besides flexible time,

you also don’t need to have a physical store. You can put items that you will sell at your house or boarding house.

In addition to developing an online shop business honing your digital marketing skills, this is a mandatory skill for millennials.

Many media can be used to start online stores, starting from e-commerce sites, which promise security for sellers and buyers.

So you can sell your products through social media like Instagram and Facebook because these two digital platforms already have business settings in their features.

Opening an online store is fun because buying and selling are done via a mobile phone.

2. Freelance Photographers

The demand for photographers, videographers and designers is increasing every year. Photos, videos, and graphic designs are indispensable in building content for digital and social media activation.

Also, the needs of freelancers in this field are increasingly sought after because many companies require these services at relatively lower prices compared to professional agencies.

If you have talent in that, you can use it to sell your services as a freelance worker.

In the world of photography and videography, the most frequently encountered objects are for the content of a brand or product, a photo of a company’s event, and also a wedding photo.

While designers also have ample opportunities, ranging from digital flyer designs to illustrations to become a product.

The value of casual workers is the portfolio or archives of previous project performance. Therefore it is okay if you set a price that is not too high at the beginning of the project,

Because when the flight hours are higher with client satisfaction that is maintained, the price of your services will also rise later.

Being a freelance worker in the field of photography, videography, and designer, since you are a student, makes you have more value when you later apply for a professional job in that field.

3. Beauty Influencer

Getting money from a hobby that is cultivated is what many people want. Your passion for experimenting with your face using beauty products can be utilized as your new endeavor.

The more diverse beauty products you can make references to create content in social media.

Such as giving reviews, giving makeup references, providing the latest information about the world of beauty, and so forth.

The above if you work on it continuously will make many people interested in following you on social media.

Afterward, you can be the one who influences his followers on social media in the world of beauty, aka beauty influencers. Then what is the next level?

You can become a makeup artist, armed with your experience in the world of beauty and techniques using beauty products.

Starting from a hobby, being a side business during college, until later can work professionally from their abilities.

4. Event Organizer

Having the ability to organize well, like the crowd, and like to work on new activities. Of course, you will match the work of the event organizer.

Building event organizers while completing lectures can be started from small-scale event organizers such as Party Planner and micro-scale music concert organizers.

The event organizer has a great opportunity with a promising future because there will always be activities that can be organized by the event organizer (except when the outbreak of a pandemic, so the crowd permit is revoked by the responsible party).

There are many more business opportunities for students to do. These efforts are not only useful for increasing your income but can also be a source of your income in the future.

If it starts earlier, of course, the results obtained will be greater. Later when your business grows, do not forget to set aside your business profits in savings and investment.

5. Angkringan

Not only a side business in the village, but angkringan can also be your business opportunity to generate profits in urban areas.

At night, angkringan becomes one of the culinary places that is often visited by many people. Angkringan can also be a reference for people who are looking for cheap places to eat.

6. Fried

These peripheral snacks can also be quite profitable food business opportunities. To open this business, you only need to prepare a capital of around Rp. 3,500,000 which is already included with the cart.

Within a day, the benefits you can get reach Rp 150,000. That is, in one month you can return on investment if you sell every day.

7. Hypebeast Goods

Currently, the hypebeast trend is mushrooming in millennials. Not a few of them spend up to tens of millions of rupiah to buy outfits or snackers.

Outfits and used sneakers are also still being hunted by millennials. No wonder, if they are willing to spend deep into buying Air Jordan products, Supreme, Bathing Ape, and others.

Behind this hypebeast trend, there are promising business opportunities. One of them is managing an Instagram account or hypebeast goods trading forum, gathering followers, and opening an intermediary service.

8. Coffee Shop

If opening a modern coffee shop requires large capital, it is different from a coffee shop. To build a coffee shop business, you only need to prepare a capital of around Rp 3,000,000.

Moreover, if you provide an Indomie menu, of course, it will be in demand again. Opening a coffee shop business at home is quite profitable. Aside from the low cost, the raw material is also easy to find anywhere.

9. Sembako Stalls

Another business opportunity that you can try is to open a food stall at home. Only by using your home page, you can sell groceries easily.

This will also help neighbors and people around them to meet their needs easily. Although you can get a little profit.

But if people who buy a lot, the benefits can be abundant. This will be great when you have a roadside house.

For the items you can also adjust to your needs, ranging from rice, oil, sugar, eggs, flour, children’s snacks, gas, mineral water, and so on.

10. Breakfast Menu

When you live in a busy community of people, you can start a business of steaming rice or other breakfast.

Where they usually will not have time to cook and lunch for breakfast. With you and your business, they can continue their breakfast without the hassle of preparing it.

To start this business, you must be diligent in getting up in the morning, for the sake of preparing these foods before they go to the office.

If the food you sell is good, they will continue to buy and consume the food you offer. So make sure the quality and taste of your uduk rice are the best!

11. Laundry

Washing clothes is not a pleasant thing for some people. Besides spending a lot of time, washing also requires a lot of energy.

That way, laundry can be the best solution for those who don’t have time to wash clothes. You can open a laundry business.

If the location of your house is close to apartments, campuses, and boarding, then this business opportunity is very promising and worth considering.

To start this business you don’t need big capital, you only have to use your washing machine and laundry signboard in front of the house.

Then offer it to neighbors or people around. To add services and hook customers, you can also offer delivery services, so they don’t have to come to your location to send and collect laundry.

12. Selling Internet Packages

It’s no secret if the smartphone becomes an important requirement in modern times.

In addition to being a communication tool, smartphones are also a provider of information that is easily accessible to anyone, anytime, and anywhere.

Therefore, the business opportunity to sell credit or internet quota is quite promising and profitable.

Moreover, if your credit and quota business can work with various providers in Indonesia.

13. Private Tutoring

This business idea is suitable for you who want to earn extra income from your lectures. Besides being able to learn again, you can also provide knowledge to others.

This business opportunity is being sought after by parents, especially when graduating or graduating from school.

Usually, parents will provide additional tutoring for their children who want to enter a favorite school or state university.

For capital is not difficult, you only need time to learn and teach children.

14. Graphic Design

For those of you who have graphic design skills, you can start a side business into a removable graphic design.

This business idea can provide great benefits for you who are also able to promote your business properly. To start this business, you can offer it to your friends who have a business.

Help them fulfill their business design needs, from creating banners to managing their business social media.

Don’t forget to save your portfolio online, making it easier for others to find you.

15. Open Online Store

For those of you who like to surf the internet, you can start opening an online store. There are many items that you can sell on the Internet, ranging from clothes, children’s toys, shoes, automotive. daily needs, and so on.

If you don’t have big capital, you can try by becoming a drop-shipper. By becoming a drop-shipper you do not need a silver of any capital.

You only need to promote the product you want to sell, then if someone buys it, you only need to place an order with the party you choose, and they will also send it to your customers with the name of your online store.

17. Translator

According to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, most translators do their work from home. The reason is that translators often work under tight deadlines.

Although this work sometimes requires a bachelor’s degree, the most important requirement for translators, of course, fluency is at least two languages.

18. Freelance Writer

An author is needed to formulate an article, create content, and find creative ideas that will fill pages almost on every internet site.

Generally, they need time to read many references to get their writing ideas. Therefore, the work system of the paling house is suitable for this profession.

Sites like Freelancer.com or Fiverr are sites for those of you who want to find work as a freelance writer.

To get a project, you might need to have a portfolio or at least some sample writing that you can include along with a resume.

The usual salary varies depending on who you write to, and how much writing you make.

Generally, per article will be valued at a minimum of Rs 35,000 to Rs 100,000, even more. Of course, this depends on the portfolio that is owned.

19. Social Media Manager

In every large company, many use social media as a means to reach their customers directly.

Social media is needed because there is no need to spend a lot of money to pay for advertisements on television, print, or radio.

However, not every big business has someone to manage their social media accounts. Therefore, more and more individuals are starting to market themselves as social media managers.

Social media managers usually earn the same income as virtual assistants, at a rate of Rs 50,000, or more. Some social media managers can also work for a retainer or ongoing.

20. Blogger

In a millennial era like this, work as a blogger is an opportunity to rake in lots of money. Being a blogger is not like other jobs at home so you have to show up and build it yourself.

Some bloggers make money through affiliate advertisements, sponsored posts, Google Adsense, and product sales.

The income of a blogger cannot be measured because this work is determined by how popular the site you are building.

21. Stock Investors

Another job that can be done at home is investors. As long as you have gadgets and the internet, you can easily access shares or sites where you can invest money.

Nowadays it’s easier to access to invest in shares so you can do it from home.

Surely this will be more profitable than just saving money in a bank. Also, you can enjoy the compounding effect which emphasizes the concept of flowering.