The development of the fashion industry will never seem to stop innovating over time.

Because it can not be ignored by all groups of young children, young to old already know the world of fashion. One of the fashion innovations that are rife today is the world of distribution.

What Is A Distributor?

The distributor is a continuation of the Distribution Store, which distinguishes the distributor from other clothing stores is that the distribution is more synonymous with young people because at first the presence of this distributor stems from the desire of teenagers to be creative in determining the fashion style according to their respective desires.

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Another interesting thing  Distributor always prioritizes uniqueness in every item produced, for example, every item produced must have its own unique value compared to other goods and also produce in very limited quantities (non-mass).

How To Become A Distributor

To start a distribution business there are several things that you must prepare carefully so that later your business will be successful.

Let’s look together with 11 tips on how to do the following clothing distribution business:

1. Choose Appropriate Shop

It seems easy to choose the theme of the store according to our own wishes, but some things should be considered. The theme of the distribution shop is the most important thing for those of us who want to start a distribution business.

The distribution is identical to the look of its shop that attracts buyers. The appearance of the shop is made as attractive as possible, arranged with an interesting theme making the distribution shops easily recognizable to the public.

In the initial stage, for business people who want to start a business, it is good to determine the theme of the store as to what will be appointed, the value of uniqueness can be the answer.

For example, you want to open distribution with an all-black theme where the items you sell are all black. So that buyers who want to look for clothes with black shades will easily remember your shop.

2. Type of Business

The next tips are no less important, namely, you must determine the type of business you want to live. Are you going to start a business as a reseller or self-production?

You must find out the advantages and disadvantages of each if you are a reseller or self-production.

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For those of you who have a small capital, resellers can be an alternative for you, but for those of you who really want to dive into the world of distribution and have sufficient funding, it would be better to produce their own goods.

3. Screen Printing

The next tip is to find a screen printing that is of good quality and offers a fairly affordable price for your business.

Almost all of the production of clothing distributions use screen printing, so the quality of the design, clothing, durability produced must provide maximum results.

You might have to go around looking for the best screen printing vendor for your business.

4. Price

The fourth tip is no less important than the previous tips, namely, you must determine the price. After you have detailed the production of each shirt, you will also have to do market research.

You can visit other distributor shops to get knowledge about the market prices available. So that the price you offer for each product is neither too high nor too low.

5. Concept of Sales (Online/Offline)

Next, tips for those of you who want to choose the concept of sales whether you will open a business online (online shop) or offline store (shop).

You should also consider whether you will sell online or offline. In the era of technology today, gadgets and cellphones really help us in meeting our daily needs, not apart from the need for clothes.

6. Strategic Locations

The next tip is to determine a strategic place for your distribution business.

In determining there are certainly several considerations such as the area of ​​the building, access to the store, store facilities and the rental fee/rental of the store.

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The strategic location is also determined by the surrounding environment, for example, you choose a strategic location that is close to the campus and offices.

7. Prepare A Marketing Strategy

Both online and offline are actually good for your business, depending on how we maximize business in increasing sales.

For example, if we choose an online business maybe we should be vigorous in doing the name “promote” or advertise our store.

If the business is offline, the marketing side must still be carried out as an example, do an interesting poster design and we spread it on the streets.

8.  Selling Retail and Wholesale

To increase the chances of success in the distribution business that you will live, it would be better to start a business not just selling in retail.

Start simultaneously with the marketing strategy that will be made that is by accepting retail and wholesale orders. Sometimes sellers still offer a wholesale system if there are buyers who want to order wholesale.

9. Target Market for Your Goods

The next tips are the same as the tips in determining the theme of your distribution, but determining a more specific target market will help you better manage your business.

The target market is a segregation of the objectives of where our goods will be marketed, by determining the target market is a good and detailed manner, the planning of the marketed goods is clearly in place by determining the quality and quantity.

For example, your target market is teenagers and students around campuses A and B by setting prices that are affordable by teenagers, so you will easily determine what current teen clothing trends are and set affordable prices.

10. Give Discounts and Attractive Offers

After you have previously considered the estimate of the price of the item you are going to market, try to continue to calculate attractive discounts for buyers.

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For example, you get a new vendor that can provide a fairly high price discount for you and this opportunity you can use to apply additional discounts for these products.

Another example, make attractive offers like purchasing 3pcs with 1pcs prizes or other attractive offers.

11. Form Trustworthy Teams

The next tip that is no less important is to form a team that you can trust that has been proven to work together to improve your business

Well, from the above review of how to distribute clothing business that will help you in preparing your business all of you. Never hesitate to start a job, stay confident and optimistic.